Happy Birthday, Honey!

I’ve never had a dog whose birthday I knew. It’s oddly thrilling.

How did we celebrate Honey turning two?

  • My husband walked her to the groomer’s yesterday so she’d like extra pretty for her special day.
  • I took her to work with me today.

You might not think that going to work is such a big thrill. But Honey loves visiting her fan club.

Honey the Golden Retriever at work

I hear someone speaking baby talk. Do you think she's looking for me?

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  1. 2 already Honey! Happy birthday hugs and kisses xoxox I saw some of your pup pictures lately and you’ve really grown up from a roly-poly ball of fur to an elegant lady. Have a wonderful day!

    Pamela – it must be so nice to know exactly when your dog is born. The last time that happened to us was in the 80s! :)

  2. Happy birthday, beautiful golden girl. I feel like a bad person for never remembering the two birthdays I do know. I didn’t even write down the gotcha days for the other two.

    Bad Jan

  3. What a great way to spend the day! Work is fun (when you’ve got the dog’s job – lay there, look cute, get treats and be lavished with attention.) Happy Birthday Honey! (I hope you got a picture of that especially fluffy tail!)

  4. Happy birthday Honey – and best wishes many more! xo

  5. Aw! Happy birthday, Honey! Love that hairdo!

    Honey was born 3 weeks after JF (1/1/10) and three weeks before Dewi (2/12/10). It was a good six weeks to be born. :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Honey! Isn’t it hard to believe she’s already two? I watch Kus growing by leaps and bounds and see Blueberry suddenly at ten years old and I can’t believe how quickly time flies!

  7. Happy Birthday Honey! It sounds like you had a wonderful day!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Honey!

  9. Happy Birthday Honey, I hope you got a special cookie for your birthday!!

  10. Happy 2nd Birthday Honey!!

  11. Happy Birthday Honey! Two years old already?? Hope you have a great day!

  12. Happy Birthday Honey! It sounds like a perfect day!
    Give Honey a birthday hug from me.

  13. Awwwww!!!! Happy Birthday beautiful birthday girl! Honey – You look stunning.
    Jasper is the first dog I have owned that I knew what his birthdate was and it’s kind of nice. He was born July 1st, whih makes him a Cancer like me. It’s kind of fun to have a birthday to celebrate isn’t it?

  14. Happy birthday, Honey!! Hope your day was pawesome 😀

  15. More birthday wishes to Honey! I am sure she enjoyed the big event. No doubt your colleagues did as well!
    Can’t wait to hear about the other surprise!

  16. Happy birthday, sweet girl! And many, many more.

  17. Happy Birthday Honey!

  18. Happy birthday, Honey! Lookin’ good, lady.

  19. Happy Birthday Honey!

  20. Finally here with Birthday Wishes for you, Honey. Sounds like your day was quite special, just like you!

  21. Oh Dog! Happy birthday Honey! I hope it was a blast!

  22. BTW, do ya think Honey might like to be a guest on my blog sometime?

  23. I hope Honey had a wonderful birthday. :)

  24. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Honey. It sounds like you had the best day. I thought of you when I saw this post come up on Facebook, does that count! I’m still chasing my tail as far as blogging is concerned.

  25. Happy birthday, beautiful Honey! You look gorgeous!

  26. happy birthday, honey!! desmond is super jealous that you got to go to work with your momma!