Giveaway – Something Swagging This Way Comes

In Honey’s First Peek at BlogPaws, I published this picture of my sweet girl posing with two enormous bags of ambivalence and tortured ethics–some people call it swag. I call it neuroses-inducing, plastic cr*p made by Chinese workers being paid pennies.

Honey the Golden Retriever with BlogPaws swag

Ambivalence and ethics? I smell treats.

There were some notable exceptions–which will be shortly on their way to some lucky winners. Along with some cheap, plastic cr*p that will probably be fun and useful to someone who is right now saying out loud, “Ok,Pam, chill out. This isn’t world peace we’re talking about. It’s a swag bag for dogssake.”

What’s in the giveaway

Swag sample - Something Swagging This Way Comes BlogPaws giveaway

The small dog bling bag.

It’s actually two giveaways.

  • One bag of bling will go to a small to medium dog.
  • Another bag will go to a medium to large dog.

Each swag bag holds an assortment of dog-related magazines, the always-needed poopie bags in tidy and cute containers, toys, snacks, and premium food samples. There’s an appropriately sized Kong toy in each bag–one of my favorite, made-in-America dog products.

I used my best judgment but I trust the winners will look items over carefully to make sure they’re appropriate for your pet before you hand them over.

How to win the giveaway

I’ve entered giveaways where I’ve been asked to comment, subscribe, friend, tweet, and stand on my head for a chance to win.

I understand what bloggers are doing. It takes creativity to increase your followers and subscribers so you can meet your goals. And those bloggers are doing smart marketing. Good for them.

I like to keep things simple. So here’s how you can enter the giveaway:

  • Leave a comment below between now and Wednesday, September 7 at midnight EDT.
  • In your comment tell me one thing your dog has done to deserve the swag bag. No, a good answer won’t increase your chance of winning but it will make me happy. :)
  • Also tell me if you’d like to win the small-medium dog bag or the medium-large dog bag.
  • If you want to be entered in both giveaways, you’ll need to leave two comments.
  • I’ll draw one winner for each bag at random and announce their name on Friday, September 9, 2011.
Honey the Golden Retriever with BlogPaws 2011 and Spooky Buddies swag

From my doghouse to yours.

The contest is open to anyone, no matter where you live. I’ve already warned my husband that if we have to send this hefty bag o’swag half way around the world, to expect beans for supper. But heck, it’s only money.

And no, you don’t have to become a fan of Something Wagging on Facebook. Or follow us on Twitter at S_Wagging. You don’t have to subscribe to get links to new posts by email or add my RSS feed to your reader. None of those things will give you more chances to win.

But if you find Something Wagging fun, I hope you’ll do all those things anyway. So we can get to know each other better.

So why are you still reading? Go leave your comment. And good luck!

[Besides receiving the goodies from the BlogPaws 2011 swag bag, I have received nothing else from any companies whose products are seen or mentioned here.] Update: You can enter to win either the big dog treat bag or the small dog treat bag. But you are only eligible to win once. If you win a second prize, I will draw a new name for the second prize.


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  1. Oh, you KNOW we want that medium to large swag bag! Little dogs need not apply! (I know, I’ve just jinxed myself somehow!) Bless you, because I feel the exact same way about giveaways! I’m a lot more likely to follow a company on Twitter or Facebook if they don’t make me jump through hoops to get there.

    What have my dogs done to deserve the bag? Hmmm… Well, they let me sleep in on this lovely Saturday morning, they provide constant entertainment to me and anybody who reads the blog, they humor me by letting me take endless pictures of them, they are always glad to see me at the end of the day, they teach me new things about myself and they just make my life better for sharing it with me. Does any of that count?

    • That’s quite a list. I’d say it counts. :)

      BTW, we’ll hope the chihuahua gods were sleeping in when you wrote your second sentence. Wouldn’t want you to experience any bad dog karma (would that be dogma?).

      • There is a German Shepherd puppy coming here in December, by God, and if I ever even mention getting a Chihuahua, you have my permission to take a road trip to Illinois and slap me with the stupid stick!

        • BOL!

          Of course, you probably never expected to have 3 Greyhounds and 2 German Shepherds in the house either. So never say never!

  2. Hi! Stopping by from the blog hop. Our newest dog (we’ve had her a year and a half now) Chili deserves to win the small/medium bag. She’s a pug (with a little chihuahua thrown in) that was rescued from a trailer in rural Illinois. With her in the trailer were 46 other dogs! She was still a baby (5 months). But she’d be happy for either of her sisters to win the medium/large dog bag!

    • Sounds like Chili already won the jackpot when she found a home with you!

      But consider her entered. Good luck! And thanks for stopping by.

