Golden Retriever Loves Guitar

When I was living in Philadelphia with my pups Agatha and Christie, I noticed something very peculiar.

No matter how crazily they were playing, at 10:00 p.m. they’d settle in and become still. But not every night at 10:00 p.m. Only the nights when I was listening to the public radio program that played Bach organ music.

Although the music was very complex, the girls found it very soothing. They turned to mush at the first strains of Bach.

Here’s another doggy music lover captured on video.


Are your dogs music lovers? If so, what’s their instrument or style of choice?

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  1. I love this video. I have watched it several times just because I love seeing his/her head bob to the music.

    I have played music from Through a Dog’s Ear for my dogs and client’s dogs and have had the same reaction you did with Agatha and Christie. The dogs would all relax and fall asleep. I love that.

  2. This video is adorable! Love the can of Bud Light sitting right there.

    I’ve never noticed a preference for music with Shiva. When we were first firguring out how to work with her separation anxiety, I used to leave the radio on for her all day. But someone told me that doing so could actually make her more stressed, especially since we don’t listen to it that often when we are home. So I stopped. Maybe I should start experimenting again.

  3. What a great video – love the way she looks almost sad when the music stops, then gets right back into the groove when it resumes :).
    BTW, I have the Bach music on in the background now. One of my favorite public radio programs is Pipedreams; before listening that program and its host, Bill McClachlan, on Minnesota Public Radio, I didn’t care for organ music, Bach or not! My local station doesn’t carry it but I listen via Internet. Thanks for sharing the link.
    Keep the groove going, Goldie!

  4. That is such a wonderful video. Dogs just kill me.
    My dogs do seem to relax when I play mbira for them, though Fozzie gets scared when I play the shakers!

  5. I read some place that the guy had been posting videos of himself playing with few viewers. He posts a dog and it goes viral. Ah, the power of dogs!

  6. Wonderful video. My dog meatloaf loved it as well!

  7. Dexter’s favorite instrument is the Kong Wubba. The squeaks it like crazy and howls while he does it!

    I love the Golden in the video. He’s really into the music with bopping his head. How adorable!

  8. Boy, I am busted! I have a thing for hard rock/heavy metal. Silver gets really crazy when I start playing it, because that’s always been our play time. But I’ve found I have to tone it down when Brut is around as it psychs him out and brings out that mean boy inside. The rest of the dogs seem pretty indifferent. I wonder if I should try some classical with Brut…can you bang your head to Beethoven?

  9. I almost always have music of some kind on, and they seem to enjoy it, but since my tastes are pretty eclectic, theirs seem to be, too! We listen to a lot of different kinds of stuff!

  10. i have no idea what instrument Georgia might like but i do know she’s not fond of ANY of my capoeira ones! she actually complains, glares at me and walks away. TOO MUCH NOISE!

    It’s 2012 here already so i just wanted to wish you and Honey A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! x

  11. I wasn’t going to look at this video but I’m so glad I did:) What a gorgeous Goldie and I love the way she/he bops along and stops grinning when the guitar stops.

    I don’t listen to music much these days. My flavour is classic rock which has to be played fairly loud and while Frankie and Beryl don’t seem to mind I just get the feeling they don’t really enjoy it either. Perhaps I should mellow out somewhat and try something more ballady and see what they think? I’d love to find some music that makes them smile like the Goldie in the video!

  12. They like saxophone (middle child), trombone (husband) and upright bass (eldest child). They have no choice (truthfully, they both seem to relish the practice sessions, choosing to curl up and doze on the floor). Most animals would probably run and hide under a bed. That’s where I’d like to go, but I don’t fit.

    Adorable video!