Getting Ready for a Foster Dog in 5 Easy Steps

Golden Retriever puppy playing tug with a Hound Mix at the Tompkins County SPCA

Ever since I was a puppy, I was told to play nicely with others. With this new foster dog, I may not get to play at all. Can I do it?

I planned on writing something else this morning.

But then I got a call. Could I foster a shy beagle?

So instead of writing a fluid, insightful, witty, and humorous (or disjointed, dense, imbecilic, and funny like a toothache, depending on your opinion) post, I’m going to tell you how I get ready to host a foster dog.

And use the extra time a short post buys me to — get ready for my foster dog.

Get Ready for a Foster Dog, Step by Step

1) Put away everything waiting to be put away. I learned this the hard way after my last foster dog chewed through the vacuum cleaner cord, not once, but twice. Shame on me.

2) Hide Honey’s toys. This house is a non resource-guarding zone.

3) Get out the baby gates and x-pen so I can give the new dog a place of peace away from Golden Retriever Land.

4) Clean off the counters. No reason to teach a new dog how to counter surf just because I’m a bad housekeeper.

5) Prepare to fall in love. No matter how much you guard your heart, it always happens.

Welcoming Layla

I’ll be picking Layla up at her current foster home tonight at 9 p.m. Honey and I met her and her current foster person last night on a short walk around the neighborhood.

She seems like a sweet girl. But her biggest fear? Other dogs. So Honey will have to be on her best behavior and allow Layla to approach on her own terms.

I’m looking forward to having another dog in the house and getting to know her. I hope you enjoy getting to know her too.

What did I miss? Is there something you’d do to prepare for a foster dog that didn’t make my list?

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  1. How exciting! Since I have beagles and golden retrievers, it seems to me Honey will be great with Layla. It sounds like you have everything covered…can’t wait to hear more about how it goes, and see pictures of Layla too.

  2. Very best wishes and good luck with Layla. We hope she settles in well. do give us a pup-date when you can. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Awwww, congratulations on your pending addition. So looking forward to falling in love with, er, meeting the lovely Layla. She’s a lucky girl and you and your family are wonderful to invite her into your lives.

  4. Congrats on doing this! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  5. WOOHOO! I can’t wait to see the new foster!

  6. Thanks so much for giving Layla a place to crash. I’m certain Honey will be a gracious hostess. Can’t wait to see pics! :-)

  7. Very exciting! Good on you for opening your home to another lovely puppy. With all of Honey’s experience now I am sure she will make Layla feel welcome. I look forward to reading about her progress with you and hope all has begun well!

  8. You rock Pamela!!

  9. Great tips! Best of luck to you and Honey as you welcome Layla! I’m looking forward to hearing all about how it goes!

  10. Your list reminds me of bringing home a guide dog puppy. I always try to check things through my puppy’s eyes by crawling around on all fours to see what he might get into.

    Number 5 gets puppy raisers every time. Just imagine about 50 people with 25 dogs being turned in to start formal guide dog training…not a dry eye in the house. Not being able to give up a puppy is the main reason why I hear people do not want to raise puppies for our guide dog program.

    I hope you guys have fun tonight and your Layla sleeps well at her new home.

  11. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun for everyone! I’m sure Honey will be a “hostess with the mistress”!

    Somehow I managed to get unsubscribed from Something Wagging, so I have to fix that right now!

  12. Aw, I can’t wait to meet Layla – best of luck!!

  13. We can’t wait to hear how Layla settles in and what a good girl Honey will be. :)

  14. Reading your list, I think I did just about everything wrong when we first brought Moses into our house. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!! But we did a bit better with Brooks. I’m so proud of Honey that she can help this shy beagle learn that not all dogs are scary. And of course, you sound like your experience is paying off too. Hugs to Layla!

  15. Can’t wait for pictures of the pup. While Junebug does enjoy playing with other dogs, she is particular about the dogs she plays with- at the dog park, she seems to have a sense for which dogs won’t be able to catch her, and only plays with them. At home, she’s not a huge fan of her terrible Terrier brother, and a win for her is when he is not harassing her.
    If it were me, my first goal with Layla and Honey would be to get them to lie quietly in the same room.