Get Ready; It’s Coming – Something Swagging 2012

Golden Retriever

I don't know why you'd want to give something away that obviously smells like treats.

She Works Hard for Her Funny

BlogPaws is a few short days away.

And if I’m going to be schlepping a big bag o’swag through three airports (count them, three) and arriving home near midnight (if I’m lucky) just to have to be at work by 9 a.m. the next morning, I want to get a little something out of the experience.

That is, I want to have a really fun and popular giveaway where I get to laugh at enjoy cute pictures of my blogville friends and their pets.

Some of you have already contributed to the success of the Something Swaggging 2012 giveaway by agreeing to participate in the Match Game. I’ve included a really cute picture here to entice everyone else into joining us.

Shhhh, if you guess who our mystery cutie is without the extra hints I’ll be providing during the actual game, don’t give it away in the comments.

Join the Fun

If you want your pictures to be part of the game board, here’s what you gotta do:

You must have a current picture of yourself and your pet somewhere on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook  account by the start of the game. Then send me the following:

  • Your name (or online alias) and your pet’s name
  • A picture of you at younger than six years old
  • A picture of your pet who appears on your blog, Twitter profile, or Facebook page (a baby picture if you have one).
  • A link to your blog, Twitter profile, or Facebook page where contestants can find the pictures to give them clues for matching your baby picture to your pet’s baby picture (or adult picture if they came to live with you as a grown up).

Send the above to me at SomethingWagging(at)gmail(dot)com—substitute @ for (at) and . for (dot)—with the subject line: “match game.”

cute little girl with puppy

Does this mystery child look familiar? If not, we'll have extra clues in the game to make it easier.

I must have your pictures and information by midnight Eastern Daylight Time on Tuesday, June 26.

And don’t forget—anyone can play the matching game. But people who submit pictures will have an advantage because you’ll at least know which one is yours.

So far, only women have submitted pictures. Just a word to the guys who are wondering if they should join in: if you think dogs are a chick magnet, what do you think will happen if you share a cute little boy picture with a puppy? Just saying.

Should I be expecting your pictures soon? Or will you be joining in to guess?

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  1. I’m sure it’s


  2. I don’t know who it is . .but what an adorable picture 😉

  3. Um, how big a suitcase does one need for this swag, anyway? I’m starting to wonder if I’ll need a suitcase and a carry on…

  4. I’m looking forward to the game and very disappointed that I won’t be attending Blogpaws to meet all my awesome blogging family. Since I’m a firm believer in things working out the way they are supposed to, I will be attending my niece’s graduation Thursday evening. Had I signed up for Blogpaws I would have had a conflict.

  5. While I am sad to again be missing out on this fun event, I am determined to win me some swag this time!

  6. I’m so in… love this idea! These days I even have a photo of me on my website. My, how times have changed… 😉