Honey Shows Her Wild Side – Wordless Wednesday

Honey is a gentle girl. But sometimes her wild side comes out and she thinks she’s a beast tearing the guts out of her prey.



Honey the golden retriever plays with her stuffed lamb.

I’m showing my wild side.


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  1. Not the stuffing! Honey has the same ideas about stuffed toys that my girl does!

  2. I love it! Tear it apart Honey! :)

  3. Don’t worry, Honey! We all have our guilty pleasures!


  5. It is obvious that the evil must be destroyed by the forces of good.

  6. Every girl has a wild side, I think! Looks like Bailie with all the de stuffing going on!

  7. She’s so lady like about it!

  8. She even seems kind of gentle when she’s being vicious….LOL.

  9. She’s being so proper about it :)

  10. Pamela, Please tell me the lamb is going to be having surgery on his wound?! Honey, you are very brave and fierce and despite the fact I watched the entire video going “awww look at her floppity ears, couldn’t you just smish her” I was in fact shaking in my seat and totally terrified at your wild streak!

    • I’m sorry to say my surgery skills are not up to repairing Lambie. I did manage to save Honey’s squeaking hedgehog with a few, well-placed stitches. But Lambie is on palliative care. We’re just going to keep him comfortable for as long as he’s with us.

  11. I’m shocked and amazed! I never dreamed Honey could be so feral :) Albeit gently feral. I don’t think her heart was in it, lol!

  12. Oh no! Poor lambie. No more lambies for you, Honey. 😀