Elee the Shiba Inu’s Trick and Treat

Honey the golden retriever

The only trick I know is to be cute. Does that mean I’m untrainable?

Shiba Inus have a reputation for being hard to train.

Apparently Elee likes surprising people, because this is one tricky Shiba Inu. The secret, according to Elee’s person Delphine, “is to make it FUN FUN FUN for the dog and for you!”

Does Elee look like she’s having fun to you?


Have you ever had a dog who defied expectations? How?

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  1. Oh my that is fun indeed. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wonderful!

    Silas sometimes backs up the stairs; I wonder if I could teach him to do it on cue.

  3. What a great video!! Nice way to end the week. :-)

  4. How fun and a wonderful trainer mom! Smart to put that Shiba’s are not for first time dog owners.

  5. Aww! She’s absolutely adorable! She has quite a repertoire of tricks.

    I think a lot of people are surprised that Bunny hikes, wears a backpack and just does so much stuff. Apparently, Greyhounds are made of glass and shouldn’t get off the couch unless it’s an emergency. Fortunately, Bunny didn’t get the memo!

  6. What a great video! I just love the dog, what a sweet little face! Looks like she is having a great time!

  7. Wow how ace was she!! I hope my humum doesn’t get any ideas tho….!

    She looked like she was having so mch fun, and some of those tricks!! Hurray for Elee!

  8. I want a drum! I want a drum! She does look like she’s having fun, and why not? Tricks are great. I LOVE when my peoples teach me new tricks.