Dog Park Duties – Tue Cute Tuesday

Did you ever notice some dogs take on jobs at the dog park?

Some instigate play. Others patrol the perimeters.

Honey’s job is to greet each new person who enters the park.

Over the weekend, Honey met a Greyhound who assigned himself the job of Constable. Here you’ll find him checking Honey’s ID.

Greyhound sniffing Golden Retriever at Dog Park

You'd better have a badge, buddy. That needle nose of yours is getting pretty familiar.

Does your dog have a job at the Dog Park, like Constable Greyhound here? Or if you don’t go to Dog Parks, how about in your house or neighborhood?

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  1. I am a constable with them feral kitties outside! I do have to be careful though- I have caught a claw to the nose before.

  2. Pearl is definitely the night watchman in our house. She does a lot of sleeping during the day but once it gets dark outside she is very vigilant and barks at every noise from outside. I would be fine if she wanted to consider a career change.

  3. Sampson’s job at the dog park is people greeter, he could care less about the dogs. It is also his job to stand against people and warm them when it is cold out. :-)

    Delilah’s job at the dog park is poop patrol, she patrols the place and cleans up any poop that people haven’t picked up. :-(

  4. Baily plays Hall Monitor

    Stop on by for a visit

  5. We don’t have a dog park in our area but the dogs at Silverwalk have over an acre fenced. Monk’s job is to alert – a lot – when people visit. He is a recovering feral dog who has tried off site training and a foster home, neither of which worked out; Monk knows he is home for life. Go, Honey!

  6. That’s so cute. I’d love to be greeted by a pretty girl like Honey. I am sure she is a crowd favourite!

    At the dog park Shiva normally just runs around in wide circles, jumping over, and often crashing into, whatever unfortunate dog might get in her way. This often inspires other dogs to drop what they are doing and join in the chase. Perhaps she is the park fitness instructor? The dog version of a motivational speaker?

  7. No dog parks, but in the house Lamar is definitely the Fun Police. Whenever things get rowdy, he makes sure everyone stays in line. Fozzie is the Good Listener. Whenever anyone’s upset or concerned, he comes over and gets close and just listens.

  8. Um, unfortunately, Cali’s job is to sit in front of any person she suspects may have a treat and look as cute as possible, for as long as it takes :) (I’m certain that people think that we never feed her and she is absolutely starving!)

  9. Brut is the watchman patrol dog (no brainer there), Fiona sounds like Shiva, always trying to round up a chase, Zappa is the bug catcher/doors man, and Silver, keeps Brut in line!

    Blaze is always the instigator, Chance is the front watchman. He is always on red alert.

    Umm, yeah, where are you going with that nose?? I am a lady you know.

  10. P.S. Thank you so much for your comment about Monday Memories. I found it very sweet, thoughtful and impacting. I really appreciate your sincerity.

    Thank you.

  11. homewithcubbie says:

    I call Cubbie the Fun Police. When dogs start getting too rowdy or ramped up playing, she has to go bark at them to try and break it up. She’s like the yard duty lady in elementary school! LOL.

  12. Our Best Friend’s job at the dog park is poop a minimum of twice (sometimes up to four times), and bark inappropriately at dogs that are having a good time playing. He also chases every ball that’s thrown, no matter who throws it and no matter how big the real owner is.

    The job of providing blog fodder comes from other dog owners and their owners. Writing about my dog all time would bore me. :)

  13. Blueberry’s job is to sniff every single blade of grass in the dog park and keep track of squirrels. Bunny’s job is to trot around and sniff, then to take off at warp speed and show all the other dogs how to run. Morgan’s job is to romp around with other dogs in hopes they want to play Shepherd games until Bunny runs, then she has to run behind and make sure none of the other dogs jump on Bunny when she stops. She also has to maintain a constant head count of her pack while we’re there!

  14. Watch dogs (that’s what Corgis do) and herding the cats (badly).

    Wish we had a dog park like yours with a greeter like Honey. :)

  15. Georgia’s old role was Bully And Ball Buster. Her new one is Standoffish Well Bred Lady. Life’s weird like that.

    How are you? Hope Honey has recovered from bring poked by too-familiar noses 😉

    • Ok, I wasn’t going to reply to comments on my lunch break. I have a few other jobs waiting for me. But then I saw Georgia Little Pea and I had to say—Hello! Welcome Back! We’ve missed you! Hope You Had a Great Trip! Can’t stop talking in explanation points!

      I’ll stop now and do a little happy dance. :)

  16. Junebug’s dog park job is to make sure every human there has a chance to pet her. In fact, her super power is getting people who aren’t really interested in petting other dogs to pet her.
    Larry’s job is protector of small dogs. If things get rowdy between two dogs, Larry will jump in the argument, always on the side of the smaller dog, never mind that he’s only 25lbs himself.

    They also have secondary jobs at the dog park, ones that we would rather they didn’t do.
    June (Beagle): search the hillside for the rabbits that live there. Bay like she’s been caught in a trap when she finds one, and flush it out. If this requires going through/under blackberry bushes, so much the better.
    Larry (Smooth Fox Terrier mix): also search the hillside for any kind of vermin. Chase them. If June is spending too much time on the hillside, attempt to flush her out. Maybe convince her to come off the hillside, or maybe join her in hunting everything that moves.
    It’s best to do both of these jobs around twilight, when the other creatures are starting to move about and the people have a hard time spotting you to try and convince you to come back.

  17. LOL! I loved the photo and caption. I was trying to think what role Jasper played when I first read this, and came up empty. He’s the nut who chases Great Danes thinking they are sheep. He’s also the dog who is obsessed with his stick.
    Daisy didn’t use to be, but she’s become the dog park greeter. Who’d have thunk it?

  18. The Shiba’s job is Editor-in-Chief. That is, if anybody else pees on a bush within vicinity of him, he always double checks and then “finalizes” their work with his own.

    The Basenji’s in a whole ‘nother line of work altogether. Not sure what it is exactly — Park Imp? Something that stirs up the other dogs and incites them to chase… all in good fun, of course.

  19. ha ha ha! desmond’s job is Town Mayor. he’s all up in everybody’s business at the dog park and has to get himself involved in every scuffle, every play fight, every entrance, every exit. unless he finds a nice tennis ball to chew on–then he just fully ignores everyone.