Fall Leaf Search – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever sniffs a leaf.

Keep searching Honey.


Honey the golden retriever sniffs another leaf.

Keeping going girl. That poop has got to be somewhere around here.


Honey sits pretty in the leaves.

Hey! It’s not my fault people don’t rake their leaves. How do they expect us to scoop poop in this mess?

Your Turn: Is autumn like an easter egg hunt in your neighborhood? Except instead of searching for eggs you’re trying to scoop the poop?

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  1. We only poop on walks, and Mom scoops right away, so there is no hunting, just some extra leaves in the poop bag.

    • Your mom is better than I am. I also scoop right away on walk. But sometimes from the time I walk four feet to where Honey just pooped, I have trouble finding it among the leaves.

      I’m thinking of feeding Honey glow in the dark dog food until winter comes. :)

  2. That happened to Dottie and I yesterday, I couldn’t see it all… I’m afraid I might have left some behind!

  3. Thankfully no, but I can see that being a bit hard.

  4. BOL! We don’t have a falling leaf problem here is South FL but I can only imagine how hard it must be to find your poop in all that leaf soup!
    *high paws*

  5. Sometimes if I’m a little way from mummy when I do it, she can’t always see it straight away. She does the sniffer test and that usually leads her there BOl

  6. It’s not too bad in the daylight, but come night, it is virtually impossible!

  7. lol you ask the funniest questions!
    Kelly and Ike like to poop in the leaves and we usually find it just fine!

  8. Very cute!

  9. True. When leaves are not raked it can be hard to find!

  10. Yes. Especially because their poop is small to begin with. If I can’t find it after a minute or two of searching, I give up and pick up some random poop another day to make up for it.

  11. luckily since we live in a condo complex that picks up the leaves FOR us, we have no trouble “scooping our poop”

  12. Not too many falling leaves here in So Cal, so we don’t have to hunt. Some of the liquidamber trees change color and drop leaves here but they are kinda few & far between.

  13. I’ll join the ranks of “very few leaves here.”

    Honey looks very color-coordinated with the fall landscape.

  14. Laughing now…no piles of leaves, but we do the hunt and sniff in the dark all the time

  15. It sure is. :-(
    Usually, no matter how careful I am, my shoes find it before my eyes do…

  16. Hehehe, good job finding what you were looking for Honey!

  17. Adds a whole new level of fun doesn’t it?

    With my dog if you watch him do his business he stops, so you have to watch where he is going without making it obvious you are watching him. This means you have only a rough idea of where to look – playing hunt that poop is a brilliant game!

  18. LOL… that’s a perfect description. It’s always so complicated in the fall!

  19. That’s what I’m saying!! I have Delilah who squats, drops and walks and while she’s walking and I’m trying to scoop, I look up and there Sampson is 25 feet away pooping too! It’s tough in those leaves!!

  20. Oh boy, I knew exactly where you were going when I saw that title! It’s like a treasure hunt in our yard, which I usually clean once per day. Needless to say, I’ve been out raking leaves lately. The other day on a walk I really couldn’t find Kobi’s….I had just watched him go, looked away for a second to get my bag, and then couldn’t find it! At least he went off the beaten path anyway.