Honey Under Cover – Wordless Wednesday

Honey is a hog. A blanket hog.

But we may have found an answer.

Honey the golden retriever goes under cover.

Y’know it might be that you’re hogging the bed from me.

In our house, Honey would lie on top of the blankets and pant. We’d struggle to grab enough blanket for ourselves.

On the chilly boat, Honey would lie on top of the blankets and we’d shiver.

But yesterday she put up no objection to being covered with the blanket. Which meant there was enough for Mike and me to be fully covered.

Maybe this boat life will be pretty good.

Your Turn: Do you have a blanket hog in your bed?

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  1. Our dogs aren’t allowed on the bed but if they were, I’m sure they’d hog the blankets! lol

  2. Bless her! Hey hey pop on over to my blog (look at me being demanding) as I have an award for you. Not a problem if you don’t do awards – just wanted to say you matter to me!

  3. Luckily neither Jack or Maggie sleep on the bed – he’s way to big!

  4. Two of mine burrow under the covers like gophers, no matter what season. I’m sure they are comfortable, but I would think they need more oxygen.

  5. The minute we start moving on the bed, they leave. Problem solved.

  6. My guys don’t like to be covered so they stay on top of the covers. It can be an issue sometimes, but usually they hop down because they get too hot to stay on the bed all night.

    Why not just add a couple of single blankets so you each have your own coverage?

  7. Callie used to be my blanket hog, but only for part of the night. After a while she would get too hot and just jump off the bed.

  8. Stealing my blanket is bad enough. But when I get up to use the facilities, I often come back to find Honey’s stolen my pillow, too.

  9. No blanket hog here – just a bed hog! Harley makes sure he gets in first and then he stretches out like a spread eagle. It’s not so bad with our own bed – it’s a king. But we’re in a double at my sister-in-laws house now and that makes night life a challenge. Tomorrow our household goods arrive. #excitedbeyondwords

  10. That’s such a sweet picture. I agree with what Mike said though, whoever gets up will be fighting for their spot when they come back to bed, lol!

  11. Mr. N likes to hog the pillows.

  12. If we don’t get to the bed before they do, they lay on top and WON’T MOVE! Silly dogs. Good thing they are small enough to pick up.

  13. Bailie likes to sleep under the blankets cuddled up close to Mom, so no hogging. The cats hog some of the foot room though.

  14. They are blanket hogs and bed hogs as well! But luckily if Sheba gets very warm, she will move to the floor, and Luke will be on and off the bed all night between there and the chair. At least it’s the smallest one that stays on the bed all night!

  15. Yes that solution works for the dogs–tuck them under the blankies and everyone stays warmer. The real problem is Florian, who sleeps like a burrito on cold nights and a tornado the rest of the time.

  16. I’m a draught excluder – I like to sprawl against doors!