Happy Birthday, Honey!

Golden Retriever Mom Nursing Puppies

I don't know which one is Honey but if I had to guess, I say she's the one all the way underneath on the left.

Honey is the first dog I’ve ever had whose birthday I’ve known. She’s the first dog whose mother and father I’ve both met. She’s the first dog I’ve raised from 8 weeks old.

And although I still get cases of the guilties for bringing home a purebred dog when there are all kinds of wonderful dogs looking for homes in shelters all over the country [sigh], I get so much pleasure from having an easy, fresh from the box, given the best start in life, bred to be healthy, and socialized from day one kinda dog.

I don’t know what I wanted from celebrating Honey’s birthday.

Despite being told by many over the years that I spoil my dogs–making homemade food, taking them to homeopathic vets, administering acupuncture, taking them on vacation with me–I’ve never bought any dogs gifts. I don’t buy them special treats just because. And I’ve never made them wear cute outfits (except for an occasional bandanna).

So I don’t have any cute pictures of Honey wearing a pointy, paper hat. I don’t even have one of her eating the ice cream cake Mike got her to celebrate (talk about spoiling).

Golden Retriever

Growing up is hard work. I'm tired.

But I’m thrilled to have her in my life. I love having known her since she was 3 weeks old. And I’m excited to see all the wonderful things we’ll do together in the future.

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  1. Happy birthday, Honey! And many happy returns of the day with your family!

  2. WHAT? No cute pics of Honey eating cake and wearing paper hats? What kind of a dog lover ARE you?

    Happy birthday Honey! Yes, growing up is very hard work :) xox

  3. Happy Birthday Honey! There is something special about knowing your dog very young and raising them the way you want and need and it is easier, in my opinion. It is nice to know their backgrounds and bloodlines and understanding why they operate the way they do.

    I love all the care you give her. That makes it her birthday every day!

  4. No pointy hat? Sheesh, you’re not the person I thought you were. Poor Honey. I am sure she is very disappointed. 😉

    Don’t feel too guilty. You did the right thing for you and you found the best breeder and the best parents and the best little pure-bred puppy. And you are the best owner for meeting all of her needs and then some. So that is something to celebrate!

    Happy birthday, Honey! I hope you enjoyed your cake!

  5. Can relate to your guilt, I have the same feelings about Kenzo. But like you say it is thrilling they are in our lives and we have been with them every step of the way.

    Happy birthday Honey!

  6. Happy birthday to Honey!

  7. Beautifully said Pamela. It’s what I love about animals – the joy they bring to our lives. Happy Birthday Honey!