Doggy Decorating Dilemmas – Take a Survey and Share

Doesn't everyone buy furniture to match the dog?

My sister recently bought an innovative carpet because I told her how perfect it was for a house with pets. It got me thinking. How do other people balance having a nice house and pets? Or have they given up?

I’m dying to know what you think. Take a brief (5 question) survey by clicking the link below. I’ll share the results in a future post.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the results on this one! You’ve hit upon a rather sore subject in our house…

  2. Too much fun! I left a comment in the survey itself so I don’t have much to add. I am curious if there are pet people out there who actually make an effort to make their homes look nice. If so, my excuses for my laziness will look pretty thin.

  3. I didn’t add this on the survey but my biggest issue is they are trashing the sh*t out of the rugs! They’ve found the seam in the living room and by scratching around they’ve opened it up. Then Delilah decided to demolish the can of Salmon Oil and there are stains on the rug too, not to mention the stinky fishy smell. Plus they are tearing up the rug in our bedroom too.

    As for the furniture, we have one couch that they are allowed on, the other couch is reserved for humans. If we want to cuddle we can sit on the dog couch, but they cannot sit on ours. :-)

    My biggest deterrent in my life is me. If I could get out of my own way I could definitely go somewhere! LOL

  4. Fun survey! We were just looking at a couch last night to replace our one that is half-eaten . We concluded that $200 is too much to spend on something that will itself soon be half-eaten. I need to remember to check the college campus dumpster soon–right around graduation time, that’s been a great source of furniture in the past! :)

  5. Interesting. I didn’t finish the survey yet but will and will pass it along to friends. I say interesting though because I don’t think I’ve ever really sat down and thought about this. For instance, never crossed my mind to get dog furniture that looks like human furniture because we can’t get the dog off the human furniture in the first place. 😉

    I did say just recently to Jan when I walked through our bedroom that is now strewn with agility obstacles that it’s amazing how far he’s come. I”m sure the thought of having children’s toys strewn about the house is part of why he could never have dealt with having children but, put the right dog in his life and all bets are off. :)

  6. My little guys are not very destructive and fortunately come in neutral colors which I prefer anyway.

  7. awesome! just filled out the survey.

    i would like to add that i think answers change over time. when desmond was actively destroying stuff, we moved as many items as we could into safety zones and certainly didn’t buy anything new. once we were reasonably sure he had stopped destroying stuff, we bought some new things but got them from IKEA and Bob’s so we wouldn’t be completely distraught if something happened to them (OK, I’ll be honest… most of my stuff is from there anyway! I am cheap!). now, i feel like i could probably bring anything into the house and i’d worry about it for only the first day he was with it alone.

    although, i do need to replace the area rug and runner he killed with urine, and we are looking into FLOR carpet tiles only because of desmond.

  8. We have an expensive leather chair that is covered in scuffs and scratches from when the cats were kittens and used it as a raceway (we’ll never buy an expensive leather chair again).

    Since I’m totally outnumbered 3 cats + 1 dog to 1 clean freak . .I have given up. I wear a lot of black and most of my animals are black . .except for Ashley and she somehow manages to get her white hair on EVERYTHING!

    What a fun survey, can’t wait to see the results 😉

  9. I didn’t give up on a nice house because of my dogs but because of my hubby and his “treasures”! LOL

  10. I can’t wait to see the results either. It made me realize how much my house is designed with Pets in mind. I think I may need an intervention.

  11. Great survey! I hope that you will share the results!

    I have to admit that over the years I have let the house go to the dogs but we are in need of new flooring in 3 rooms and I am determined to make it look nice yet be beneficial to us and the dogs!

  12. This is such a great survey! I started a Pinterest board with the concept of how to design with dogs in mind.
    It’s so hard to find great, modern furniture that is easy to clean and holds up to multiple pets so it will be great to see what other people think or have done also.

  13. Very interesting questions! We’re somewhere in the middle I guess – not as clean as I might like it, but we haven’t completely given up yet. I’m looking forward to the results.

  14. LOL, when I started the survey, I thought we had probably made some compromises, but by the end? This house has gone to the dogs! Seems like I’ve designed an awful lot with the dogs in mind. I can’t wait to see the results!

  15. DONE! I think I might actually have an easycare dog (these days) :)

  16. I can’t wait to hear what people have to say! I’ve definitely made decorating choices with Bella in mind. (Heck, I even installed a double gate like the dog park in my backyard… we’re very Bella-minded in our house. :) )