Farewell For Now

It’s too hard.

Soon I’ll be sitting on the floor (of course, covered in dog hair) and panicking about being temporarily homeless while we start shopping for a boat.

So it’s farewell for now.

Honey the golden retriever chews a stick.

I wonder if they’ll have sticks where we’re going?

Honey Will Be Back

I have high hopes for Something Wagging This Way Comes:

  • a professional redesign that relates to our new life on the water
  • some fun videos
  • and of course, lots of stories about how Honey is adapting to life aboard a boat with thoughts on how it relates to the lives you live with your dogs.

But I’ve got to focus on moving now. And I have to spend time with Honey that I’m not spending on the computer.

So I hope you’ll look forward to what we have in store for you. And check out some of the old posts you’ve missed by clicking the links under this post.

We hope to be back soon.

Honey the golden retriever walks away.

Take a good look at my floofie, because it’s the last look you’ll get for a while

Honey’s Yard Sale

Thanks to all the S’waggers who supported Honey’s Yard Sale with their buys and by spreading the word.

We did some much-needed culling and I feel so much better knowing that our favorite books and dog items will be put to good use by friends.

Dog decor items to be sold.

Just a few things that went to new homes.

I’m pleased to tell you we raised $100 for the Tompkins County SPCA. Thank you so much.

Your Turn: When we start writing Something Wagging again, is there something in particular you’d like to see? 




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  1. Best wishes in your new life. You are my hero for following your dreams! I’m good with whatever you post. Can’t wait to see the re-design.

    If you pass through the Annapolis , Md waters, please let me know. I’ll come visit. I think that is probably one of the closest seafaring towns to me as you head south. Plus it’s the sailboat capital of the world….you can’t skip that one!

  2. I admire you for being so courageous. Best to you and Honey, I just love her stories. I think Honey is just adorable, and without a doubt, you’ve given her the best home.
    Look forward to hearing more about Honey and your travels.

  3. Martine says:

    Will miss your stories but I am looking forward to new adventures when you return. Smooth seas and full sails to you all.

  4. Enjoy your water adventure with your pack!

  5. Look after yourselves – I will be think of you and can’t wait to see you back here soon!

  6. Good luck Pamela. I can’t wait to see where your new adventures take you and what you do with the blog. Onward and upward right? :)

  7. We’re going to miss you, and look forward to when you are back! Good luck with everything!

  8. Woo Hoo, so excited for you guys and I can’t wait to see your new house.

  9. Good bye and good luck. We will sure miss you, but look forward to reading your adventures and living vicariously through you!

  10. Margaret Manos says:

    We’re looking forward to continue reading your blog during your next adventure! Lula (my Golden) and I wish you all a smooth transition!

  11. Bon Voyage! You’re going to have some great adventures (Okay, no pirates.) We will miss reading the blog regularly but whenever you are able to pop in with a report and a photo or video, we will be anxiously waiting. I know we’ll stay in touch, and I am excited for our new venture we discussed. In the meantime, I envy your bold and brave new journey. You’ll do great!

  12. Good luck, Pamela! I’m so excited to see where your adventures take you.

  13. Best of luck to the whole Webster family. Exciting to know that next you write, it will be from a boat (I should probably should say ship by then).

  14. Best of luck on your new adventure, the day has finally come to move on. Although I have only been reading your blog a short time, you have quickly become one of my favorites. I will definitely be stopping by to check out your older posts.

  15. I thought of you this weekend as I am spending it with some friends on their house boat. It is quite luxurious. I could get use to this. The thing is we haven’t really moved from the place that we started, tied to the dock. I’m sure your experience on the water will be quite different. Bon voyage

  16. Farewell for now my friend, I can’t wait for you and Honey to surface again – what stories you will tell….

  17. Enjoy the journey! I know you will once you’re on the boat, but do your best even to enjoy the part before the boat. Blow a kiss to Honey for me and Richie; I know dogs don’t like hugs!

