Honey Sings! – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the sailing dog.

Psst, if you want to sing along, here’s the tune.
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Your Turn: I’m still astounded Honey took to sailing so well. What has your dog done that you never expected him or her to do?

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  1. She should try out for “The Voice” love the photo!

  2. LOL, she looks pretty happy too.

  3. Honey seems to be relaxed and comfortable on the boat. I’m amazed at practically most things that Harley and Leo do! I’m easy to impress when it comes to those two!

  4. Cute song and picture. Looks comfortable on the boat. Ours would be begging to abandon ship.

  5. Misty the alpha Poodle finished reading War and Peace. She didn’t care for the movie. :-)

  6. I was astonished that Mia was willing to sleep on a dog bed instead of on my boyfriend’s pillow. Sailing, though, I don’t think my dogs would go for that!

  7. This terrier loves canoeing even though I hate the water! I wonder if I would like to sail?

  8. I agree with Cathy, I’m always amazed by everything my dogs do, especially when it comes to their interactions with each other and me. It AMAZING!

    So are you planning your next sailing trip? Or do you have to wait for the shock to wear off? :)

  9. Mom can’t imagine more than a few hours on a boat with a dog, but then again, unless it is a cruise ship, she can’t imagine herself on a boat longer than a few hours either. Good for you guys and Honey.

  10. Swim! I was starting to think that he couldn’t.

  11. She sure looks the part!

  12. Happy Honey. She’s definitely enjoying the ride!

  13. Flattery surprised me tonight by greeting two little dogs much more politely than they greeted her in the pet store. Normally, she gets a little too excited for my comfort level.

  14. Took two attempts but I think I guess the tune. Now off to eat some spinach (and if I have the tune wrong that last comment will make no sense at all!) Yes, I’m living on the edge by commenting before I click the link – that’s just how I role!

  15. This picture just makes me smile.

  16. You are so talented Honey.

  17. To be honest, I don’t think any of my dogs have done anything quite as astounding as Honey enjoying sailing!