Guilt Goes To The Vet

I’m a good enough dog person that I never miss Honey’s annual wellness vet visit.

But I’m a bad enough dog person that she doesn’t look as sparkly as she should.

Guilt goes to the vet.

Honey the golden retriever with wobble board.

Doc, I’m feeling a little wobbly. Oh, that’s just this wobble board.

Neglecting the Dog

We’re coming down to our last week in the house.

We’re trying to say goodbye to friends. I have a bunch of furniture I’m hoping the auction house will have room for on their truck next week (if not, we’ll have an exciting, last-minute scramble).

I’m holding an online yard sale and shipping things all over the continent.

I’m shopping for boats online.

Oh, and I’m neglecting the dog.

Honey the golden retriever lies in a mess.

She’ll be lucky if she can find me in all this mess to take me to the vet.

Not the really important stuff. We had a long, lovely off-leash walk yesterday. And Honey gets yummy meals twice a day. And occasional healthy snacks.

But she’s looking pretty un-groomed. I even found a mat under her leg the other day. And her nails are way too long.

Our vet is wonderful. And she always tells me how healthy and fit Honey looks.

But I always worry that this time I’ll hear I haven’t been taking good enough care of her.

It’s the guilt speaking.

Hold On A Little Longer

Moving is one of the most stressful things most people do.

I’ve moved many times and consider myself pretty good at it.

In our younger days, my husband and I decided to save money by splitting a U-Haul truck with a friend. We moved ourselves from a third floor walk-up to our new house in the morning and our friend from his third floor walk-up to a basement apartment that afternoon.

But the extra part of trying to get rid of everything, not just move it, is adding complications. Besides figuring out what to save for the boat we don’t even own yet.

In a week or so, we’ll be out of the house.

I have no idea what’s ahead of me.

But I know it will include lots of grooming, a pet-icure, and lots of long walks—probably in marinas.

Unless the vet seizes Honey for foster care because I’m neglecting her too much.

Honey the golden retriever wrestles with Mike for a stick.

I’m so neglected I have to fight for every stick.

Your Turn: Do you worry or feel guilt when you visit the vet for a routine visit?

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  1. Moving is very stressful. My bipeds were really worried about Mulberry, the cat, because he had some strange symptoms which I won’t go into, except to say he made some terrible smells. The vet told them it was just stress and that he’d picked it up from them because of the move – then they felt really bad!

  2. I wish you the very best of luck with your big move!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. You’re doing great; I’m impressed that you’re managing to blog under these circumstances. Honey is under stress, you’re under stress. It’s a phase. You’ll all feel better soon. Trust me. Hmmm. Maybe I should listen to myself a little more…

  4. Mom is good at moving, it doesn’t phase her much, but in your shoes without a real place to go, it would be stressful. So far, she hasn’t worried about taking us to the vet. Katie doesn’t get groomed as much as she used to because she just doesn’t allow it, but she still looks pretty decent. It must be a scary excitement thinking about your life a week from now. We can’t imagine. Moving over the ocean you sell most things too, but you still keep much more than one would on a boat.

    • I was thinking of your mom the other day when I stood in line in the post office.

      Our town has a lot of international students (Cornell University is here). And two of them were mailing their belongings home–2 gigantic, heavy suitcases and several boxes. It definitely doesn’t look fun to organize and international move.

      When my friend moved to Ireland, she filled a shipping container and had it sent by boat. But I wonder if she would have been better off mailing a few suitcases. :)

      • The first time she moved over there she sent her stuff FedEx because she got a huge airline discount. The second time she used a container or partial container both ways. Bummer is it takes a few weeks that way. The worst part is labeling EXACTLY what is in each box, like 15 pairs of socks. 12 spoons…has to be in detail.

  5. Pamela, Honey looks great to me! Okay, so her nails needed a trim — no need to feel guilty. I swear Ducky’s nails seem to grow back overnight sometimes!! — You’re a great Mom to Honey, and she will be just fine. Once all the insanity is behind you and things are back to “normal”, she won’t even think about the craziness. She will just be happy to be going for long walks, getting lots of belly rubs and grooming, and just climbing up in your laps again.

  6. I am so totally in awe of what you are doing. I have finally reached a point in my life when I’ll never have to move and you are doing a big move to reach a point where you can move every day if you want to.

  7. Good luck with your big move!!!

  8. Martine says:

    Our two had their annual wellness visit last week. I felt a little guilty going in because I haven’t been brushing Zach’s teeth, and he doesn’t like getting his tummy brushed, so it’s a mess. It turns out they both have put on about 5 lbs., despite increased exercise. More guilt for us! lol
    I’m sure Honey will forgive all when things settle down. May your life quickly find itself on an even keel.

  9. Edie Chase says:

    I’m sure the right boat will come along soon. I’m surprised you can still blog with everything else that’s going on. Good luck on the move.

  10. What I worry about at the vet is kind of silly but also seems like common sense to me. The exam tables at our vet are stainless steel (of course) and also serve as the scales. They go up and down. Great? Not so great. They lower the table and expect Elka to stand still on that slick stainless while they then RAISE IT to exam level. I’m not sure how many dogs stand still on strange moving platforms, for one, and how many dogs can maintain balance on a surface like that. I tell them to put it up to where they need it, and I lift her on.

  11. PAWsonally – I think as long as Honey remains with you during this ordeal, she’s fine. To me, as long as she’s got you – she’s gonna be alright.

  12. I wish I could take away some of your worry. Honey is amazing and unless she’s deteriorated immensely in the month (?) since I’ve seen her, she’s fine. :-)

    I’m excited to know where you land and remember, should you get around CT way, I’m willing to drive. :-)

  13. Is it sad that I am getting melancholy now that the moment has arrived? I got sad when I read your goodbye post this morning. I sure hope we’ll get to read about some of your adventures in between all the sailing. I cannot imagine not hearing your voice in my head and not seeing Honey updates. I van vouch for you if that vet even tries to take Honey from you. (I know he/she won’t. You’re too good a dog mom.)