Don’t Let Fitness Fails Scare You – K9 Kamp Halloween Edition

Honey and I didn’t meet our K9 Kamp goal of exercising an extra 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. Luckily, K9 Kamp doesn’t send zombies, goblins, and spooks after you if you fail. But I can’t say the same for my own brain.

The dog worries about a scary fitness fail.

We better get moving. I’m worried that this scary hand will grab us if we fail at K9 Kamp.


Dealing with Fitness Fails

The best way to deal with a fitness fail is to tell yourself, “Hey, I didn’t do my extra exercise yet. I should start now and move in a good direction.”

But that’s not the way it works, does it?

After a fitness fail, I just want to give up. The goblins in my brain tell me that I’ve already failed. If I haven’t met my fitness goal, I shouldn’t bother. Oh, and why not make some cookies while I’m at it? After all, I could use some comfort for feeling bad.

It’s a good thing I have Honey to learn from.

The dog sniffs scary graves.

What is this? Some kind of fitness obstacle course?


Dogs Don’t Have Fitness Fails

Dogs don’t live in their heads. No goblins or spooks tell them they failed and they should just give up.

Honey doesn’t even know we were participating in K9 Kamp.

The dog doesn't have a fitness fail on her walk.

Finally, things coming out of the ground that I recognize.

So after breakfast this morning, she’ll be happy to go for an extra long walk—even if it’s only the second time this week we’ve gotten some extra activity in. And even if our schedule the entire month has meant she’s gotten less exercise than usual.

Now I just have to hope the K9 Kamp Kommandants don’t read this post and eat my brains because I didn’t do what I said I would.

Happy Halloween everyone!

k9kampbadgeIt’s not too late. Fit in a little extra activity with your dog today. And don’t forget to enter the awesome K9 Kamp prize giveaway. And thank you to the K9 Kamp Kommandants (Peggy of Peggy’s Pet Place, Jodi of Kol’s Notes, and Jessica of You Did What With Your Weiner) for not being goblins.

Your Turn: Do you have trouble recovering when you don’t meet a goal? Does your dog?


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  1. its harder in the winter when the mornings are dark and its cold and you want to stay in bed (know that feeling!), but don’t beat yourself up. You’ll soon get back in the swing of things xx

  2. Our month was rough as well, littered with a load of challenges. We didn’t get the extra 30 in all at once most times, but over the week with 10 here and 10 there, we did squeeze it in. Now that the month is over, we are finding our new rhythm and are back on track. We always have our basic plan going, but this time adding extras was tough. Have a nice walk and happy Howloween!

  3. Oh man, I know how you feel. Bailey and I were doing really well until I had to go away for a few days for a work conference. After I got home I came down with the flu and it’s taking its sweet time letting me get on with my life. It’s been about two weeks since Bailey and I took a really good walk. Thankfully, we have a really big backyard so she’s been spending plenty of time outside in the fresh air. She’s usually such great motivation to get moving when I don’t want to, but being sick hasn’t helped. I’m actually looking forward to daylight savings time ending. It might get darker earlier, but at least the sunrise will be at 6:30 instead of 7:30. The extra darkness does nothing but motivates me to sleep on the couch.

    • Sorry you’ve been sick. I only have a cold but it has slowed me down quite a bit.

      Hope the morning sun brings you some healing and lots of long walks. I’m sure Bailey will be happy to see you up and around again. :)

  4. Forget the ghosts and goblins — they belong in movies and old TV shows like “Dark Shadows”! The darkness coming upon us a little earlier each day doesn’t help motivate anyone but the most avid exercise junkie.

    Callie, Shadow, and I were doing GREAT until Callie had that sneezing blood issue a few weeks ago. But that whole incident, and the stress it put on me, just overwhelmed me straight into sleepless nights and groggy days. Days of not wanting to do anything. I’m only now starting to get back to normal (whatever that means). But I love Halloween…it reminds me of the many hours Mom and I spent watching DARK SHADOWS together when I was in high school…and all the silly costumes we would wear to hand out treats to the little ones. But I’m straying off topic. All I’m saying is don’t beat yourself up over the fitness fail.

    • Oooh, I vaguely remember Dark Shadows when I was a kid. It came on right after I got home from school.

      Maybe I’ll see if there are some old episodes on YouTube. Sounds like a good thing to do while we’re hiding from the trick or treaters tonight. :)

  5. Oh Pamela, this post is a gift I’m not sure I deserve today. Those goblins have been beating me silly the last few weeks, wracking me with guilt for failing to meet my ownK9 Kamp standards. I was feeling terribly that so many awesome bloggers were kamping with us … And I couldn’t even find time to get it all done. Some Kamp leader! I did, at least, manage to refrain from eating my “poor me” cookies.

  6. You know, we didn’t get the extra 30 minutes 3 to 4 times per week either. But we did more than we usually do and in my goblin-riddled mind, that’s what counts. The fact that you/we tried.

    I wish I could live more like the dog, it’s something I’m really striving for.

  7. I love the Halloween pictures. I react in exactly the same way when I have an exercise fail – ‘oh well I’ve messed it up now, I may as well order a pizza…’. Thanks for the super blog. xxx

  8. OMG, my goblins say the same thing! (Though sometimes they substitute “brownies” for “cookies.” mmmm, brownies . . . ) I’ve made great plans a hundreds this year and then fall flat on my face. I wish I could insert words of wisdom here, or some anecdote about how I got through it, but no. How pathetic is that?! I think I’m going to go make more brownies now. Dammit.

    Any ideas? Words of wisdom? Helpful anecdotes? . . . . Want some brownies?

  9. Yeah, been there too with the “I failed, so I might as well fail spectacularly… get me a spoon and a quart of ice cream STAT!” But it’s so true that if we follow our pups leads, we won’t be prey to that kinda self-sabotage! Great post!

  10. We do pretty good most of the time but Jack was sick this month so he had to sit out a few days and I get lazy if I don’t have to take him…but we usually stick pretty close to our routine.

  11. Busy schedule, a bad cold, housesitting chores…all conspired to make adding extra time regularly really difficult this month..we compensated with some super long adventures like yesterday’s 4 hours of hiking…it’s not the same, but Gizmo didn’t care…in fact we were out so long I actually, finally managed to tire him out … rare indeed

  12. The first action is to admit the problem. Now that it’s out in the open, you can go about recommitting. Good job Pamela. The great thing about Honey is she lives in the moment and doesn’t think about what didn’t happen. Give her a big hug and a cookie and then go for that long walk.
    Licks ans hug, BJ Pup

  13. We really are hard on ourselves for not meeting goals aren’t we? In my case, a little guilt is good because I need to lose some weight. However, I still haven’t gotten a fitness routine started so all of the guilt ends up doing is making me feel bad about myself…which isn’t very motivating. The best I can do is resolve again and again to do something and do the best I can each time. Luckily, Chester and Gretel don’t judge me and are always ready to go for a walk with me.