Get Your Dog A Toy TODAY!

I’m not usually a big spender.

Except when it comes to my dog.

And even then, I don’t spend money on coordinating leashes and collars, pretty clothes, or doggy vacations.

But I do spend it on toys.

And over the years, I’ve found some pretty compelling reasons for you to get your dog a toy today. And some of them aren’t even jokes.

Golden Retriever with stuffed butterfly.

Yeth, I know ith almotht ath big ath I am. But I love her.

Real Reasons To Get Your Dog A Toy

Over at Victoria Stilwell’s website, Positively,  you’ll find five reasons dog toys are worth spending money on. Yeah, toys are enriching. And they give your dog emotional balance.

Blah, blah, blah.

These are the real reasons to get your dog some toys:

If your dog is playing with a toy, he’s not chewing on your underwear, socks, or cell phone. Enough said, right?

Not having sock and underwear insurance when you're raising a puppy is a dog world problem.

It’s much harder to bark with a toy in your mouth. In truth, Honey still manages to bark. But it’s not so loud.

A toy is the easiest way to move the dog from your side of the couch. A quick game of tug or fetch certainly works better than asking nicely.

A dog without toys will think you’re a hypocrite. After all, you’re sitting there surrounded by a $1,000+ computer and a whole house full of toys.

Honey the golden retriever is an easy dog.

Well you have your toys. Why can’t I have one of my own?

A dog with a toy is cute as heck. No arguing with that one.

Dog toys save you from frostbite (or heat stroke if you live in the south). A rousing indoor game with a toy might be all that’s standing between you and losing a toe when your dog feels cooped up and starts asking for another long walk.

Toys are better than vacuum cleaners. When it comes to attracting dog hair, you can’t beat dog toys. And you don’t have to plug them in.

Dog toys are the real job creators. With the gazillions we spend on toys that only survive a week or two, we’re doing our part to keep the economy strong.

Golden Retriever

I’d like to follow the Duck L’Orange with Creme Brulee.

Some Dogs Don’t Like Toys

I know. Some dogs don’t like toys.

My last dog, Shadow, never played with toys.

You know what’s a toy for dogs who don’t like toys? You.

Good luck being as fun as a huge stuffy with a squeaker inside.

Honey the golden retriever plays.

C’mon, let’s play bitey face. I won’t hurt you.

Your Turn: Are toys important to your dog? Why?

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  1. Oh Yes, these guys like their toys. Even Roxy will take a the stuffie as big as her and have a good game of shake and tug,

  2. Yeah toys!!

    Abby loves to run over to her toy basket in the corner & grab one of them and playfully run into the middle of the room bouncing and barking to start an energetic game of tug-o-war with- usually a squeaky toy -(what was I thinking when buying this thing)with me just as I’m getting into a good movie or show on TV. If that doesn’t work for her she goes and gets one of her numerous elk antlers and I then have the background noise of dog gnawing on said elk antlers.

    • Yep, that’s Honey’s style too.

      I try not to mind the squeakies too much since she finds them so much fun. But you’re right. Our pups pick the darndest times to play their squeaky symphonies. :)

  3. When we were young, we all played with toys, but Katie and I rarely play with toys now, Bailie isn’t playing as much either. It isn’t that Mom didn’t play with us, but for some reason, they are not real interesting and since we aren’t into fetch no ball play either. We do have a ton of toys, though, just in case.

  4. Sigh! I wish I knew how to interest Bogie in toys. The only thing he LOVES to chase is his food ball. Food is involved.

    • As a pup who has been fed from food toys since she was 8 weeks old, Honey swears food toys are the best. So maybe Bogie’s just a discriminating boy.

      Although I am curious. Since Bogie appears to be terrier-ish, I wonder if he’d like a flirt pole, like cats do. It brings out the prey drive in some dogs as well.

  5. Asher will be 4 in a month and is such a solemn, sober chap most of the time. He’ll carry stuffies around and very rarely toss one in the air but as for play with me, nada. Beryl will at least catch one if I toss it at her and look interested for a while. Frankie will play tug but he won’t ‘give’ so that’s not much fun for me. My dog suck as playmates for me, lol! No wonder I buy their toys from op shops :) I need lessons in how to be interesting to my dogs … other than their taxi driver to the beach.

    • Based on your pictures, I bet Asher thinks of Frankie as his favorite “toy.” :)

      And maybe your camera is yours. It gives you a different way of playing with your dogs.

  6. I can’t imagine not having dog toys, surely they should have their own stuff the way we do?

  7. I have Blueberry’s toys neatly arranged near her steps to the sofa. She hardly ever touches them. I think they amuse me far more than they have ever amused her. I guess that makes me the giant toy she gets to play with! My last dog, Shadow, LOVED toys. She also loved destroying them. But that didn’t stop me from buying her a new toy pretty much every week.

  8. Harley is a toy dog, and I love to play with him. If I can only get him to put them back when he’s done, we’ll be cooking with Crisco. BOL

  9. Yes, Haley is big into playing with all kinds of toys. The funniest thing is when she brings me a toy and I’m busy at that moment, she brings another one, then another one, until I finally give in for some play time. In her mind, maybe she’s thinking “Mom really likes the squeaky chicken toy today!”