Doggy Dread – A Story Told in Pictures

We’re three days into our sailing adventure with Honey and blessed with great WiFi at the Ganonoque Marina in Ontario. Thought I’d share the results of our biggest worry about taking Honey on a sailboat.

How do you get a timid dog, who doesn’t like to swim, aboard a boat?

How about a ramp?

But what if the timid dog is afraid of ramps? As in, if one is lying flat on the ground she’ll go out of her way to avoid it. Even if it’s covered with liver treats?

Honey the golden retriever avoids stepping on a dog ramp.

Okay, if I squeeze myself into this tight spot, I can just grab the liver treats without stepping on the ramp.

In fact, she’ll leave liver treats (her favorite) behind if it means she can’t get to them without stepping onto the ramp.

Honey the golden retriever stays away from the ramp with liver treats on it.

Yeah, no. Liver isn’t that delicious.

Does this mean we’ll be handing a 50 pound dog from a floating dog onto a moving boat? Or expecting her to jump? Or finding a new home for her with a nice Canadian family because she refuses to board the boat?

Well let’s see how she’s doing.

Honey the golden retriever boards a sailboat.

Oh, you mean it’s a ramp to adventure? Why didn’t you say so?

Maybe anything really is possible.

Honey the golden retriever aboard a sail boat.

Don’t I look pretty in my life jacket?

So the dog boarded the boat, no one has drowned, and the marriage (celebrating 25 years today) is still intact. I guess that’s a success.

We’ll be home soon to tell you all about our trip and the wonderful ramp that made it possible.

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  1. Congratulations on 25 years together! That’s quite an accomplishment!

    The hardest thing with boating and taking your dog is the potty stops. It definitely takes planning! There’s no easy first pee of the morning when you are anchored out!

  2. I think all your hard work last year really paid off. Go Honey Go! I love the smile on her face.
    Congrats Pamela! What an exciting adventure to have with Mike and Honey. I admit it. I am jealous. What fun!

    Happy Anniversary you two! I hope Honey lets you enjoy a toast to two. :)

  3. That’s great, I bet you guys are having so much fun.

  4. Yeah Honey! I hope you enjoy your adventure & your anniversary! Sail Safely!

  5. Sounds like a fun trip! I shared the whole idea with my Wieners and got a unanimous thumbs down.

  6. Yay! Good job, Honey! :)

  7. Yay! I always say: you have to give your dog the chance to pleasantly surprise you. Looks like Honey did!

  8. Thanks for the update. Yay, Honey!

  9. Yay, so glad it’s going well! Happy Anniversary!! What an awesome way to be spending it.

  10. Happy Anniversary and to Honey’s success. Was there any doubt?? lol

    Have the time of your life!

  11. If you work hard enough at it, anything is possible. Enjoy!

  12. Happy Anniversary!!

  13. That’s great! Happy anniversary!

  14. So pleased to hear it is all going so well – love that the measures for ‘going well’ are not drowned and not divorced! Congrats on 25 years!

  15. Happy Anniversary! I’m glad Honey decided to opt on the side of adventure! :)

  16. Congrats on the anniversary, what a milestone!!

    It seems like all is going well, can’t wait to hear about it.

  17. Happy anniversary! And a big congrats to you all for successfully navigating this big adventure. I can’t wait to read all about it upon your return. Safe travels!

  18. First of all congratulations on such a mile stone anniversary. And then Kudos to Honey and the ramp. You will have a blast and I for one can’t wait to see more beautiful photos of your adventure

  19. Belated congratulations on your anniversary! 25 years is quite the achievement :) Well done to you and Honey. So glad you didn’t have to find her a new home … as if!