Give This Foster Puppy a Name

Are you ready for a puppy fix?

Meet… Well, she doesn’t have a name yet.

Basset Hound foster puppy chews a bone.

I’d care more about not having a name if I weren’t so busy chewing this nummy Nylabone.

She’s a 9 week old basset hound. She loves to chew, but only on what she’s supposed to.

Basset Hound foster puppy has no name.

Chewing in the sun is as much fun as chewing indoors.

She doesn’t walk so much as gambol or frolic.

Honey the Golden Retriever plays tug with the Basset Hound foster puppy plays tug with Honey the Golden Retriever.

C’mon, stop holding back. You’re letting me win.

She’s a cute little whatshername.

The only troublesome habit I’ve seen so far is a desire to hang out very close to the edge of our back porch. At first, it looked like she was going to jump off.

I think she believes her ears will help her soar like the Flying Nun.

So what should we call her? Post your suggestions in the comments below.

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  1. Oh. My. Dog. Would you look at those feet! And ears! And eyes! And I can smell the puppy breath from here! Squee.

  2. Agggh! She’s so cute!

    Maybe “Sally” – in keeping with the Flying Nun theme.

  3. Ohhhh….you are so lucky! (I know, easy to say from here when I don’t have to deal with all the challenges of a puppy, just adore the cuteness!) And Honey looks like she’s having fun too! I had the same thought as Jackie….Sally for the Flying Nun.

  4. Steph B. says:

    ChooChoo. LOL – a tiny little speedy train, that chews. Shes so cute!

  5. Max's Ma says:

    How about Sally or Margie?

  6. Max's Ma says:

    Ok I have to tell you I deliberately didnt look at the other replies until I hit post then I saw what the others wrote!

  7. Matilda, Mattie or Midge. Not sure why, but those are the names that come to mind…

  8. She is freaken adorable!
    Della ???

  9. Sally was my thought too! Although the actual name of the flying nun was Sister Bertrille – maybe Bertie?

  10. Since Sasquatch or Big Foot would be totally inappropriate, I’m going with Sally.

  11. So cute! Names that came to mind:


  12. “She” is totally adorable…I admit this shows my age, but i was VERY VERY young when I watched this…Anyone else remember Cleo from “The People’s Choice” starring Jackie Cooper? Cleo, portrayed by a Basset named Bernadette, starred in 104 episodes between 1955 and 1958…I say name her Cleo

  13. Aw! How about:

  14. Way too cute and boy, plays well with Honey. I like “Sally,” but also Bertie for Bertrille. So glad I don’t live closer….wondered if she were a black and tan Coonie till I saw her legs :).

  15. What a cutie! She reminds me a little of a dog I knew named Sheeba. :)

  16. How about Sorell (for that “sore” Flying Nun)? 😉 Sorell is the name of a town in Tasmania, Australia, btw (I looked it up). Is she devilish, by any chance? ‘Cause she looks like an angel to me!

  17. What a cutie! Looks like Honey is having fun with her too. I’m thinkin’ Petunia.

  18. Betty! It just seems like a hound name to me! :)

  19. Karma!

  20. Khaleesi like the little princess that she is. Can you tell it’s Game Of Thrones time?

  21. Oh my goodness how cute! You could always call her Miss Gambol?

  22. Awwww…. melting!!! You are now required to FILL you blog with more adorable pictures of whatshername. Sweet Sally works for me, too :)

  23. Hmm, I’m a bit brain deader than usual, nothing comes to mind. I think Sally would be a good name to call out, I like 2 syllable names. She is ever so cute, how about QT (Cutie)? Glad she’s settling in so easily. Is she with you until she’s adopted? I can’t imagine her hanging around for long.

  24. LOL ‘The Flying Nun’ so Nun then for us. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  25. I don’t think she is a basset hound but rather a standard dachshund. She has a classic dachshund face and head. Standard dachshunds can be quite big.

  26. How about Chewie because she loves to chew? I’m thinking it might be a boy’s name, but then again, anything goes. She is adorable, and I love that she’s playing with Honey!

  27. You could name her after my favorite movie nun, Maria von Trapp. How about Drooly Andrews? 😉

  28. How about Angel? My daughter suggested Fudgie or Cutie