Every Home Needs a Harvey

Before I get to today’s video treat, a quick note on a subject close to every dog person’s heart: poop!

I knew I had seen today’s video on another pet blog and wanted to give credit. While sniffing around, I went back to visit Will My Dog Hate Me where I found Edie’s recent post on doggie waste systems had generated a lot of interesting comments. So if you’re interested in dog poop (and really, aren’t we all?) stop by to read the post and comments.

Finally, I got to Life with Dogs where I found the Harvey link. I should have gone there first; they always post the best videos. But if I had, I would have missed all the poop content. Ain’t cyperspace grand?

Now to today’s video:

Looks like Harvey’s family won’t have to worry about poop!

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  1. Thanks for sniffing around to try to give credit! I did indeed post this video — but I found it first on Mary Haight’s Dancing Dog Blog.

    I’m still looking around for a sponsor for a biodegradable poop bag contest. So far no word from Flush Puppies….

    • I searched on your blog for “Harvey” and it didn’t come up so I doubted my memory. But thanks for referencing Dancing Dog Blog.

      It’s fun to watch cute things passed around from blog to blog.

  2. I saw this commercial on some dorky show a few weeks ago. It was one of those shows that are basically just compilations of different commercials, but this one had an animal theme so I hope I can be excused. There are some really creative advertisers out there. And some incredibly talented animals!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Hey, don’t apologize. I’ll sit rapt in front of a stupid “beggin strips” commercial just because we see 1/2 second of a real dog at the end.

      I think I’m a bit obsessed.

  3. Ha ha! This was really funny! I laughed through the whole thing.
    The only question is: How did Harvey end up in the shelter?
    The best part was his little eye brow lift at the end – so cute!

    • It’s not generally known, but Harvey was famous for overstarching the underwear when he ironed. I think his last person just couldn’t handle it anymore and surrendered him to the shelter.

  4. I have to smile every time I see that Harvey video!