Honey’s First Peek at BlogPlaws

Golden Retriever plays bitey face with stuffed toy

First I need a quick game of bitey face before meeting my public.

Honey the Golden Retriever with BlogPaws swag

If I pretend to be good, will I get to play with some of this swag?

Spooky Buddies

Spooky Buddies? Who'd be scared of a Golden Retriever?

Golden Retriever at BlogPaws Yappy Hour

I wanted some of the purple drink. But The Mom told me it's a training aid. She said she learned that from Rescued Insanity, whatever that means.

Honey the Golden Retriever relaxing on bed.

It was hard work giving lovies to everyone who left her dog at home. I'm tired.

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  1. I love these pictures! And thanks for providing proof about all the swag to bolster my claim that my contest is crucial.

    Honey seems to be having a blast! She’s a natural conference attendee.

    • Your contest is a real service for all the folks suffering from the medical condition, hyposwagcemia. Thank you for serving the dog loving community. :)

  2. The grooming still looks good! :)

    Tell us more about Pup Fan!

    • I only met her a few minutes before bed. Do you think she turns into a pumpkin at day break?

      I’ll see if I can persuade her to pose for her fans. :)

  3. Honey looks gorgeous and seems to be having a great time (as does her mom)!

    • I’m very proud of her. Her jumping seems to be limited to checking out things people are holding in their hands over her head.

      No, she’s not perfect. But I’m pleased by her behavior.

  4. I didn’t meet you but I saw you and your gorgeous dog walking around. Hope we meet tomorrow!

  5. Ah the magic purple elixir. Make sure mom has just enough. Can’t wait to hear more!!

  6. You must be steeling the show with Honey :) Thanks for the peek. Have fun!

  7. Honey looks very demure and perfectly behaved:) But relaxed too, like she’s really enjoying herself. The photos are lovely. Great to see the whole family!

  8. Honey, it looks like you’re making the most out of the whole fun situation! Bunny sympathizes with you on how rough it is meeting the public.

  9. Honey I know the paparazzi can be so depending, but you look like you are having fun greeting your public! Hopefully Sampson will be there with you next year! He’s a handsome boy. 😉

  10. Yay! You both look like you are having a fantastic time already! Love the training aid placement. It’s very crucial. Honey seems to be responding well, just look at that sit-stay. 😉

  11. Oh, what fun! My pups would be running all over sloshing everyone’s purple stuff around. Glad you guys went so we don’t have to :)

  12. Great meeting you today. Hope to meet Honey tomorrow!

  13. She looks like she had a blast!!! No stress which is great!! :))

  14. Have to say that I’m quite impressed at how relaxed Honey is before meeting all her fans. She definitely was made for lavish attention. :)
    I also have to say that I think her groomer did an excellent job. I wanted to comment on your post about her first grooming, but every time I tried it wouldn’t submit. She looks fantastic Pamela!

  15. I started laughing when you got to the part about the “training aid.” :) Honey seemed like a conference pro!

  16. I giggled about the “training aid” too – Honey is a gorgeous girl!! Looks like she really worked the room :)