Doghacker – Tips for Spending More Time With Your Dog

I love Lifehacker, a website featuring tips and downloads to help us be productive. But really, who wants to get more work done?

Don’t we all just want to spend more time with our dogs?

It’s time for Doghacker.

Honey the golden retriever with her Christmas tree.

This is my favorite tip. Keep the Christmas tree behind the exercise pen so it doesn’t jump out and attack me with all those sappy needles.

Doghacker – Tips and Tricks to Spend More Time With Your Dog

I have just the ideas to get Doghacker started.

Always Be Ready for Training

Keep your Dog Treat Bag(affiliate) stocked with treats in the fridge. Store your Training Clicker (affiliate) in the front pouch so you can grab and go when you set out for a walk.

Don’t know what kinds of treats to use? Here are 12 cheap dog treats that won’t kill your dog (or your budget).

And while you’re in training mode, I have 10 training tips you can use to work with your dog every day.

Honey the golden retriever waits for dinner.

Hurry it up, mister. Or I’m going to drool on your shoe.

Keep Your Dog Active

No matter what the weather, you can keep your dog active and stimulated. Even in the house.

My Imperfect Dog has great suggestions for entertaining your dog indoors when you can’t take long, outdoor walks. You’ll be happier. Your dog will be happier.

Don’t Waste Time Making Treats

Yep, homemade treats are safer for your dog and cheap. But if you spend hours cutting food up into little bits while your dog is drooling at your feet, isn’t that a waste?

Use kitchen shears (affiliate) to cut up hot dog treats, jerky, cheese, or other snacks. Freeze things a little while first and you’ll have hundreds of training treats ready in no time. I can cut up an entire packet of turkey hot dogs using my shears before Honey’s first dribble of drool hits the floor.

Make It Easy to Go Out In the Cold

What happens when your dogs asks to go out on a cold day? You open the back door (if you’re lucky enough to have a fenced yard) and stand there cursing in your robe and slippers while you’re waiting for the dog to finish chasing squirrels, sniffing, and, oh yeah, doing what he asked to go outside for in the first place.

Why not make it easy to have fun with him outside? I put a chair by the back door to hold my scarf, coat, and gloves. When Honey wants to go outside, I can slip into my boots and coat and go outside to have a fun minutes of fun without all the cursing and impatience.

Honey the golden retriever chews her stick in the snow.

You’re just cussing at me because you’re jealous of my stick. Put on your coat and get out here. I’ll share.

Does the Internet Need Doghacker

What do you think? Is the internet ready for a website devoted to “hacking” life with your dogs?

Lifehacker better watch its back.

Thanks from the Sleepy Blogger

Thank you to everyone who suggested ways to make sleep time easier with our foster dog, Ginny. The comments could make a week’s worth of Doghacker posts.

Last night Ginny settled into her crate after I sat by her side a few minutes. She stayed asleep until 1:30 a.m. and was not nearly as loud last night as before.

I think we’re making progress.

But I still hope she’s adopted by someone who wants a snuggly dog to share her bed.

Your Turn: What favorite tip would you add to a Doghacker website?

Disclosures: Some of the links in this post will take you to Amazon. They are have the word “affiliate” after them. If you buy something after clicking this link, I will earn a few cents to help cover the costs of bringing you this blog (hosting, back up services, themes, mailing prizes, etc.). Thanks for your support.

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  1. Does it count to put off vacuuming for yet another day because, you know, the hair is still there? It seem more efficient that way.

  2. Great tips and glad Ginny is settling in.

  3. Thanks for the link!

    I’m glad Ginny is doing a little better. Maybe in another night or two you’ll get an entire night of sleep.

  4. I think the ‘chair by the backdoor’ idea is brilliant so simple and yet something I often forget to do.

  5. I think Doghacker would be pretty popular!

  6. I think you could have a hit on your hands. Sometimes I forget all the ways I can incorporate the dogs in my daily activities. Of course with Delilah it’s easy, she follows me just about everywhere. 😀

  7. “This is my favorite tip. Keep the Christmas tree behind the exercise pen so it doesn’t jump out and attack me with all those sappy needles.” :)