  18. Good luck on your boat search. If you’re ever on the West Coast of Florida we can have dinner!

  19. I will be eagerly awaiting your – and Honey’s – return!! Who knows? I might even get around to the Liebster award post between now and then. But without further ado, best and warmest wishes for this final phase of your move!

  20. Pamela, The best of luck to you, Mike, and Honey. I am slightly envious of your new adventure ahead. After the craziness dies down you will have a great adventure. Stay in touch and let us all know how y’all are doing.
    P.S. I have friends who used to be in the boat business. Still live in St. Petersburg.

  21. My number one happy place type memory is of the last day in the house I had just sold, where Leo and Tynan first came into my life. All that was left in the house was a small futon mattress by the door. Tynan and I curled up together, I cried my goodbye to my first house (and I instinctively knew that he was saying farewell too) then we drifted off for a short nap while waiting for the vehicle doing the moving to return for us. I know you will enjoy every moment like that with Honey and I look forward to you sharing your adventures on the water! Oh, and remember that language is everything; you are not homeless. You are transitioning. That is a HUGE difference. I have transitioned a few times in my life and those were some amazing budget adventures… I definitely was not broke and homeless… at least not in my words!

  22. Edie Chase says:

    Bon voyage! If you journey takes you near the Massachusetts coast, maybe we could meet. I hope you get your boat soon.

  23. Bon voyage!

  24. We can’t imagine living on a boat, so we are looking forward to hearing how it goes. We wish you all the best, and hope to hear from you soon!

  25. Wishing you all the best on this new part of your adventure! Looking forward to lots of pics and vids, but hoping we’ll still get lots of your wonderful writing style, too.

    One piece of living on a boat (or cruise ships, for that matter) that has always puzzled me: what about life jackets? From canoe trekking to power boats, all my past training with Scouting and elsewhere says, if you’re on the boat, the jacket is on you. Seems uncomfortable for sleeping! ;-D

    Hope the details of moving quickly become a blur in the joy of the new. Hurry back!

    • For all the curious life jacket people–

      Most cruisers have rules about when to put on a life jacket. Like always wear one at night, when you go forward on the boat, or when the wind is coming up. The more important thing is to make sure you stay on the boat so most people have tethers and harnesses they attach to the boat so they stay attached if they went overboard.

      It’s much easier, btw, to stay in a sailboat than in a canoe or kayak. So the Scouts are right–always kayak with a life jacket. Honey and I do.

      And most people who live on boats have inflatable PFDS (they even have them for dogs) that lie flat until you hit the water. Then a CO2 canister inflates the jacket. Much more comfortable.

      Hope BlogPaws is going great!

  26. I hope to see you again soon!!!! Good luck guys!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  27. Happy Sails to you!! I can’t wait to hear when your journey goes.

  28. Take care of yourself, the hubby and Honey during this exciting time of transition. We’re all excited for you and we’ll be here when you resurface to share your wonderful stories of life on the water. See ya soon! :)

  29. Ginger & Blaze says:

    Fair winds and following seas! We look forward to following your sailing adventures!

  30. We’ll miss you but look forward to your return!!

  31. Best of luck!! (And congrats on raising a nice chunk of money for the shelter!) Looking forward to reading about your adventures with Honey and Hubby!

  32. Huntley's mom says:

    We will be anxiously awaiting your return and look forward to sharing in your new adventures. Good Luck in finding your new home! This is an exciting transition and we wish you well.

  33. That’s so wonderful how you raised money for your shelter! We’re going to miss you tremendously…and you can bet we’ll be waiting for your updates. Best wishes in this final leg of your transition – enjoy!

  34. Wishing you all the best for the new adventure, can’t wait to hear all about life at sea :-)

  35. Best of luck! I’m looking forward to reading about your new adventures!

  36. Best wishes to you Pamela! May you find that bra-less, shoe-less adventure you have always been waiting for! :)

  37. I hope you find the perfect boat! I look forward to seeing you again when you settle into your new life.