Dog World Problems – No Puppy Insurance

You’ve heard of first world problems. But your true suffering comes from Dog World Problems.

Not having sock and underwear insurance when you're raising a puppy is a dog world problem.


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Your Turn: Can you think of an insurance policy you’d pay for when raising a puppy?


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  1. Mom got Bailie insurance right away but so far (paws crossed) we haven’t needed it. She says if Bailie grows up without having surgery to remove something stupid she ate it will be a miracle. She has tried to eat plastic, push pins, stuffing, all the stuff a lab would eat and more! Usually Mom catches it in time but one day she pooped white fluff all day after she ate the stuffing from her duck while Mom was busy on a business call. Always something!

    • Hopefully as Bailie grows up, she’ll be less hungry. :)

      Once Honey had her $3,000 squeakyectomy, she never ate anything weird again.

  2. Luckily Moses as a puppy only got to one pair of my shoes, and I doubt they’d be worth the value of the deductible on said insurance policy. In our house, the dogs (thankfully) leave the socks and underwear alone – the cats, not so much, but at least they have the decency to steal the clean laundry.

    • My first dogs ate cookbooks, couches, rugs, and linoleum. But I never worried about my clothing. But from Honey through a string of foster pups, I’ve had real trouble hanging onto the socks and underwear.

      Do you think Moses and Alma would be willing to give my next foster a talking to before I run out of undies?

  3. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says:

    Sock insurance for Barkly. He’s got some kind of foot-fetish, and though he only licks the inside of your shoes until they’re soaking wet, he chews socks to nothingness.

  4. LOL. isn’t that the truth.

  5. Did you really put a pair of your panties up on the internet?

    I would pay for carpet replacement insurance. My carpets really need to be replaced!

  6. We could have used furniture insurance with our beagle Bailey, who ate our coffee table. (Luckily it was an old crappy coffee table in our first apt.) And we could have used sock, undie and car insurance when Abby was a pup. Oh, wait… car insurance is already a thing. Well, we needed “car-interior-insurance” since she broke the… don’t know what you call it but the top of the armrest between the 2 front seats. It opened up on a hinge to reveal a compartment, and it was up once, she jumped on it and snapped it right off. Drove that car for years w/ the arm rest falling off all the time. Good times.

  7. Marriage insurance???

  8. BJ ate one shoe from two pairs. He also ate the thumb ot a brand new cashmere lined leather glove. I yelled at him so loudly it was the last time he ate anything of mine. Of course, that doesn’t in his stuffed animal toy. I guess he thinks if it’s his it’s okay – NOT

    • Wow, BJ has expensive tastes.

      When my first dogs Agatha and Christie ate my cookbooks, they ignored the cheap firehall and church cookbooks and went right for the $70 Julia Child baking book and a few other expensive ones.

  9. I needed carpet insurance, health insurance and an unlimited toy fund!

  10. With my first Cardigan in the mid-80’s, I didn’t know about crate training, so that little bugger did a whole lot of destruction! In my rental apartment, he dug the drywall until he could start biting it, and pulled it down in strips. I came home one day to find my 4-poster bed stripped of sheets and tugged to the middle of the room, the rolled edge of the mattress pulled lose, and mattress guts here and there. He knew he wasn’t supposed to poop on the floor, so the day he had diarrhea, he got up on the sofa and hosed it down with liquid sh!t! Since he had already stripped the fabric off the back of said sofa, I didn’t bother to clean it, just dragged it to the dumpster. Ah, good times! I loved the little guy with all my heart! Ten years gone and I still miss him!

    • My poodle left a “package” on the floor of the extra bedroom in my previous house one day when my hubby (then boyfriend)was visiting. He went into the room to get something for me and stepped in the poop, barefooted. After the initial shock wore off, we both laughed till we cried while he washed his foot in the bathtub. It kinda gave New meaning to the phrase “everything I do turns to shit”! LOL

    • Oh my. I think your first cardi even beats the destructive capabilities of my Agatha and Christie. I wonder if they were distant relations?

  11. So far our socks and panties have survived Luke….it’s my slippers and other various pieces of clothing that have holes in them!

    • Don’t you wonder sometimes if you should just buy a cheap wardrobe from the Salvation Army for Luke? Then maybe he’d leave your clothes alone.

  12. With Callie and Shadow, it was the legs of ALL the antique furniture pieces we inherited from Sam’s parents. :-( But we long-since forgave them their sins.

    With Ducky, it was Callie’s bed cover from LL Bean, her own first two new dog beds, her first few leashes, dozens of Kong Wubbas, and god-only-knows what else! Thankfully, she has pretty much stopped chewing on Callie’s bed cover. She does still chew on her own bed (a folded-up fleece blanket) when she’s anxious, but at least IT is a cheapie from Target! And she can destroy all the Wubbas she wants to if it means she leaves other things alone.

  13. Isn’t the puppy phase just so special!!

  14. Seatbelts – 3 times & we still kept taking him in the car.

  15. Bible insurance. My dog Sephi chewed all 7 of mine when she was a pup, earning the nickname Devil Dog.

  16. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for a puppy but carpet insurance sounds like it would be useful. After Onyxx gets adopted (he licks it… a lot), we’re steam cleaning the entire place.

  17. Shoes shoes shoes.

    Last night my step son stopped by to visit and in no time his shoes were on a dog bed with a puppy. She wasn’t chewing on them, yet. We’ve been learning “leave it” and “drop it” and use these most often when a puppy is walking from one room to the next with a shoe. They seem to think if they can make it to their bed, then they’re home free.

    We can still see you.