Honey Has A Boyfriend – Wordless Wednesday

Every marina and boatyard has a dock dog or two.

And that means that as we travel, Honey might end up with a boyfriend. Or two. Or three…

One Of The Great Love Stories Of All Time

The romance of Honey and Moose. Is it like Romeo and Juliet?

Moose the lab dock dog comes to court Honey the golden retriever on the boat.

Moose, oh Moose. Wherefore art thou Moose?

Or more like Rapunzel?

Moose the labrador retriever dock dog looks at Honey's boat ramp.

Honey, let down your ramp.

Or how about Rocky?

Honey the golden retriever plays with Moose the Labrador retriever dock dog.

Bring it on, Big Boy.

We’re hoping to leave the boatyard soon. Will Honey leave a broken heart in every port?

You’re Turn: Does your dog have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

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  1. Jack says Honey has good taste in men…

  2. Aw Honey, you little heartbreaker, you… 😉

  3. Really, you are telling me your dog has a more successful love life than me too! Way to kick a girl as she is sat home alone, watching her child bearing years wizz past her :0P

    (Although not surprising she is gorgeous and out of the two of us I would pick her!)

  4. Too funny! Loved it!

  5. Awwwwwww! Sweet romance.

  6. Maybe Honey likes variety. In her food, and in her men.

  7. Aw so cute! They would be one gorgeous couple. :)

  8. What a sweet couple. Bailey and Katy have always been each other’s sweetheart.

  9. How fun for Honey! Blueberry must have an air of mystery about her that most male dogs make a beeline for her (this happens especially during our “winters” where we encounter more dogs on the trails) – the tiny guys find her especially enticing. Sadly, she remains aloof and they often feel jilted by her. She will sometimes approach them looking all friendly and then once she gives them a sniff, it’s like they didn’t make the cut and she will turn her back and look away or worse, trot off. I find that I apologize a lot on her behalf. Maybe I should start handing out sympathy cookies to those jilted fellas.

  10. I don’t have time for boys and all that romance stuff, but Katie and Bailie both love the boys. They each have several boyfriends they enjoy visiting and kissing. Ridiculous, I say!

  11. Ducky has a second boyfriend at daycare. A Chinese Crested named Oliver. Luckily, Casper wasn’t at daycare the two days that Ducky was flirting and playing with Oliver. The third day she was there last week, Casper was as well. I handed her over to Casper’s mama and told her “now don’t you go breaking Casper’s heart.” But Oliver wasn’t there that day. Casper adores Ducky; but doesn’t like very many other doggies. I don’t want him to have to compete for Ducky’s friendship.

  12. Oh yes, Honey is definitely going to break hearts everywhere she goes!

  13. Aw, what boy wouldn’t fall in love with Honey? I’m sure she will have a boyfriend in every port, haha!

  14. Leo takes a fancy to a dog or two at the park sometimes. Nothing serious. This looks like a fine match, though!

  15. Oh, she’s so pretty I’m sure she’ll leave a broken heart in every port!

    Rita had a long-distance boyfriend. Sue and I liked to joke that she and Jeffie had a thing going. :( Rita and I are both very brokenhearted about the sudden loss of Jeffie.

  16. Way to go Honey! Love em’ and leave em’ BOL!

  17. I personally think Honey is into the “bad-boy” style so I vote for Rocky. Too cute!

  18. LOL! That’s so cute. I vote Rocky! Nola had a Corgi boyfriend in our old neighborhood. She’s usually apathetic about strange dogs, but was a total flirt with that boy!

  19. I’m not sure, but lately there have been some enticing pee-mails left in our usual walking area that must be sniffed at length.

  20. No doubt Honey will keep breaking hearts, but they’ll understand. A girl that great can’t tie herself to one dog!

    How exciting to be getting out of the boatyard soon!

  21. Awwee, that’s so cute. Honey and Moose look really cute together :) They’d make a great pup, if you ask me. Honey shouldn’t be too attached though, or even Moose. They might get their hearts broken after departure. Unless they’re up for a long distance relationship! How old are they anyway?