Holiday Wishes for Homeless Animals

Aside from being forced to pose in humiliating holiday costumes, our dogs have it pretty good.

Golden Retriever lying on bed

Of course I wish for every homeless dog to have a comfy bed. It doesn't have to mine, though. Does it?

They’re loved. They’re probably getting a present or two. And they have a warm bed (probably ours) to crawl into at night.

Thinking of those who aren’t as lucky

In the middle of her sweet holiday greetings, Mel of No Dog About It directed me to a charming rendition of A Dog’s Night Before Christmas sharing a wish that all dogs should be as lucky as ours.

It made me wonder what other dogs I’ve come to know in Blogville would wish homeless dogs could have.

From our houses…

In no particular order…

Shiva from Rescued Insanity wishes every dog could have a person willing to be a tornado wrangler, even when it means risking frostbite.

Bunny, Blueberry, Morgan, and Kuster from Tales and Tails wishes every dog lived with someone who always made her look good.

Frankie over at Will My Dog Hate Me wishes every dog’s person would recognize him as a special guy and not want him to be anything he isn’t.

Ty and Buster of Go Pet Friendly blog wish every family that makes big changes in their lives would remember to include the dogs in their plans.

Jasper, Daisy, and Lady from No Dog About It wish every dog had a person who would never give up on her.

Georgia Little Pea Ratatouille from Little Dogs on Long Leashes wants every dog to live with a person who, even when she’s kidding around, lets her love for her dog come shining through. Oh, and a bite of cream cake would be nice too.

Frankie and Beryl over at Greyhounds Can Sit wish every dog had a home with someone who finds great places for them to have fun.

Kolchak and Felix over at Kol’s Notes wish that every dog could count on getting delicious and nutritious food that would keep him healthy and strong.

Kenzo and Viva from Kenzo the Hovawart wish every dog had a home with a person who understands how good it is to use your nose.

Cleo over at Cleo’s Day wishes older dogs would find people who recognize their special beauty.

Lilly and Ginko from Champion of My Heart wish every dog had a person who recognizes that when times are difficult you can always find comfort in the friendship of your dogs.

Chick from Love and a Six Foot Leash wishes every pibble would find good homes so he could have the full attention of his people once again. Just kidding. Chick really wishes every dog could find people who discover his inner awesomeness without judging by appearances first.

Honey’s telling me I better stop here. I could still be going next Christmas eve.

So if I missed your dog, what would he wish other homeless dogs could have for Christmas? Please share his wishes in  the comments.

Happy Holidays!

Whether you spend December 25 reveling in consumerism, meditating on the birth of Jesus, or eating Chinese food I wish you a time of joy and peace.


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  1. Annie Beagle, permanent resident of Silverwalk Hounds, wishes every dog would be rescued as she – washed, vetted, cherry eye fixed, altered, heart worms treated – and then be sponsored for life (her rescuer could not keep her due to her other dogs rejecting any more additions) – she is a very grateful Beagle with an astounding whoo, hoo!
    Personally, I wish every dog needing a home finds one; everyone adopts till all the shelters, pounds and sanctuaries are empty; that on this Christmas Eve, we remember Jesus born in a stable, surrounded first by his earthly parents and animals. God bless us everyone!
    Now, I have some blogs to read…..

  2. Mmmmm…. Chinese food…. What a great idea. It kind of makes the Nova Scotian lobster meal we have planned sound boring. Maybe next year!

    Thank you for your kind words; what a lovely list. Shiva would also like to add she hopes every dog has a strong antler to chew and a tolerant cat to chase.
    Me, I hope every dog given as a gift this year is received by someone with a warm heart and open arms, and will be loved just as strongly ten years from now as he is today.

  3. 47 wishes with all her might that dogs who have never met a toy, learn the joy of playing this Christmas.

    Rocco hopes every dog in the world gets a warm blanket to hog, and Leia wishes every dog has a human to sneak-a-kiss. ^^

  4. Perhaps I’m a smidge sentimental this year or perhaps it’s the three glasses of wine I’ve already consumed, but this wonderful post made me tear up. What a wonderful post Pamela. Koly & Fe certainly do with for all the dogs of the world not only to be well fed, but warm, happy and most of all – loved.

    Wishing you and yours a truly wonderful holiday. No matter how you celebrate, may it be happy and filled with good food, good friends and the good life.

  5. As a matter of fact we are having Chinese food for dinner. It is our tradition. :)

    The 24 Paws of Love would always hope that every dog is loved and have the freedom to be who they are. :)

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

    24 Paws of Love

  6. How wonderful a list of things to wish for and to be grateful for! I think your one for Daisy, Jasper and Lady touched me the most (of course). I hadn’t thought about my search for Lady that way, but having you put it into words makes me realize I never would have given up. Not ever.

    BTW – I think that’s why I loved that version of the poem so much. I wish all dogs had the wishes above and more.

    Merry Christmas Pamela and Honey (and the happy husband behind the scenes!)

  7. Merry Christmas Honey!

    I am quite sure Daisy would wish for every dog to have a tree full of squirrels and warm sunshine to lay in and Bella would wish for every dog to have a Grannie to spoil them as much as hers does!

  8. Merry Christmas Pamela and Honey!

    Bunny says that you nailed her wish! She says she wishes she could also hire them all personal shoppers so that they could look their very best when they meet new people and make their best impressions.

  9. Oh Pamela, trust you to come out with such a thoughtful Christmas wish list :)

    Cream cake! That’s what I’m missing this Christmas. Our Christmas lunch dessert lady decided to go holiday in America at this crucial time. Some people have no sense of responsibility. To make matters worse, everything [by which I mean my favourite cake and pastry shops] is closed for the holidays. Doesn’t anyone want to make a buck anymore?

    Forgive me…it’s sugar deprivation talking.

    I hope you had a great Christmas day. The sun is already setting on Boxing Day here. HUGS from a warm place x

  10. Thank you for including us in this lovely post, Pamela:) That is the best Christmas present I got this year … although apart from the trainers the kids gave me I only got one other, lol. I personally wish for all animals to be in homes where they are loved and appreciated for who they are and treated as family members.

    I had a lovely Christmas Day with various friends, no Chinese food though, now I’m craving some:) Only a small slice of pavlova to end the evening. I hope your Christmas Day was special. Seasons greetings to you, Mike and Honey and all the best for 2012. May you never fall off your bike again!

  11. Delilah wishes every dog had a person who was patient enough to give a dog time to adjust before simply dumping them at a shelter.

    All dogs deserve homes, with good people.

  12. Lovely post… it made me smile thinking about all of the lucky pups out there in blogland and hopeful that many other dogs will get to experience that sort of love this holiday season. :)

    Bella wishes every dog a cozy bed to sleep in and a person to snuggle with whenever they want. :)