Honey’s Got Mail – Wordless Wednesday

Honey got more mail at the marina than we did. And she’s not going to let anyone take it away from her.

Honey the golden retriever got food from Chewy.com.

No one takes my Chewy.

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  1. Chewy.com comes through again! Honey is looking lovely.

  2. 🙂 BTW, where DO you receive mail when you’re at sea? ღ

  3. Such a welcome and familiar box. I’m glad Chewy is able to track you over the high seas.

  4. That is one great piece of mail! I wouldn’t let go of it either, Honey.

  5. They are hers and no mistake!

  6. Remind me (I’m old) to talk to you about this post #goodstuff

  7. She’s too cute! The girls love getting mail, too!

  8. Barley was very disappointed when our last Chewy package only had cat litter in it! I hope Honey’s package has more exciting things inside 🙂

  9. Honey is so cute! That’s a great piece of mail and I wouldn’t let anyone take it away.

  10. Haha this is too adorable! My dogs love Chewy too.. they’re quite obsessive about it!

  11. We love Chewy at our house! Even a cat only delivery gets Joe the dog excited!

  12. What did you get? What did you get, Honey?? It’s always so exciting to get a package in the mail! 🙂

  13. Around here, the dogs get way more packages than we do. It’s actually a very exciting occasion when I get a package for myself! 🙂

  14. Honey is so cute! love it ☺