Get Ready for the Fight of the Century

Are you prepared for a powerhouse of puppy pugilism?

Pulchritude and precision will pair with with punching paws of power in the prize-fight of the century.

Honey the boxing golden retriever takes on The Hammock.

Honey will battle her opponent next weekend. And we’ll share the results on Tuesday, April 25 when you will have a chance to win the prize.

Want to know more about Honey’s opponent? You’ll find The Hammock at the Kurgo website (affiliate).

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Place your bets. We’ll tell you more soon.

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  1. Well, of course I’m going to bet with Honey…unless it’s a bike cart race.

  2. We have the hammock. Should be interesting.

  3. I bet you can train her to use a hammock!

  4. Go Honey!!!

  5. I’m ‘Team Honey’ all the way – are you doing t-shirts?? BOL