Dogs Decorate Christmas Tree – Oldie But Goodie

This is the first video I saw of dogs decorating a Christmas and it may be the best. A Hungarian dog training school put this video together two years ago.

What do you think? If we start working on it with Honey today, will be we ready to shoot our video next Christmas?

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  1. I love this video! I think Honey would do a wonderful job! She’s so cute and seems to love to please.

    There are visions of toppling dogs in my head with Shiva running in circles around them all. Not good for the stress levels. I think we’ll skip this one for now.

    By the way, I just had to share this with someone, I think it is snowing outside!

  2. Sounds like a lot of work. I think it would be easier and a lot more fun for my dogs tear everything up!!