Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog

You and I are not the only dog-crazy people out there. At least that’s what I suspect when I hear some of the great songs people write about their dogs.

I fell in love with Jane Siberry when I first heard this song 20 years ago. Here’s a link to the artist’s original video for the song. Unfortunately I can’t embed it. Go, now! It’s terrific!

Or if you just want to check out the song first, meet Tundra from this YouTube video.


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  1. I love that! Thanks for sharing, Pamela!

  2. Won’t play on the stoopid iPad *sigh* I have to wonder why this toy sells so well. It has so many limitations. (This one belongs to TOH’s workplace but seems to live at home.)

    On the subject of dog song vids, did you, by any chance, get an email recently from some music company asking if you’d like to post a vid of someone singing a song about her rescue dog? I had a listen of that. It was quirky and sweet. For some odd reason, there were comments about how the lady (singer) shouldn’t have had her dog running about off leash on the vid. Huh? I bet those people believe there are really big blue tribes with pointy ears running about too.

    And on that not so musical note…happy Easter! xox

    • I think the iPad is made of crack cocaine that people absorb through their fingers. It keeps them addicted. I was tempted but did not give in. And the more I hear, the gladder I am. :)

      I didn’t get an email about the song you’re talking about. I presume you didn’t post it? I don’t remember seeing it.

      I hope you have a good holiday weekend too. I’ll be thinking of you and Mr. Thumper, in particular.

  3. Cute!

  4. Thanks for the great video!


  5. I have loved this song for a long time. First heard it years ago on CBC radio and I remember stopping what I was doing to listen. Thanks for sharing it today. It’s one of those songs I don’t mind having in my head!

    • Jane Siberry has written some amazing songs that just wrench your guts. And then she pops off with Everything Reminds Me of My Dog. You gotta love the versatility!

      BTW, I heard she changed her name to Isla. Is she still performing in Canada? I don’t hear much about her in the U.S. anymore.

      • As far as I know she is still around, still recording. Very small-scale I think though. I didn’t know she changed her name so I looked her up on Google. According to Wikipedia, she changed her name to “Issa” in 2006 somewhere in Northern Europe. Huh. She is definitely a very interesting person!

        • That’s it, Issa. I don’t know what that means but I guess I’ll be making a trip to Wiki land sometime soon.

          I first saw Jane Siberry as one of the “four bitchin’ babes.” She came back to my attention when kd Lang performed two of her songs on her tribute album to Canadian songwriters.

  6. “If you remind of my dog, we’ll probably get along”

    LOL!! Love it! And so true.

  7. I’d never heard that song before, but I love it! The video is clever, too, with dogs doing all sorts of dog stuff. Her voice has that great smoky quality to it that I love! Thanks for sharing this one!