Dog Toy Makers Have a Weird Sense of Humor – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the Golden Retriever loves to play with a latex lion squeaky toy.

Meet Mr. Lion. He’s Honey’s favorite squeaky toy.

Looking at the squeaky lion from the side.

But to squeak, there has to be a hole somewhere for the sound to come out. Where is it?

The lion squeaky dog toy stands up.

Nope, it’s not on his belly or hidden under his mane. Where could that squeaky opening be?

The squeaky dog toy stands up on end.

Ah, so there’s where it is. I should have known. Dog toy makers have a weird sense of humor.

Honey the Golden Retriever loves her squeaky lion dog toy.

I don’t care where the squeaky noise comes out. He’s my lion and I love him.

Your Turn: Do you agree that dog toy makers have a weird sense of humor? What’s the best example of it in your house?

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  1. LOL! That is funny! Our toys are mostly stuffies so that is a different story.

  2. Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says:

    OMD! You come up with some of the funniest things to post about! I love it!!

  3. makes perfect sense to me! :)

  4. We have a platypus with eggs inside for the dogs to pull out. They come out the vagina. Which I suppose is only logical.

  5. Haha… that’s great!

    I also have that egg toy that jan is talking about. Seems logical to me.

  6. Grunt wants stuffed things with squeakers rather than rubbery ones.

    He tends to really want to grab my stuffed froggies to play with and greet me, which he knows he’s not supposed to do. So, when we took a bike ride to Petsmart and I decided to reward him with a good sniff around the store and a toy, it was no surprise to me really when he showed no interest in what I offered him until I got to a frog!

    It was really well-made, too. The body had no stuffing at all- the head had a sort of sherpa “package” that the squeaker was inside. Eventually the seam at the neck gave out, and now Grunt has a floppy-headed frog flap to play with, and a sherpa scrap that he still loves, now that the squeak has been removed and suitably destroyed :)

  7. BOL!!!! Too pawfect!!! I love humor! Now I will have to look at my toys to see which of them have squeakers under their tails. BOL!!

  8. LOL! That’s hilarious!!! How about those dog toys shaped like the Simpson’s heads? Weird.

  9. That’s hysterical. I would have thought it would be in the stomach! I enjoy companies with a sense of humor! (As I also said on my blog today.)

  10. This just cracked me up. I like the toys where the dogs look like they have big buck teeth, or they have a big handlebar mustache. :-)

  11. Oh, I don’t think I could top that! :)

  12. Honestly Pamela, where else did you think the hole to release the air would be, lol!! Can’t say I’ve ever had the opportunity to check on squeaky toys holes as I don’t waste my money buying them anymore. I bought Frankie ever such a cute, supposedly tough, pig a while ago. It lasted him 3.7 seconds before it had lots of holes and no squeaker :( I wish Kong made a squeaky, tough toy. That might be the only thing that would defeat him. He reckons the normal Kongs aren’t any fun.

  13. Great toys.

  14. Oh heck yes! The best example that comes readily to mind is the stuffed Mr. Bill who yells “oh nooooooo” every time the dog bites him. Yes, I am easily amused, too!

  15. LOL Where else would you put it?

    I like that the toy doesn’t seem to have any bits that would easily come of and could get swallowed.

  16. Mike Webster says:

    From the Husband:
    Hey, that toy’s squeaky hole is in the same place as mine!