Dog Kayaking – Wordless Wednesday

Honey is usually my kayaking partner. But this weekend, Mike wondered if he wasn’t missing out on the fun.

Would Honey ride with Mike after only paddling with me? Let’s see.

We start with a little bribe.

Honey the Golden Retriever is a dog who likes to kayak.

Keep giving me nummies and I’ll follow you anywhere.

Looking good.
Honey the Golden Retriever is a dog in a kayak.

Well, you don’t paddle as fast as the Mom but I guess we’ll get there eventually.

Looks like we’ll have to toss a coin to see who gets to paddle with Honey the next time.

Your Turn: Does your dog do things with you that you’re not sure she’d do with someone else? What?


Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post and offered support and suggestions for helping Honey put on some weight.

I’m especially amazed by goldenrescue who shared and annotated the recipe for Satin Balls which were highly recommended by others. (Is it just me? Or does the mention of Satin Balls make anyone else think of Alec Baldwin and his Schweddy Balls?)

Honey is especially grateful and can’t wait to try some of my tasty experiments—especially Satin Balls.


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  1. Fun with Dad. I do more FUN (daring) stuff with Dad. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. How great that Honey goes paddling with you. Litchi is terrified of water, so that would never happen! Glad you got some good advice for weight gain. Satin Balls 😀 – having a good giggle now.

  3. It’s awesome your pup will hop right in for some Kayaking! What great pictures!

  4. Have a great time!

  5. No-one else has been gain to take my dog out cycling – only me :) BUT I like the kayaking idea. Need to see if I can balance my hound in there for a different type of workout……..

  6. I am so wanting to try Gizmo out in the kayak…If Honey fits in the cockpit I’m sure he will…just have to figure out a good “attachment” for him…Gizmo doesn’t know the meaning of the word “stranger”, so there’s not much he won’t do, except maybe walk away from me with someone new

  7. Looks like you are gonna need a bigger boat. :-) Or, a second dog to paddle around with it.

    And by the way…now I can’t get that Baldwin skit out of my head. LOL!

  8. My sis Katie and I do everything with mom, we rarely do things with others so when given the option, we always choose mom. My sister will even go for 2 days or so without doing her big business if we have a new dog sitter…I think she is a bit on the shy side. It is not good to be so attached but it is just kind of how it worked out for us.

  9. I go canoeing with Ma and Daddy-dog, since we all fit in one canoe…but kayaking, I’ve never done that. And if I had to choose, I think I would prefer dad but shhhh, don’t tell Ma.

  10. Mike Webster says:

    From the Husband:

    BTW, that’s Pam’s kayak we’re in. Mine has a bottle holder feature in the bottom that is longer than the one in Pam’s, and Honey would probably be uncomfortable with it.

    So if Pam were to want this new travel arrangement to become permanent, we would have to swap boats.

    But there’s never been a word of her ever giving up her kayak. Or the pup inside it. :)

  11. Sue at The Golden Life says:

    My guess is Honey will ride with you next time.

    Satin balls actually remind me of the Christmas tree ornaments that my Grandma used to make when my brother, cousins, and I were “kids”.

  12. What a nice shot! Happy WW, following from the blog hop!

  13. ” Alec Baldwin and his Schweddy Balls” one of the FUNNIEST Saturday Night Live skits ever!
    Have Honey come over and spend time with Dakota. I am so upset, Dakota has gained 3 lbs that he didn’t need to gain!

  14. Honey looks like she is smiling. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. Please. Don’t call it a bribe. It’s not a bribe, unless it was used incorrectly…

  16. That looks difficult! I’m not sure Luna would be up for it, but I’m impressed.

  17. Rita’s such a Momma’s girl, but I can’t really think of anything specific that she’d do with me and no one else. She’s afraid of a lotta things, so there are just a lotta things she wouldn’t do – period. (It would be a loooooong slow journey to getting her into a kayak.)

    Schweddy Balls. Hysterical.

  18. I’ve only ever let someone else handle my dogs in a training class or something similar. We don’t do the exciting things that you do in Ithaca.

  19. Oh, I want to take my crew kayaking so much! One day….

    I am Champ’s person, but I imagine he would do something super fun with just about anyone!

  20. I just think it’s great Honey goes kayaking. I have always wanted to try our dogs with it, but my hubby is very skeptical. We tried taking one of our dogs canoeing once and it didn’t go well….but hubby doesn’t have a lot of patience either. he was afraid of getting dumped. hee hee

  21. Kayaking is too scary for *me,* let alone skittish Silas. (I don’t really like water.) I’m glad Honey likes it!

  22. So nice of you to share Honey! Maya will do anything with anybody. I always wonder about Pierson, though.

  23. Finn will do anything for me, but sometimes he won’t even sit still to put his leash on for The Dad!

  24. A 2-seater kayak would be perfect! :)

  25. I’d love to try kayaking with Frankie. I doubt Beryl would be able to work out where to fit her legs, lol. I love the reflection in your second photo and that glassy water, just magic for photography and kayaking! Frankie and Beryl would probably be quite amenable to doing most things with other people if they were things they knew, but I like to think they’d prefer to be doing them with me:)

    Well done Honey!

  26. I kiss my daddy all the time, but I hardly ever kiss my mommy. OK, well I kiss her, but it’s a really quick sneak kiss. My daddy tries to tell my mommy that it’s because Mommy is the alpha dog and I respect her too much to kiss her.

  27. Wow so cool… I’m sure my hubby would love to have a little companionship like that… I’ll have to give him the doggy kayak idea!

  28. She is an equal opportunity kind of girl :) Looks like fun!!

  29. Fabulous! I was just yesterday saying – “hmmm, I wonder if we can teach the girls to ride along in a Kayak?” (the girls being a 63lb pit/boxer mix and a 7 lb chihuahua) – and here you are showing me that it is indeed possible! :)

  30. goldenrescue says:

    I can’t take credit for the annotation. It all came from the website I hope I cited. But thank you. =)