  3. Jennifer Stevens says:

    Sophie is our senior Daschund mix that we rescued 2 years ago from the local animal control. She is a very chill girl. She naps a ton but loves her people, treats & walks! She feels sassy in a cute collar & sweater & ALWAYS makes me smile! Never potties in the house or gets into any mischief, well, except that one time she grabbed a piece of cardboard that was tucked next to her treat drawer & ripped the corner off of it! Not sure what got into her but it when I found it she was SO busted with her guilt ridden reaction. Oh my gosh , we just laughed right out loud! She is the perfect lazy dog & we love every ounce of her! Sophie should win for just being Sophie, the best little partner around. She requests the small dog bag & wants to let you know that she will happily share any toys with her small friends as she really does not enjoy playing with toys. It would ruin her lazy dog image. Thank you!

    • Senior dogs are great. Shadow, my previous dog who still graces the header of our blog came to us when she was about 9. She was also very chill… except when she wasn’t.

      Good luck to Sophie! And thanks for stopping by. Hope you’ll be back soon.

  4. I don’t suppose I’ll enter this. Please go ahead and throw out my comment. (Good luck to all the entrants!) :)

  5. Maggie & Sadie definitely deserve a chance at the medium-large bag for putting up with Hurley’s puppy antics. This morning he was playing the charge-at-full-speed-through-the-house-and-jump-tackle game with them. They are saints!

    • Hi Sarah–I have to wonder what your family expected when you brought home a puppy that would be as large as a fully-grown pibble mix at just a few months old. :)

      Loved the picture of Hurley and Sadie in the crate together over at your site. But was disappointed not to find a link to your store site. I’m really curious to see what kinds of sustainable products you sell for dogs.

      Thank you for coming by and good luck in the contest.

  6. We adopted our two small pups from a rescue group last year. Ziggy, our yorkie mix (why do they cut off their tails if they are a mix?) was 3 and Shadow our schnauzer mix was 2. So we contacted the microchip companies and guess what! They are 9 and 8! We love them anyway and they deserve treats for managing their old age so well. (Thanks Edie Jarolim for this link.)

    • Wow! Ziggy and Shadow must have been pretty healthy and spunky pups to fool folks into thinking they were 3 and 2 when they’re really 9 and 8! I know they’ll give you years of joy together.

      Good luck to Ziggy and Shadow in the contest.

  7. So our other dog, Sierra, has adapted to her two new little brothers pretty well but her claim to fame is going from 70 lbs to 50 lbs. It took her 2 years and a great and helpful vet but she is doing great. We recently added more veggies to her diet and boy does she LOVE squash! She is also 9 so we’re running a geriatric ward here.

    • Yay Sierra! If she wrote a dieting how to book based on her success, it would probably be a best seller.

      I hope the big weight loss helps her feel terrific! And if she wins the large dog bag, maybe she can share the treats with a friend (wasn’t sure if her new little brothers were twin babies or pups–people aren’t always clear; if it’s twins, congratulations!).

      Good luck to Sierra.

  8. Med/large bag. Thanks for the giveaway! My rough collie Piper makes everyone she meets smile! That’s why she deserves it! Thanks!!

  9. Okay, if you are wanting people to actually enter your giveaway, it’s probably best not to make them feel incredibly guilty for doing so first. 😉 You are just trying to cover-up the fact that you are being incredibly generous in giving all your cool stuff away. I don’t know that I would be that nice! So thank you very much for putting all this together!

    Since Shiva is almost exactly medium-sized, I could technically enter both. BUT, she has a large dog appetite and jaw so I will be fair and only ask to be entered in the medium-large giveaway.

    Why does she deserve it? She doesn’t really. She was a brat today and decided to do a victory lap around the exhibition hall to celebrate her win during the agility demonstration. She also jumped directly on top of the registration table and terrified the poor volunteer. My dog doesn’t deserve anything. But I think I deserve a reward for putting up with her!

    • Kristine–talk about burying your lead!

      [Shiva] was a brat today and decided to do a victory lap around the exhibition hall to CELEBRATE HER WIN DURING THE AGILITY DEMONSTRATION. (!!!) Well, hell yeah! That’s what a victory lap is for. I bet Shiva is wondering how long it’s going to take before you “get it.” :)

      BTW, I hope you got plenty of video–especially of Shiva grinning on the registration table. I can just picture it.

      Consider yourself entered in the contest. Just a warning, the swag bag has no cheese or beer so it will have to be Shiva’s reward if she wins.

  10. The Solstice Cardigan gang would love the small/medium bag. What they have have done is introduce their Cardi blog friends to the joy of watermelon Sunday.

    • That is an important job. Most dogs do not know how delicious watermelon is and how it can help them stay cool on a hot day.

      Good luck in the contest.

  11. Elka would delight in the medium-large swag bag!

    She’s a smart girl, and sometimes stops traffic (well, individual cars) as we walk around town! People tell me how smart and pretty she is. Also, she loves it when she gets a new toy, and considers it thoroughly before “digging in” (or whatever the goal of the toy is), and if I get mail that’s really for her, she gets excited about that too!

