Fashion Makeover – What Would You Look Like if Your Dog Dressed You?

Golden Retriever

I don't know why you're asking for my fashion advice. You never listen to me.


Who dressed you?

Recently I saw two different articles online that featured men giving their wives fashion makeovers. This one from a British newspaper was very fun and surprisingly sweet. Only one husband tarted up his wife to the point she wanted to cry.

My husband gives pretty good fashion advice. He’ll be honest (but kind) if something isn’t flattering. And he likes nearly everything I wear that shows I’m making a little effort. (Thanks, Sweetie! And Happy Anniversary!)

My dog!

But what about Honey? If my dog could give fashion advice, what would she suggest?

  • treat pockets, lots of treat pockets–with wide openings so yummies come out quickly and easily
  • waterproof shoes–what’s the point of walking if you have to step around every puddle?
  • loose fitting arms–the better for tossing a ball
  • stinky–it’s easier to find you when you’re hiding behind a tree
  • gloves–impromptu games of tug with a stick found on the street are too short; you’ve got wussy hands
  • dark colors–how will anyone know you have a dog if they can’t see the dog hair?

Specialty Gear

Some clever entrepreneur has designed a dog-walking jacket with cargo pockets for poopie bags, a leash connector for the belt, and layers to work with every weather. I was very impressed the first time I saw it. But it’s features are what a human would want a dog walking jacket to look like, not what a dog might want it to be.

So, do tell. If your dog designed your wardrobe, what would it look like? I bet Bunny of Tales and Tails wants her person to be stylish and color-coordinated. And if I had to guess, Shiva over at Rescued Insanity would insist on the outdoorsy, adventurous look. It looks like Tank from love and a six foot leash would probably expect a safari jacket.

How does your dog want you to dress?

This is a blog hop. Hop on.


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  1. Ha ha ha! Yes, Bunny does expect me to color coordinate with her when we go out! Something about not looking like welfare when I’m in her presence and spoiling her photo ops!

    I need to track down that jacket!

  2. That jacket sounds very impressive. I admit, I buy a lot of my clothes now with my dog in mind. For instance, I love zip-up hoodies with pockets that I can wear while walking and training. I can’t imagine wearing a coat that didn’t have deep pockets, preferably more than two. All my shoes were chosen for comfort over style, which is a far cry from my non-dog-owning days.

    Shiva would prefer it, I think, if all my pockets had holes so that the food would continuously fall. She also wants me to wear only grubbies so that I will stop complaining if my pants get covered in mud. I don’t think she cares how I look, just prefers I wear something that doesn’t get in the way of her good time. 😛

    • Sounds like Shiva has her priorities straight.

      As for pockets with holes in them–that was the normal state of affairs when Agatha was with us. If I left even a crumb from a treat in my pocket, she’d chew it free from the confines of the fabric. Ever jacket pocket was torn open by her teeth. Now that’s food motivated! :)

      • Our first foster Lollie was quite a fashion designer and she thoughtfully “upcycled” a bunch of my jackets so that they had convenient holes in the pockets. I still think of her when I put my hands or keys in the pocket of those jackets and find my fingers poking through or my keys on the floor :)

        • I used to cry with frustration when I realized Agatha did in another jacket pocket. But now that she’s not with me anymore, I love thinking of her when I put my hand through a big old hole.

  3. What a great idea for a post! We have dog clothes (i.e. most of our wardrobe) and non-dog clothes for the rare occassions when we go out without George. Our clothes would have to have pockets for his treats, just like yours, and come with some kind of armour so that we can protect him from any potential predators. A frisbee hook would be compulsory, too. A whippet cap and a pair of wellington boots would complete this stylish outfit :)

  4. Pamela, that has got to be one the strangest questions I have ever heard. BOL! You’ve got me stumped! But thank you for a good laugh!!

    • I was trying to figure out lately just what the “theme” or “niche” of my blog was. I think it’s mostly considering what we think about dogs and speculating on what they think about us.

      Of course, I’d eventually have to wonder how they’d dress us. :0

  5. Something I Have never thought about! Very clever post! Kirby would probably say never get dressed up or wear my work outfits because that means I’m leaving soon without him. I like shoes so Kirby’s would say my best fashion accessory would be a leash!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your idea – I think my dogs would have me wear a treat bag – like ALL THE TIME! They love their treats – but they have to work for them.

    Good to meet you – I’m stopping by on the blog hop this morning. Stop by because you might enjoy my video – “The Bad Dog Blues.”

  7. Tanner insists the Chucker must always leave with us and Oliver says he doesn’t leave home without his carseat. I say poop bags! Hope you have time to enter the Organix dog food giveaway:

  8. Great post! If I got to dress my human, it would probably consist of something that could hold and endless supply of doggie treats and tennis balls!!


  9. Happy Anniversary!

    You know, I’m not sure the dogs care what I wear, as long as I feed them, play games, and take time to scratch behind their ears!


  10. I think Miss Stella would dress me in a coat of chew toys and Sadie would have it be a tennis ball jacket! : )
    Just Ramblin’

  11. My guys like coats with deep pockets cos I can carry lots of treats. I like coats with deep pockets cos there is also room for poop bags, cell phone, tissues, car keys. In the summertime I carry a largish shoulder bag or wear a fanny pack. As long as I’ve got the treats they wouldn’t mind if I just wore the coat in the winter and the shoulder bag or fanny pack in the summer!

  12. I’m pretty sure Buster and Ty would have me wear a bacon dress.