Dog Products I Want To Buy

I get emails all the time from companies who want help promoting their products. Some of them are just wacky.

I keep asking myself, when will someone invent the dog products I want to buy?

Honey the golden retriever and friends on the couch.

I think we need a couch extender. It’s getting pretty crowded around here.

Invent These Dog Products

Am I the only person who needs these items?

Doggy Doody Drone – It takes your dog out in the yard, waits for her to accomplish her mission, and then cleans up after her. I know! Awesome, right?

Honey the golden retriever is looking for a spot.

I’ve almost found a spot. Where’s that drone?

Work-at-Home Calming Drops – Rescue Remedy that is activated by a ringing phone or UPS delivery person at the door. Administer the drops in the morning and watch your dog instantly calm himself for your mid-afternoon conference call.

Bed Hog Force Field – No more paws in your face in the middle of the night. When your dog rolls over, she encounters a force field that prevents her from encroaching on your side of the bed.

Dog Toy GPS – Remember, Chaser could only find all those toys because they were out on the floor. What about the ones that get lost in the couch cushions, roll under the furniture, and get buried in the yard?

Honey the golden retriever looks for her toy.

Now where did squeaky lion go? I need GPS (Golden Positioning Service) to find him.

Online Dating Tracking Collar – Ok, I don’t need this one. But I’d love to see it for some of my friends. It’s a collar that stores the information from your online dating profile. When it finds a match with another dog walker, it flashes so you can meet each other. Oh and maybe it throws treats to the other person’s dog to get things off to a good start.

Liquid Dog Bed – I have five dog beds in the house. And it’s never enough. Especially when I have a little diva dog visiting who manages to use up three by herself. Wouldn’t it be great to shake a can and spray out a temporary, soft, cushy dog bed when I need one?

Dog Hair Mat Maker – Instead of vacuuming, wouldn’t it be great if the dog hair would form a mat that I could pick up from one corner of the room and add to my compost pile?

Agility Grooming Tunnel – When your dog walks through, bristles around the edge of the tunnel comb through her fur while a sandy surface on the floor files her nails.

Dog Movie Spoiler Alerter – You add a chip to your television or computer that will alert you every time you start to watch a movie in which the dog dies.

Making Money Off Crazy Dog People

Every time we walk into a pet store, my husband says, “I gotta find some way to make money off all these crazy dog people.”

You’re a crazy dog people. What dog products do you most want to buy? I’m sure I’m not the only person with a list like this.

Your Turn: Tell the truth. What dog product would you love to see someone invent?


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  1. I love the sound of the toy gps, I have a habit of abandoning tennis balls in the park lol
    And the auto dog poop thingy would be amazing! I’d be happy with vapoorize like in the film Envy – if someone could figure out where the poo goes lol

  2. OMD – dog bed in a can is a fantastic idea! I’d like to take your forcefield idea and apply it to walks. The force field could coordinate with the end of my leash, so that there would never be any pulling again. =)

  3. Um, I thought every person was a crazy dog people (of course, unless they are crazy cat people)! BOL I don’t know about most of them, but Ma says she definitely wants someone to invent the last one – the Doggie Movie Spoiler Alert. She is a big cry baby.
    Happy Thursday,

  4. The agility grooming tunnel is genius! Like a car wash for dogs! I also like the Doody Drone – basically a Roomba for the back yard!
    There is a website that can tell you about that last one though: It tells you if a pet dies in the movie, is thought to die and survives, or if no pets are harmed in the movie. Genius! Just needs to be in app form like RunPee!

  5. Those are all great ideas. I just saw Jen’s comment about that website. I need to go there. I stopped watching Gray’s Anatomy because they killed off a dog.

  6. LOL…My husband says the same thing! I like you list, and i could use one or two of those.

  7. What about some turf that automatically composts dog poop to use as fertilizer for the grass? The problem I see with that is it will make for a very stinky yard, but your grass will be beautiful! A dogwash, like a carwash, with robotic arms that will shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse, brush and shine your dog, and an arm with fingers to do the anal pop. Poor dog would be traumatized for life though.

  8. I would like to see my dog open the door when she needs to go out to do her business and comes right back in closing the door behind her. She does have a potty patch she uses for times when I am not able to take her out, so I am thankful for that. Have to love the Potty Patches. A great invention.

  9. We could really use Dog Toy GPS at our house. It’s an ongoing activity here, looking for the lost toy of the moment.

  10. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says:

    I’d for sure buy your Dog Movie Spoiler Alert!!!

    As for something I’d like made — Auto-Squirrel-Distraction-Collar. This way, every time they see one of the forms of wildlife out here, a squirrely something, racing around their necks, would distract them, and they’d have an ADD moment like the dog in the movie, “Up.”

    Yeah. That’s the ticket. My arms would still be attached to my shoulders instead of being yanked out of joint due to prey drive. “Squirrel!”

  11. Great ideas, you better get started making them they would be a hit.

  12. Here’s mine: a lightweight, small, portable dog bed, that is impossible for Silas to pick up off the floor and drag around. Says the lady whose dog puts the dog beds on the sofa.

  13. lol, I would pay a lot for a doggy doody drone. I can only imagine the day where I never have to pick up after my dogs again…

  14. The dog hair mat maker would be ideal since my Kuvasz sister sheds 24/7/365, the agility grooming tunnel does exist, but it is for cats…we have one!

  15. These ideas are all brilliant, and I particularly like the doggy doody drone!

  16. Oh, you are so creative! You probably shouldn’t have posted this…those ideas are sure to be stolen! I must, must, must have the Dog Movie Spoiler Alerter. I basically avoid all animal movies, so this alternative would be very much appreciated! Let me know the release date, and I’ll be waiting in line.

  17. Aw man, I sure wish I could offer these at Stylish Canine! Unfortunately it’s just me, sewing machines, a vinyl cutter, and a heat press. Not sure I can pump out the GPS and liquid beds…

    Although I have been tooling around with a felting needle and making felt from Tigger’s fur. That might be half of the way to the dog mat… hmm. 🙂

  18. LOL I love this list! What I would want the most? A teleport. I believe it would be the awesomest dog training tool yet. I know it would work very quickly with our guys. Misbehave? Boom, you’re back home; immediate walk cancellation. LOL

  19. I so want the dating collar and the spoiler alert. If I am watching any sort of film with animals in it I become a bit of a mess. I was watching the new man of steel at the weekend, and without ruining anything there was a tornado and a family flee the car leaving the dog behind. I started shouting at the tv that they had to go back and get it, and I was more concerned about the dog than the rest of the people.

  20. I would pay top dollar for the Work at Home Calming Remedy. Just the other day I had a city staffer call me and I had to say, “Hold one one second, I just have to put my dog outside because she’s very needy today.” One day, I was doing an interview and Bailey came right up next to me with a squeaky toy and the person I was interviewing goes, “Is that a dog toy I hear?” A city councilor called me once and Bailey barked just as I was picking up the phone. Thankfully, in all of these situations people think it’s hilarious and just laugh. If you can use it for both cats and dogs that would be great. I did another interview while my cat meowed literally the entire time.

  21. I love all of these ideas. The Doggy Doddy Drone sounds like a modified Roomba! We definitely need a Bed Hog Force Field and Dog Toy GPS too!

  22. I would buy that dating collar. I don’t care what it costs. Can someone please get on that?


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