    • Looks like Elka’s having a lucky streak so I won’t wish her luck here–I don’t want to give her an unfair advantage. :)

      But of course, she deserves to win. I saw a beautiful Doberman at the lake yesterday and Elka came right to mind when I saw her.

      • Aw, a bona-fide Doberman sighting! There are so few by me, I’ve only seen 3 total, in the past few years. I’m glad the one you saw made you think of Elka! 😉

  12. Oh!!! The girls would love to win the large dog swag bag! Why do my girls deserve it? They have been really patient with my recent schedule change and the lack of attention they are receiving! No grudges in this house!

  13. BOL, I love this post Pam! Swag Bags at events are usually full of SO MUCH CRAP! Doggy swag bags must be even more so. I usually end up hucking 90% of the stuff, which is a shame! Good for you for picking our the best of it to share! Kolchak would love to win the Medium Bag – mostly because he seems to have misplaced his Kong and I told him he’d have to buy himself a new one out of his allowance. The catch? He doesn’t do ANY WORK AROUND HERE, so he doesn’t get an allowance 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    • Poor Kolchak. How can a dog live without a Kong? You realize that if he wins the swag bag, you’ll find the other Kong under a chair or something, right?

      Good luck! (Oh, and you really might want to think about giving your Kol an allowance. Isn’t his job being your muse?)

      • Sigh, when this nutbar hides something, he hides it GOOD! He hid his puppy harness when he was three months old and it was almost 6 months before we found it. I ripped the house apart looking, but nothing. One day, there it was. I maintain that he gave it back, since he had outgrown it.

        Kol is campaigning hard based on that “muse” suggestion. His opening offer was $3600/month and 7 lbs of chicken chewies. I’m going to counter offer with free room & board.

  14. For once, some easy to understand contest rules! I’ve already liked or followed everything you’re connected with anyways. :) (BTW – Can so relate to the stuff from China comment.)

    I would love to write a really creative answer to make you happy, but I have nothing! I will just say that both Daisy and Jasper deserve the right to win the large-medium dog swag bag after their great escape a week and 1/2 ago. They stayed in the yard (or the neighbor’s yard) the whole time. Any other two dogs would have been long gone, but mine stayed close to home and even ran into the backyard after the neighbor opened the back gate for them. I am still shocked and amazed by that. I am a lucky, lucky woman. In fact, that’s probably luckier than winning the swag bag – not that we’d turn it down if we won. LOL!

    Still feeling bad for your husband and the beans, but I’m thinking that you’ll be the one who will end up paying in the long run – if you know what I mean. 😉

    • When I read your story about Daisy and Jasper escaping, my heart was in my throat. An empty house or yard when you’re expecting to see your dogs at home is terrifying.

      Of course, they deserve to win and I wish them luck!

  15. Glad you found your sense of humor in this post- and besides, who doesn’t love to win ‘crap?’ Please consider us for the small give-a-way loot. Penny definitely deserves it as she hasn’t pooped on my floor quite some time now. :) Yep, potty training with her has been fun!

    • Won’t Luna be jealous?

      Sorry to hear the housetraining has been so hard. But if you win, the swag bag has lots of rewards for when she goes where she’s supposed to.

      Good luck!

  16. Alas, we are having a giveaway and asking for ALL of those things. Shameless I know! Kirby would love the small swag bag. Does he deserve it? YES HE DOES! He is such a good dog, always happy, always friendly, always trying so hard to make me happy whether its a kiss, a cuddle, learning a new trick to please me, but mostly just loving me right back every day, every minute.

    • So Kirby is good, happy, friendly, and makes you happy? I guess that makes him a dog!

      Congratulations on your blogiversary. And good luck in the contest.

  17. Frankie and Beryl would love to enter for the medium/large dog bag of bling because Frankie is medium and Beryl is large. Do they deserve it? I think Frankie does for his Oscar deserving performance at the beach yesterday which had me completely fooled. Plus he really wants to see what you’re going to substitute for the illegal dog treats;) And he’s promised to share everything with Beryl if he wins:)

    It’s wonderful to have a giveaway that I can enter, thank you for the opportunity to win:)

    • Sue, I spent spent many tedious minutes reading the Ministry of Agriculture and Food website for NZ as well as postal regs to see if dog treats would be legal. It appears, that since they are processed and not fresh, they should be fine. So if Frankie and Beryl win, the bling will include treats (I’m sure Frankie will be relieved to hear it).

      If I’m wrong, and customs sizes the box, would I get my insurance money from the post office? Hmmmm.

      Well, if you or one of my other international friends wins, we’ll know soon enough.

      Good luck!

  18. First I want to say, I am with you on cr*plastic stuff coming from China. I want to buy American but I can’t find ANYTHING American! Pfft.

