For The Wash-And-Wear Dog: #Kurgo Muck Collar Giveaway

Although some people spend hours blow drying their golden retriever’s coat to get those silky locks you see at dog shows and on insurance commercials, Honey is a wash-and-wear dog.

Luckily we’ve found a new collar that is also wash-and-wear—The Kurgo Muck Collar. And you can win one here.

Kurgo Muck Collar comes in 5 styles and 3 sizes.

#Kurgo Muck Collar Giveaway

We’re co-hosting with a terrific giveaway with DogTipper!

Along with some other super blogs, we’re giving away a Kurgo Muck Collar, a collar that’s waterproof and won’t get stinky over time.

The dog collars are PVC-free and have a special coating that protects it from dirt, bacteria and moisture. At the end of the day’s adventures, just rinse the collar off and it’s ready to go. No long drying time like with web collars.

I’ll admit it. One of my big annoyances is spending good money on a collar just to have it looking shabby after a short time. I don’t expect that to happen with the Muck Collar. It looks like something that will hold up to hard use.

The Muck Collar comes in five styles with three collar sizes 10 to 25 inches (see the styles in the picture above). The Small collars are 3/4″ wide while the Medium and Large collars are 1″ wide.

The truly unique feature? The leash ring doubles as a bottle opener!


Yep, after a long day of rolling in the grass and chewing on sticks, there’s nothing that Honey wants more than an icy cold one.

Okay, I don’t get the point of the bottle opener on the collar. But heck, I live on a boat. I combine tools to save on space all the time.

Now if I could just figure out how to get a corkscrew onto Honey’s collar, I’d be all set.

Honey the golden retriever in her Kurgo Muck Collar.

I’m sure I look beautiful in my new collar. But I’m getting a little tired of people calling me over to open their beer.

How to Enter

You’ll enter in the widget below. One winner will be selected at random; Kurgo will ship the prize directly to the winner. This giveaway is open to readers in the USA and Canada. Good luck!

Disclosure: This giveaway prize is sponsored by Kurgo; the company will ship the prize directly to the winner. All opinions and statements are entirely my own. I did receive a sample collar to try.

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  1. Living next to a lake, a wash and wear collar is a must. Until recently, the only one I had seen had a firearms mfr’s name on it. Since I don’t believe in sport hunting, it stayed on the shelf.

  2. I think the reason my dog’s collars get so yucky is just normal wear and tear. Let’s face it, I have enough going on so I don’t wash the dogs collars. :-(

  3. We are constantly trying to keep their collars clean and stench free! I really don’t know how they get so dirty, I think it’s just normal wear and tear!

  4. This brings up a horrible college memory: four students in a state park at night, two icy six-packs and no opener.

  5. Wow, that’s a pretty groovy collar (but you’re right, the bottle opener thing seems weird). But I’m sure there are some pretty clever dogs out there that utilize it. Sam is just not one of them. 😉

  6. We love hiking, so of course everything gets our collars muddy! Swimming, mud itself, hiking, running in the rain, trail running, rough play in the field!

  7. Thankfully Bowser Beer has a twist cap, so we don’t need a collar opener! How funny!

  8. This will be for Shiloh, my free spirit, who I now crate at night d/t his howling at any and all times of the night “sniffing” out varmints. During the day, he visits the neighbors, doesn’t overstay his welcome and then, visits the pony farm. Why does he need this exceptional collar? Pony manure – fresh pony manure in which he rolls with revelry, then comes home to say “hi.” Peeyew!!. Shiloh gets more baths than any other of the 14 dogs in my household.

    • If Shiloh shows up at the neighbor’s house with a bottle opener and a little bit of something, he might find a new home you don’t approve of. Be careful. :)

  9. Nala frequently goes collarless in the house, because I got tired of fighting a losing battle against her matted neck ruff. But her collar–and face!–get most hilariously muddy when it rains and she goes on a puddle expansion spree.

  10. Our boy likes to get in the pool at daycare, soaking his collar in the process.

  11. Cricket’s collars always get smelly because she is the only one who actually lies down in their swimming pool and really gets wet. Then in the winter it will be snow when she starts diving in after the ball!
    We have other Kurgo collars that have the bottle opener as well. I’m with you…a corkscrew would come in far more handy for me! :)

  12. I just want a pretty new collar.

  13. HA! That’s exactly what I was thinking- machete a cork screw and you’ve got yourself a sale!

  14. Since my guys love to swim and wade whenever possible, their collars are often a bit smelly…..not to mention the wonderful things they find to roll in!

  15. Baby is a total mud monster.

    Just yesterday we went on a hike in the woods, and as we were hiking out with a totally clean Baby I was thinking to myself, “Hey, this is awesome, I won’t have to give her a bath before I go back to work. I could take a nap. Make some lunch. Play some video games…” And then into the creek she bounded, only to come out drenched in black mud and smiling like a loon.

    I couldn’t be mad because she looked like she was having so much fun, but…
    There went my nap!

    A collar that doesn’t need to go in the washing machine would go a long way around here.
    (Why I bought I white collar, I’ll never know. The cute Doctor Who print got me. It was a trick.)

    • Those people who make cute dog gear really have our numbers, don’t they?

      Good luck in the giveaway. I’d hate to think a dirty collar was making you lose sleep. :)

  16. Holy crap that’s the kind of dual purpose I’m talking about. How sweet – I already loved Kurgo and now I do even more. And of course the durability and not needing to constantly clean the collar is pretty awesome too.