Frozen – Wordless Wednesday

We don’t know the song. We haven’t seen the movie. But we live it everyday.


Honey the golden retriever at Cascadilla falls.

I can’t believe the woman forgot to tell the photographer to watch out for the poop bag on the ground. Now I look like I’m wearing a blue poop hat.

Honey the golden retriever at Cascadilla Falls in the shade.

Okay, I’m not wearing a poop hat anymore. But now I’m in the shade.

We took these pictures in front of the lower cascades of Cascadilla Falls.

The walking path is closed for the season. But in warmer seasons it’s a lovely walk from downtown Ithaca to the Cornell University campus.

Honey the golden retriever looks like a vulture at Ithaca Falls.

You posed me on this slippery rock. I bet I look like a vulture.

Pam and Honey the golden retriever at Ithaca Falls.

Is that you, woman? Once the man walked in with someone he thought was his wife until he unwrapped her and found out he had kidnapped a stranger.

The Ithaca Falls used to provide power for our town. Now it just stops traffic as tourists slow down for a peek.

Honey the golden retriever looks at Mike in front of Ithaca Falls.

What do you think you are? Rico Suave?

Honey the golden retriever with Mike at Ithaca Falls.


Both waterfalls are a short walk from our house.

Honey thinks they’re much more beautiful when she doesn’t have a camera in her face.

Your turn: Do you have any natural wonders on your normal walking route? And how many of you remember the 1990s video hit Rico Suave? [Warning: If you click the link, you can’t un-see the results.]

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  1. Boy I am out of the loop. I don’t know a frozen song, nor Rico Suave. But Honey looks like she would rather be someplace else. LOL

    • Okay, you forced me to listen to the song. I only know that every parent and grandparent I know says kids everywhere are singing it. So I bit the bullet and listened to it.

      Well, some of it.

      I’m afraid that if I stated publicly that I think it’s typical Disney dreck I’d be attacked. So I won’t say that.

      But here it is if you’re curious:

  2. Oh, that’s awesome! I’m so excited to see frozen waterfalls somewhere besides here! You really captured them beautifully.

    And Honey, I’d have photoshopped that poop bag hat right off your head, sweetie!

    • Funny, I kept on thinking that I wish you were there to shoot them.

      BTW, Honey won’t let me photoshop her image. She’s afraid I’m going to give her too much of a thigh gap. :)

  3. I know the song off by heart! hahahaha! My daughter has watched it just about a million and one times! BOL!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  4. I knew I shouldn’t have followed that Rico Suave link…

    Our property has a babbling brook that provides us with beautiful snapshots year round. While it doesn’t freeze in the winter, the banks and surrounding branches get all frosty. Nature is such a treat!

    • Hey, I warned you about clicking that link… :)

      Your brook sounds lovely. My husband has been threatening to move me south for years because I mind the cold so much. But as hard as I find winter, I can’t imagine never enjoying frosty branches or sparkly ice.

  5. Your captions cracked me up this morning! Thanks for the laughs and the beautiful pictures…even the blue poop bag shot, haha. :)

    • Glad you enjoyed the captions. You better hope I never get any better at taking pictures. Because I only write silly captions to distract people from my mediocre photos. :)

  6. What are your usual daytime temps? Keeping a waterfall frozen must require some really COLD temps!

    • It has been below zero at night and in the single digits during the day. In truth, the middle section of the falls is still flowing. Last year when it was colder for longer, the entire surface of the falls froze but you could still see a small flow behind the ice.

      Interestingly, it does not get cold enough to freeze the lake from end to end. It has been decades since that happened. Even last year the lake only froze close to the shore line.

  7. LOL great captions! Happy Wednesday :)

  8. No natural wonders we can walk to, but we love falls and stuff when they are frozen. They look more interesting. It is amazing water can freeze while moving.

  9. We’re sure with you on being frozen. What a great series of pictures…very entertaining. Honey was really on it with her commentary. :)
    We have a lot of pretty places to walk, but no natural wonders.
    I thought about clicking the Rico Suave link but I’m kind of afraid. Maybe later.

