Dog Products I Can’t Live Without

Honey with Kong Squeaker

I’m glad you don’t make me chew on used toys. That’s gross.

I don’t think of myself as materialistic.

Much of my house has been furnished from things we’ve found on the street. We rarely buy clothing that isn’t already worn by someone else. I don’t own many things seen as necessities by the average American (a cell phone, television, car).

But as I watched my husband packing the biggest bag in the house with Honey’s things for a short trip, I reevaluated. I don’t value my own possession too much. But things for Honey? That’s another matter.

The truth is well-made dog toys and tools make life much easier.

So I started making a list. What dog things do we have around the house that I just adore?

You’ll notice I have a pretty practical bent. No pretty collars or stylish rain gear here. Just good solid items that I’ve found long-lasting and useful.

I’m really curious to see what makes your list of dog products you can’t live without.

If one of them is already on my list, click the thumbs up and it will move farther up on the list. Or, something I missed? Click the button on the upper left side to add your own item.

You see, Christmas is coming…
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We’re headed to the oldest and largest sailboat show in the world. You think Honey wants us to buy her a boat? I won’t have online access but I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve added to the list when I return next week.

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  1. I don’t use it nearly often enough, but I couldn’t do without my hi-speed blower for drying and getting rid of ALL that excess hair. I’ve got the Air Force Command 4hp and it works great on Mac’s heavy undercoat.

  2. I love Kongs. Every evening I coat the insides with peanut butter and freeze them and then leave them for the dogs when I leave for work.

    My other favorite dog product? My grooming table. I bought it from one of the other MN Sheltie volunteers for $50. Best $50 I ever spent. I use it all of the time.

  3. We live pretty frugally too, but we don’t scrimp when it comes to the boys. We usually buy the best we can afford for them.


  4. I’m far more materialistic, but I think as I’m getting older I’m learning more about what truly matters.

    I don’t have one particular product that I can’t live without, pretty much anything I use can be substituted with something else.

  5. One of the items that we got recently that we can’t live without is the Furminator nail grinder. I can’t say how much we love that thing, and we’re still on the first set of batteries for it. It’s made life here much easier.

    Another thing we swear by is the first aid kit. Especially now that Blueberry has SLO and Kuster sometimes works in adverse conditions, we make sure we always have gauze pads, Vet Wrap and baby socks handy. (Baby Socks or velcro boots are great for helping hold gauze pads in place if you are trying to bandage something by yourself.)

    Kuster always has to have his giant orange Kong tennis balls, too. Heaven forbid we not have a few of those around, it’s his reward for tracking. If he ever looks like he might run off and not come when called, showing that tennis ball completely changes the game.

    And Bunny and Blueberry swear by their tummy warmers, which I’m sure Honey doesn’t have to worry about. But Greyhounds have very little body fat or even an undercoat beneath their fur, so their ability to regulate their body temps is different than most dogs. Having a coat in the winter isn’t a fashion statement for them (well, it can be also), it’s a necessity.

  6. I’m definitely materialistic. I didn’t used to be but something happened over the years and I find myself coveting more than I probably should. However, my dog keeps me grounded. Even though I want to buy new things all the time, I can somehow resist knowing I have her expenses to pay for. Which is why I haven’t bought a single item of clothing in over a year. And why all my shoes are falling apart. The things we sacrifice…

    My number one item is the same as yours: the Kong. Oh, how I adore that simple rubber toy.

  7. With four dogs and a cat a Furminator is essential.

  8. I know I can’t live without my kong toys and my tug toys. My peoples also have a crate for me, and x-pen for visiting dogs (and for Leah was having a grouchy spell), and they are always wearing treat pouches. Our leashes are made of hemp though, so my peoples can throw them in the wash when they are dirty, but they are still softer than nylon (at least that’s what I hear).

  9. My “musts” list is pretty similar to yours. Minus the life jacket. Silas would prefer not to get that close to water.

    Silas also has to have his own blanket. Like a lot of dogs who were weaned too early (we’ve had him since he was five weeks old), he sucks on his blanket to go to sleep. I guess we *could* share, but eww. We keep two or three cheap fleece blankets for him around the house.

  10. We don’t spend a lot of ourselves, but one thing we make sure if that the dogs have treats for snacktime. It’s our biggest expense. :)

  11. Since I have a little dog (Bogie is 14 pounds) I splurged on a product you don’t need for Honey–a car seat. Figured as long as I was investing in some contraption to keep him safe in the car, it might as well make him happy as well–by letting him see out the window. Now instead of bouncing all over the car as we drive, he’s secure and snug, and entertained.

  12. My musts are Kongs, double door wire crates with panel for dividing crate (wonderful for a pair of puppies), the collapse-a-bowl I keep in the car for transports; I use the plastic off delivered newspapers for poop bags; Diatomaceous Earth for internal and external pests (worms and fleas) but would NOT be without my Boomerang collar tags for both my personal and rescue dogs; the rescue dogs say “If Alone, I’m Lost…then list my numbers, Silverwalk Hounds (depending on size) and my town, cause hounds can roam or be taken miles away by a well-meaning stranger, which leads to microchips – everyone is chipped to Silverwalk Hounds and then, to their adopter.

  13. I am terribly materialistic. What can I say? I’m a Taurus! However, I’m strategic about it. My jeans are nothing special – after all jeans are jeans and I’ve never felt any better or worse in an expensive pair vs. a cheap pair. Shoes on the other hand? I feel naked without nice shoes on! I’m lucky to have a job that allows me to not only spoil the dogs and our horses, but occasionally myself as well!

    That stylish rain gear might be impractical t\out there in Ithaca, but here on the “Rain Coast” of Canada? Felix’s Canada Pooch rain gear is the ONLY thing saving him from being a matted, corded awful mess and my house smelling like wet dog from about October to May every year. I could not do with it out.

    In the summer, we couldn’t live without their cooling beds. It gets hot and they’re both black. It’s essential.

  14. You have a great list – here are a few things I’d add: Buster’s Thundershirt, Kurgo car harnesses, and their customized dog tags from Dog Tag Art – a bit of a splurge, but totally worth it!


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