Dog Movies That Won’t Raise Your Blood Sugar

Golden Retriever and hound mix

What do you mean “Down in front?” What movie could possibly be better than a view of my floofie tail?

I used to think I could sit through any movie that had dogs in it.

But Hollywood keeps cranking out stinky movies. Most of them are sweet enough to send someone into a diabetic coma.

I just can’t do it. Now that I’m another year closer to death, I can’t bear to waste even 90 minutes of my life watching bad movies with talking dogs.

Two years ago, I made a list of my favorite dog movies. I’ve discovered a few more since then and decided to share them with you on

You have the power to shape the list. Movies with the most “likes” move up to the top. You can also leave comments on the list if you agree or disagree or add a movie of your own.

So what do you think? And be aware, if you try to add Vampire Dog to my list, I will hunt you down and… well, not kill you. That’s awfully violent. But I might come stick my tongue out at you.

And I’ll definitely delete it from my list.

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  1. There are a few I haven’t watched. I agree, most of them are disgustingly sweet. I find myself watching some of the old classics (yes, Lassie…).


  2. Gee the only movie I’ve seen in this list is the Jerk and it was so long ago I don’t even remember the dog. The only thing I remember is the Steve Martin character found his special purpose….LOL

  3. The truth is, I’m a terrible sap. I’m not willing to run a risk that a dog move is one of “those” dog movies. You know, one of those funny/tragic ones, where we watch the dog’s antics for two hours, then he gets old and frail and . . . Can’t do it. I also can’t read “Lost Dog” posters or look at adoption fliers. I had to quit going to the pet store on weekends, because the adoption events made me cry. (I only cried one time when I was actually a shelter volunteer, even though very few of those dogs were likely to find homes. The human brain is weird.)

  4. I don’t think I’ve seen my peoples watching any of those movies, except that weird one, “Best In Show.” I notice my peoples pick up a lot of dog books, and not many dog movies – so that might be why. They are also a little weird in that they watch a lot of Documentaries and not many fiction movies. Or, maybe they are weird because, well, they are just weird.

  5. Must admit, I love Best in Show and all the Babe movies. Another great part played by a dog was Mr. Smith in The Awful Truth with Irene Dunn and Carey Grant. Check it out!

  6. I had to buy the DVD to watch My Dog Tulip. I found the over all tone of the movie depressing and the *very* keen interest that Ackerley had in Tulip having puppies mildly disturbing. Not really a feel good movie, to say the least.

    Triplets du Bellville was an “interesting” movie. I’m not a fan of French cinema, so I suppose I’m a little biased.

  7. The films that I have seen on this list I completely agree with. Though like Karen above, I still don’t know how I felt about the Triplets of Bellville. It was definitely memorable. Every time I think about it I get that tune in my head. Like right now, for instance. The dog was definitely the best part.

    Since I love movies that make me cry, I have quite a few favourites that probably wouldn’t make your list. I am not a sentimental person at all in life and yet I just can’t resist the lure of a sappy movie.

  8. I love non-talking dog movies! I’ve seen very few on your list though. My favorite to this day is probably Hatchi: A Dog’s Tale. Better than Marley by lots. :)

  9. Best in Show is one of my all time favorites! I really enjoyed the Through A Dog’s Eyes documentary on PBS, although I guess that’s not technically really a movie. My husband is still a big fan of Turner and Hooch, too!

    I’m not a fan of all the Air Bud type movies. The past two years I had a student in class who LOVED dogs and dog movies. He had every dog movie ever made. Every once in a while on last days of school before break, we’ll skip nap and let the kids watch a movie. It became a mission of mine to find a dog movie that he hadn’t seen. I finally picked up Benji on the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. Seeing the kids watch that movie cracked me up. Of course, he was the only kid who had seen it, but it kept the rest of them on the edges of their seats. And I found out that I still enjoyed it as an adult! You just have to love that scruffy little dog!

    And what’s wrong with Vampire Dog? It’s going to be a classic, wait and see!

  10. Best in Show is one of my very favourite movies. Not one of my favourite *dog* movies, favourite out of any movies. It’s my “feel good favourite” that I put on when I need a pick me up.

  11. Awesome choices… I’m always a huge Best in Show fan.

    And darn you for preempting me from sneaking Vampire Dog onto the list. LOL.