  10. I love the frozen waterfalls!! Gorgeous! :-)
    That hubby better be careful to not get the wrong snow lady in his car when he goes home! LoL

    • Well that would be difficult. We haven’t owned a car in years. So at least he won’t face charges for forcing a stranger into his vehicle. It’s hard to kidnap someone by bicycle. :)

  11. I remember Rico Suave! And Weird Al’s parody, “Taco Grande.”

    Anyway, glorious pictures. I wouldn’t have noticed your poop hat if you hadn’t pointed it out.

    • Oh my, did you find yourself repeating in your mind, “Rico… Suave” all day long?

      The poop bag was much more noticeable on my big a$$ iMac. You’re right that it was far less noticeable in 500 pixels. Oh well. Honey’s humiliation is my silly caption.

  12. lol! Unwrapped a stranger!! What a photogenic doggie!! I love NY state… we come up every summer. The Falls are gorgeous. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  13. I did not listen to the warning. Now Rico Suave will forever be burned into my mind. Best way to watch is without the sound.
    P.S. Am I really that old? I remember this.

    • Oops, sorry.

      My husband was stunned that I remember this and he didn’t. I suspect he heard it before and blocked out the terrible memory. :)

  14. What beautiful pictures, I would slow down for a look also. I never saw Rico Suave video but always refer to our clients dog that is named rico as rico suave!

  15. Beautifully frozen pictures! I imagine Honey enjoys posing in these same spots much better in the summertime!

  16. Can I just say “WOW”?! The frozen waterfalls look absolutely amazing ~ we wish we had similar natural wonders on our regular walking route…don’t have anything besides tobacco and cotton fields though…

    • But doesn’t tobacco flower? I bet it does look pretty at times. At last until it’s turned into cigarettes. :)

      Of course, as pretty as the falls are I appreciate them more when it’s 75 degrees instead of -16.

  17. I know the song but haven’t seen the movie either! No idea who Rico Suave is (but he has a cool name). Where you live is amazing….great photos and funny captions. This is my first visit to your blog but I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts! Teresa

  18. Haha, oh Honey. What an expressive face :)

  19. Rico Suave…hahaha, Honey you have such a great sense of humor.
    Do the Taughannock Falls freeze too?

  20. We just have the ocean which I guess could be considered a natural wonder in a way. Those Falls are beautiful!

  21. Gorgeous photos! We always get to hike in the superstitions which are really popular. It’s easy for me to take it for granted and then either the lighting or new growth will make me appreciate it all over again.

    • It’s a constant battle to see the familiar with fresh eyes.

      Back when we had a car, my husband would say the same thing every time we came down the hill by the lake: “Look where we live.” It was always a good reminder that we’re surrounded by beauty.

  22. Gorgeous scenery! And you’re not missing much with that movie – it sucks, bad. We live on the Emerald Coast of Florida. Need I say more? :p

    • Yeah, I kinda suspect the movie won’t be to my taste. So I’ll just take your warning and stay away.

      We hope to spend some time sailing in the Gulf so hopefully we’ll see your lovely part of the country some time soon.

  23. Nice post, furiends! Love the frozen falls. And we haven’t seen the movie or heard the song yet either, how about that? *wags* – Gilligan from

  24. Such pretty pics! And your captions are a riot. I didn’t know of the Rico Suave thing, but we lived outside the country for almost the entire 1990s so I’m pretty much at a loss for pop culture of that decade. (And here I thought all we missed was grunge music!)

  25. Your captions made me laugh and laugh!

  26. Those are absolutely gorgeous.

  27. I am a little addicted to Frozen – it is full on girl power and at the moment, the fact that they don’t need a guy is right up my street! Plus when I’m having a bad day there is nothing like screaming “the past is in the past” at the top of my lounges….

    Loving the waterfalls, and Honey is anyone can pull off a blue poo bag hat it is you!!

  28. That’s pretty! I’m glad it doesn’t get cold enough here for water to freeze like that! No wonders, but we do have the sea.

  29. BOL – a stranger. Okay, I laughed really loud at that one. Stay warm!

    Monty and Harlow

  30. HA! I know the song, and the book, but not the movie AND I remember Rico. Do I get a prize? BOL