    That being said, we would like the medium to large size bag, Delilah thinks she is deserving of this bag because she allowed herself to be photographed (and published) with wings on her back. She’s a dog for God’s sake and she had to have wings on her back! That is about the only good thing she has done lately and I’m sure you know this! :-)

    • The good news is that some of the best products still being made in the U.S. are pet products. Yay! And my concern is less that it be made in the U.S. and more that items be made in places where workers are treated fairly–Canada, Europe, etc. and things certified Fair Trade. But we do the best we can.

      Delilah certainly deserve a swag bag even if she didn’t pose. Good luck!

  19. Medium to large? I’m sure Our Best Friend would LOVE his own copy of Fido Friendly!

    And what has he done to deserve it? He’s my best friend? Um… he can sit, stay, lie down, roll over, beg, and twist (turn in a circle). He’s quite beautiful. I mean, people stop me on the street to ask what kind of dog he is. He’s such a good boy at the vet. He never goes in the garbage. We can take treats right out of his mouth. He never bothers random people on the street. He’s learned not to bark at dogs in the street when we walk. He lets The Youngest nap on him. If I win, I will send you a private photo of this (I do not post pictures of my kids online).

    Enough reasons? How about the fact that Canadians are never eligible for prizes on American sites, so it’s about time we won something? :)

    • Yeah, it always seemed so unfair to exclude people from other countries from a contest just because it costs a few more dollars in postage to send something. Meeting people outside my little circle is one of the things I like most about blogging.

      The crazy thing is that you probably live closer to me than many Americans–certainly closer than those in Alaska or Hawaii.

      Of course I can’t influence the winner of the contest, but I’d love to see a pic of Your Best Friend as a pillow. :)

  20. I could use a pick me up, you are right these days! Between getting over what ails me, writing the thesis, going back to work AND Sophie’s leg/hip issues, everyone around here deserves a pick me up! And, certainly the dogs have suffered through the last months with me and have continued to make me laugh and learn to love life again, so that’s reason to earn themselves a little treat. So, for that, I figure maybe, just maybe Sophie could have a swag bag of stuff to share with her siblings… I think a med-larg would be most appropriate for us, here at chez black dog.


    Jen and the Black Dog Crew

    • I wish I had enough prizes for everyone! But I agree that the dogs have certainly earned a nice reward for all the good things they do for you.

      Good luck with your graduate work and with the contest.

  21. Riley deserves the large dog size swag. He has been so patient with the new puppy while teaching her the appropriate way to approach and also that his panting tongue is not a play toy when they are walking. He is a very social dog and has dealt graciously with people oohing and awing over the pup and and not noticing his wonderful handsome self. I love him.

  22. Pepper has a stubborn streak that I depend on. She is my service dog and one of her jobs is to keep after me, no matter what, until I take my meds. She is a Pomeranian, and had surgery on her knees as a puppy, and when she decides she doesn’t want to walk anymore, she just sits and won’t move. I have to carry her. LOL.

    • A good example of how a stubborn streak can be helpful. I saw your contest entry below. Sorry I can’t move this comment over to the post you intended it for. But thanks for stopping in and commenting.

      • I am new to the blog commenting thing, still learning. LOL. I wasn’t much into computers until I found pet social sites on the web. I have learned more computer stuff this way than I did in college. LOL!!

  23. Hi! Found you on the blog hop. I am not entering the contest because I don’t need a bag of plastic anymore than you do, but I will stop back by again, because I found your voice refreshing.

  24. Oh, exciting! I would love the medium-large size bag. My dog deserves it and so much more because we have spent the last two months with different foster pups, and she has been a rockstar with *all* of them. She came to us as an undersocialized adolescent a couple of years ago, and we have been working hard to overcome a lot of issues. With the new pups in the house, I realized how far she really has come, and I am so proud of all of us for getting to where we are!

  25. Since Cali has two overflowing baskets full of toys (where do they all come from??) She really doesn’t need any “swag”. I just wanted to comment on how adorable Honey looks . . she should be a Swag Spokesmodel! :)

  26. I really appreciate your swag ethic and your aversion to made-in-China plastic stuff. So much so that I am not entering the swag giveaway contest, but just posting to tell you how much I appreciate it!

  27. LOL! In my comment I was actually commenting on your stubborness Blog!

    For the contest, I would like the small dog bag.

    Pepper is my Service Dog and helps me every day. She makes sure I take my meds, lets me know when I am getting ill, and other things. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to function nearly as well in life. She makes me laugh. She has so much personality and is so expressive. She is a great communicator. She has tolerated so much for me, including Disney World, a hectic place for a little dog. She remains friendly even when little kids rush up to her and reach for her face, she gives them licks.

  28. I’ve missed this, but what a great idea…I like the look of the goodies, and I can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is :)