Errands With The Dog

Like many people, I take my dog with me when I run weekend errands.

We dropped off books for the library book sale. Stopped by the credit union to deposit a pay check.

Honey the golden retriever at the credit union.

Y’know, the drive-thru gives out treats.

Checked out a new store downtown.

Honey the golden retriever poses near a new store.

The store’s name is Amuse. But we are not amused to be posing for this picture.

Oh look. They have pet sympathy cards. I’ll have to remember that.

Pet sympathy card.

Bought the weekend paper. Dropped off food scraps for recycling.

Honey the golden retriever at the food waste recycling spot.

At least the recycling workers gave me lots of lovies. I would not have enjoyed waiting for you in the car and missing out on that.

And picked up some bread at the farmer’s market.

Honey the golden retriever waits at the farmer's market.

What do you mean dogs aren’t allowed in the farmer’s market? Dogs are people too.

We got a lot of exercise. Somewhere around five miles.

But the problem with running errands with the dog when you don’t have a car, is you don’t get any cute pictures that look like this.

Honey the golden retriever looks out the car window.

Where are we going next?

Or this.

Honey the Golden Retriever as seen in the rear view mirror of the car.

The dog is closer than she appears.

Poor Honey. I bet she misses the car more than we do.

Your Turn: Do you like running errands with your pups? Do you always go by car or can you sometimes walk or bike?

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  1. Unfortunately, we live too far from anything to walk. The only walk we can do is to the mailbox. But Jack loves to run errands. Everything is an adventure to him. Once, when our dog walker was pet sitting Jack even jumped in her car while she was getting her suitcase out. She ended up driving him around the block.

  2. I take my dog as much as possible, she loves to go anywhere. And when I don’t, sometimes we ride to the pet store just so she can go for a ride and walk around in the pet store

  3. I’d take the dogs with me on more errands but I’m not leaving them on their own outside so now I run my errands around having my dogs!!

  4. Harley is the best company when we run errands. Generally by car, but I pick those places where he can come with me, so I don’t have to leave him in there. He always makes so many people smile, and we have the best time together. I don’t do well on a bicycle so we walk once we park. The dry cleaners seems to be his new hangout when he’s running errands with Doodle Dad.

  5. I bet she doesn’t miss it at all. :-)

  6. I take the dogs sometimes when I have to run errands. I try to think of someplace new we can walk while we are out and about.

  7. Boomer and Dottie love to ride in the car so taking them for errands is a lot of fun… but only when the weather is nice enough to let them stay in the car while we run in somewhere.

  8. I wish we could walk to complete our errands, but that’s just not possible in our current town. There also aren’t many dog friendly places. We do spend a lot of time at Petco and Home Depot, especially in the winter, for fun social time :)

  9. What a great helper!

  10. We live within walking distance of almost everything we need, but that is just theoretical. I was born to drive.

  11. It depends on how long we’d have to wait in the car. Dog Dad sometimes takes us on the short trips.

  12. We love to ride along, but we don’t get those fun car photos either as we aren’t allowed to stick out heads out the windows while driving. We are in the back of the SUV with our seat belts on.

  13. Blueberry loves our “winter” because it means she can come with me on my errands (as long as they don’t involve me leaving her for more than a few minutes)! Going to the pet supply store is also a win for her and a win for the store, because she will hoover up their floor for them – we typically hit every aisle so she can clean up. She also patiently waits in the car while I run inside the post office to grab mail and she adores it when we stop into the gas station because she knows as soon as the gas has been pumped and the gas cap twisted back on, she gets a treat. We also have her favorite stop light where she also gets a treat. She has me trained so well. :)

  14. I’m a meany, I rarely take the boys with me. They get out enough doing their own activities that I don’t feel too guilty.

  15. I love that we now live close enough to run some errands while we walk Rita. I often walk to go deposit checks, or we go swing by the pet store, dry cleaner or the drug store. But we can only hit the drugstore when the hubs is with me, cuz I would never leave her tied up by herself outside. Luckily she can come in the rest of the places we go.

  16. We usually go by car! Your very nice and patient to accompany mom on her errands!

  17. I love running errands with the pups, but usually do it by car as I hate to think of the trouble my two would get into if left tied outside a store. Lunging at every UPS truck, going ballistic at every squirrel, redirecting onto each other–yikes. Sometimes I long for the days when I had one relatively calm dog…but that will likely never happen again, which as its good and its bad sides.

    And I’m wondering…are you under about 10 feet of snow right now?

    • Luckily, many of our errands can be completed outdoors–walk-up tellers, book drops, etc. At the farmer’s market, Honey was in my direct line of site for the 30 seconds it took me to make my purchase.

      My biggest worry is someone stealing her, in other words, her following the first friendly face that came along. :)

      We’re about 45 minutes south of the snow belt that covers Buffalo and Syracuse. That’s why both those cities get over 300 inches of snow most years while we get only 70.

      Of course, I wouldn’t have minded a few snowy days off.

  18. Great photos! Looks like you had fun running errands. Ginger dog loves going for car rides with me!

  19. I love running dog friendly errands with one of my pups! Looks like you two had a busy, fun day.

  20. Aww, sounds like a busy day and great exercise!

    I love to take Petal with me to run errands when one of my siblings tags along and is willing to wait in the car with her. If we’re running errands to a dog friendly store, even better!