Don’t You Just Love A Dog In Uniform? – Wordless Wednesday

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of dogs in clothes.

So why is Honey so often wearing a jacket? Is it for safety? 

Honey the golden retriever - I just love a dog in uniform.

They tell me that if I wear this Canine Coast Guard uniform every day I’ll get to retire someday with a pension.
That’s something to eat, right?

Or is it just that I can’t resist a dog in uniform?

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  1. Maybe both? 😉

  2. I have to say that the red color is striking on Honey. Set against the blue sea, it’s a very patriotic uniform as well. 🙂

  3. Piranha Banana says:

    Nice photo. Good to hear that wearing it might get you a pension, no one ever offers things like that to me when I wear clothes!


  4. What a cutie!

  5. Nice, Honey! Mom calls our nose work harnesses our uniforms. Humans are strange.

  6. I’m going to say – “both”

  7. Looking good!

  8. Love your uniform! 🙂

  9. I’m sure you started out for safety reasons, but now you are hooked on having her look so striking! 🙂

  10. She’s so pretty!

  11. Better safe than sorry. I’m crossing my fingers and toes you’ll get your pension, darling. 😉

  12. Red seems to be her color! She looks great in her jacket. I’m so paranoid – if Rita and I ever find ourselves on a boat together (which is pretty unlikely, I must say…) she’ll definitely be “in uniform”!

  13. I’m not fond of dog clothes, either; but poor Ducky shivers like a leaf in the wind on our frigid winter mornings so I put her winter coat on her. And when we have pouring rain, both girls wear their raincoats just like their mom. Otherwise? Fuggedaboutit!!

  14. More pension means more cookies. You go, girl!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  15. Honey totally rocks the CG vest. ღ