Google and the Sex Lives of Puppies

On my Word Press dashboard, I can see what search phrases people used to find Something Wagging This Way Comes. Today’s phrase? “People actually have sex with their dogs.” Creepy!

Apparently it came from my review of the internet show, Puppy Love, created by one of the writers from Sex in the City.

I need to get a bad taste out of my mouth so I’m going to watch a happy episode of Puppy Love right now.

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  1. How very, very creepy! Mine is not nearly as creepy, but I get the most hits from “little waist big hips.” I wonder how disappionted those searchers are when they discover that my blog is about our beautiful foster pit bull . . .

    follow our foster:

  2. Seriously? So far I’ve never had anything remotely that interesting come up.I think perhaps that’s a good thing… Just, no.

    I have also never heard of this show before. Living in Canada really keeps you isolated from pop culture, apparently. Thanks for giving me something to watch when I get home!

  3. Well, we have a couple of articles on our site about dog humping. I know, I know… but they’re funny posts, meant to be entertaining. Anyway, you can imagine the search terms that come up. Jeesh. -Dave

  4. I haven’t looked to see what leads people to our blog lately. lol Now all I can think about is that guy in Australia who just married his dog! *shudder*