Dog Trots Globe – France Through a Dog’s Eyes

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Travel – A Dog’s Impressions

How would your travel through the French countryside or a walk along a Paris street change if you were accompanied by your dog?

Sheron and Bob Long found out when they took their nine-year-old Sheltie, Chula, on a two-month French vacation. The book about their trip, Dog Trots Globe–To Paris & Provence, describes their travels from Chula’s point of view. As you’d expect, the highlights of the trip (according to Chula), include a sheep-herding festival, chasing a cat, and the smells of delicious food.

Chula the Sheltie

Chula the Sheltie at the Butcher's Shop

Traveling with a dog transformed the trip. And paying attention to what caught Chula’s eye (or nose) meant the Longs noticed things that would not be mentioned at all in a traditional travelogue.

The Dog Sets the Pace

Everyone has a different travel style. Many people try to take advantage of their brief sojourn in a new place to “see everything.”

But when you’re traveling with a dog, you can’t “see everything.” Some places will not allow your dog to accompany you. Your dog may not tolerate certain activities. If you have a sociable dog, you’ll need to stop periodically to greet interested canines and humans.

But the structure of your day will be most affected by the need to find grassy spots for periodic potty breaks (yes, it all comes back to poop eventually, doesn’t it?).

By necessity, traveling with a dog makes you slow down. You have to think ahead about where you’ll be when it’s time for a break. Or need to plan a different range of dog-friendly activities. And, in the end, your dog probably helps you plan a better vacation than you would ever plan for yourself.

Yes, you’ll help the global economy if you shop for souvenirs. And you’ll recover some of your high school history if you tour enough battlefields or churches.

But if traveling with your dog causes you to stop and chat with other dog people or sit in a cafe instead of visiting yet one more museum, you’ll learn something about what it’s really like to live in a place. And to me, that’s the best thing you can learn on a trip.

Dog Trots Globe—Join the Fun

If you enjoy armchair traveling, curling up on the couch looking at beautiful pictures with your dog at your side, you’ll enjoy reading Dog Trots Globe. The beautiful photographs certainly inspire travel lust. And the book ends with practical tips for traveling to France with your dog, including the bureaucratic paperwork you’ll need to complete.

You will also find “extras” at the publisher’s website–more photographs and videos to inspire you. And, of course, don’t forget to stop by to read my review at A Traveler’s Library. Leave a comment to let me know you stopped by.

I’m giving away my copy of Dog Trots Globe to one lucky reader. Leave a comment below telling me where you would most like to travel with your dog. Don’t worry about practicalities like whether plane travel would be safe or if you could afford it. This is fantasy time.

I’ll choose one winner at random from all the comments. The contest closes Sunday, April 15 Eastern Daylight Time and is open to anyone. I will announce the winner next week.

Where would you most like to travel with your dog?

[Disclosures: The book jacket above is an Amazon Affiliates link. If you buy the book through that link, I will earn a few cents. Thank you. The photo was provided by the publisher and is © Sheron Long.]

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  1. This sounds like such a great book. I am definitely adding it to my list. My one trip to Paris was so brief I barely remember it. We took the train in one morning and back out the next. I bet France would be a beautiful country to explore with a dog.

    If I am allowed to indulge in pure fantasy, the trip I would love to take with my dog is to hike the Ulster Trail in Northern Ireland. It’s totally impractical and probably impossible, but I adored the month I spent in the republic and regret being too scared to head North. After reading Will Ferguson’s account of his experiences walking the near 800 km trail, it’s my dream adventure. Doubly so if I could bring my dog.

  2. What a neat idea for book – it sounds great! I would love to take my Springer to New Zealand – gorgeous scenery and lots of opportunities for running around off-leash. Lots of horses too – it would be an ideal vacation!

  3. Ok, if it was a fantasy trip and I didn’t have to worry about putting my dogs on a plane, I would definitely want to go to Middle Earth oh and if that’s not on the board, then I guess Ireland is closest (in my mind) to what I envision Middle Earth to be.

    Oh and we wouldn’t go to the Mines of Moria or Mordor for that matter.

    • Bwa ha ha ha! So you’re not only a dog geek, you’re also a geek geek. :)

      Of course, after reading your latest post, I bet even a rampaging band of orcs would feel like a vacation.

  4. Oh dear! Just having a laugh at the comment above …Middle Earth! Am planning a trip there myself, at the moment lol.

    I don’t have ONE dream place to take Georgia. I wish I could take her on all our travels. Tootsie (the travelling daschund?) makes me very envious 😉

    • Since we’re in the realm of fantasy, maybe someone needs to invent a shrink ray that would make our dogs small enough to travel easily but return to regular size when we arrive at our destination. Hmmm, I better get busy on that.

      • I will be your first customer. I think Tootsie’s mama once posted pics of her in the seat of a plane, not even in cargo! I had A Most Terrible Pang Of Envy at that moment. Maybe I should just get a littledog. Uh huh.

  5. Sounds like a great book! You didn’t tell us where your dream vacation would be!! I’m not sure – maybe Italy, but Ireland looks beautiful too . .and I know that Cali would be happy to accompany us anywhere :)

    • Just curious–Cali would be happy to be anywhere with you. But do you think she’d tolerate flying?

      My dream vacation list is pretty long right now. But the Baja Peninsula of Mexico is looking pretty good right now. :)

      • I don’t think I would ever fly with my dog unless she could be in the cabin with me! I’d never put her in with the baggage . . either way, I think it would be pretty scary for her! Mexico sounds very nice 😉

  6. Definitely a book for the ‘wish’ list. Great review. Dream vacation with the pup would be a month in Paris (a beautiful, dog friendly city) followed by another month along the central California coast to kick back and relax after a month in the city.

    • Sounds like the perfect combination–sophisticated city culture followed with a chance to enjoy the sand in your toes. :)

  7. I have serious vacation envy (somehow I never actually go on any), so my list is really long. Ireland, Italy and New Zealand are very high on the list, however. (Middle Earth sounds good too… hadn’t thought of that one before reading the comments, but it works for me. Hehe.)

    Great book choice… I’ll have to check this one out!

  8. I would absolutely love to have the boys with us in Paris – when we’re there, we always walk everywhere and I’m sure Buster and Ty would have a blast. Plus, dog are welcome in so many places! But, I’d never fly them – we’d have to get the Winnebago fitted with pontoons to get them to France. In the meantime, there are so many cool places to see right here in the US.


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