Dogs on the Bed

Golden Retriever on the bed

Someone's gotta keep this bed from being stolen. Don't worry. I've got it covered.

Honey is never allowed to sleep on the bed.

Except when she is.

A dog on the bed helps you appreciate your mate

While my husband is attending his high school reunion, Honey has been filling in.

What does that mean?

  • lots of barking at strange sounds (this from the dog who never barks at strangers)
  • endless desire for food
  • hogging the covers on the bed

Why I appreciate my mate

When Mike is around, Honey:

  • rarely barks in warning
  • is too tired out from playing bitey face with the Dad to beg for treats
  • sleeps in her own bed

And Mike always shares the covers.

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  1. Sampson and Delilah always sleep on the bed with us. Delilah curled up at the bottom and Samspon stretched out somehow between us. It varies, some nights he sleeps vertically like we do and other nights he sleeps horizontally, those are the nights where one of us doesn’t get great sleep (me last night.) The surprising thing is that neither of us complains about it, we deal with the limited space, limited covers and feet in our backs. :-) We’re nuts.

  2. Haha! Neither of my girls like laying on furniture. I’ve tried rewarding with treats but they jump right back off.

    I wouldn’t mind Daisy sleeping with me, she’s pretty quiet but Bella is up and down and shaking herself off, and moving. Not to mention I am sure Bella would be a cover hog too.

  3. I’m not letting Georgia near this post. She’s only allowed on the bed after the alarm rings and before her morning walk, which is to say, for about 15 minutes. So deprived.

  4. How do you prevent Honey being irritated at The Dad, the source of being banished from the bed?

    • Since The Dad keeps a bowl of treats beside the crate, she’s usually in there waiting for him at bedtime. Any time Honey needs a snack, we’ll find her standing in the crate waiting for a little something.

  5. That’s exactly how we do it in our house. When the Hubster is gone, everyone gets to enjoy the bed with me. :)

  6. LOL – Sam sleeps with us. Aaron says that as soon as I fall asleep, Sam jumps down to sleep at the foot of the bed.


  7. Chester and Gretel always sleep with us…but they are small. It IS funny how they will bark at outside sounds from under the covers……so I know what you mean about that :)

    • Believe me, more than once, I considered trading Honey in for a couple of miniature doxies. :)

      Although hearing barks coming from under the covers could be startling.

  8. LOL! Dogs are notorious bed hogs. At least mine are anyways. How on earth can a dog that is barely 18″ high take up so much darn space?! It’s awful. I tried to implement a no dogs on the bed rule, but failed miserably. The other half would rescue them from crates and bring them to bed after I fell asleep. I know when I’m beat!

    • And Kolya is quite particular about his sleeping preferences, isn’t he? I get a kick from his late night/early morning Facebook updates.

  9. If Beryl decides it’s past bedtime and heads off on her own she always chooses to sleep right in the middle on the pillows. So I have to shift her so there’s a bit of room for me. During the night she likes to have her back to me and some mornings I wake up and I’ve got about 1/5 of the bed. She’s not using all the rest, but she’s just about pushed me off the bed! I often wonder why I decided to let her sleep with me and Frankie about 6 months ago. Frankie is no trouble!

    I’m sure Honey will be back to normal, no more barking, when Mike gets home. She wants you to know that she will protect you while he’s away:)

    • And it doesn’t matter how big your bed is, does it? Beryl has figured out where she likes to sleep and you’re on your own.

      Isn’t it funny that Frankie is so different? My last dog Shadow was so compact at the foot of the bed that we hardly noticed her.

  10. And here I was thinking Honey was too polite to be a cover-hog. Clearly I misjudged her. Those lovely eyes of hers hide her mischevious soul.

    We all sleep better when the dog sleeps in her own bed – including Shiva. Perhaps it’s just because it’s such a novelty, but she can never relax when sharing. The last time I tried when Rob was away, I ended up on the couch. Because I couldn’t possibly move the dog from her comfortable spot. 😛

    I hope your husband had a terrific time!

  11. We never used to allow Bella on the bed. (When I was a kid, I always let my dog sleep under the covers, much to my mother’s chagrin.) However, when the hub was out of town once, I tried to convince Bella to sleep in the bed with me. She lasted half an hour, then hopped down and went to her own bed. I felt a tad rejected! Now she’ll hang out on the bed with me when I’m watching TV, but she seems to prefer her own bed at night.

  12. I usually let the boys in bed when my OH is gone, but this weekend I broke tradition and sent them to their own beds. JF doesn’t sleep when he’s not confined because he’s constantly jumping off the bed to follow his devious cat pal, Lula. Dewi would be fine on the bed (although he insists on sleeping in the spoon position – meaning I am the spoon and he is the sugar), but I can’t just put JF in his crate and not Dewi.

    Thankfully, the OH doesn’t go on overnight trips too often, sparing me these painful decisions. :)

  13. Sounds like Mike is a gem. Between Florian sleeping with the covers wrapped around him like a burrito–no less, a diagonal burrito–and Fozzie sleeping rolled up next to his head and Sandy down at the foot of the bed, there’s not much space left for me! I couldn’t imagine having it any other way, though.

  14. Reba not only hogs the covers, but she also steals my pillow and snores a lot. She wants to sleep cuddled right up against you, and I often end up pushed against the wall. She’s very lucky that she’s cute and cuddly.

    Diamond, on the other hand, never gets in the bed. We put her in bed with us only once, when we were staying at a hotel and had a room near the elevator. She was barking at every coming and going, so we hoped that putting her in bed between us would help her feel protected and realize she didn’t have to be the guard dog. She was confused and even scared and shaky at first. And then she proceeded to get comfy and steal my pillow. (Because I just can’t win.)

  15. So funny! My rules sound the same as yours! :) The only problem with sharing the bed with the dogs versus the hubs… The dogs have way more muscle twitch/jimmy-legs, which startles me awake every single time!!

    Honey looks so comfy on the bed!

  16. Ty has been known to occupy the vacated spot in the bed when one of us had to travel, but now that we climb a ladder to the bunk, the pups can’t make it up there.

  17. Ha ha ha! Actually, it’s easier on me when hubby is gone and the dogs and I have the bed to ourselves!

  18. :) Cali used to always sleep with me when my hubby was out of town . .now she isn’t interested :( You lucky girl!!

  19. Ogre had a great idea. He likes to cover our father pillow after taking a bath. I don’t have idea until I found that the pillow is warm – it keeps his tummy warm too until his breakfast is served (lol). My father appreciated the dog hobby better than warming his tummy in the sand then going to my father’s pillow. The dog, the pillow, and the incident reminds me of my father changing his pillow before going to work.