Dog is Not a Republican (or a Democrat)*

* with apologies to Sojourners

Golden Retriever napping with a stuffed dragon

If I have a stuffed dragon for a pet, does that make me more likely to belong to the unicorn party and wear asbestos underwear?

The folks over at Dogster pointed out this fun infographic looking at the political and cultural differences between “cat people” and “dog people.” tracked the choices of people with cats and people with dogs to come up with the data. It’s very cute.

But it also shows how misleading statistics can be. According to this infographic, I am either a “cat person” or a conservative, suburban Republican. And since I have no intention of trading Honey in for a feline model or moving to the suburbs and voting Republican (or Democratic, for that matter; they’re too conservative), I guess I won’t take it too seriously.

I love dog people. And I love cat people. Anyone who cares enough about other creatures to take them into their homes and love them is tops in my book.

See? Pets really do grow our worlds. info graphic dogs vs cats

And Now For Something Completely Different…

Thank you to Mel of No Dog About It for contributing to the March for the Animals Cause to support the Tompkins County SPCA. As one of the first no-kill shelters in the country, the Tompkins County SPCA has provided resources and help to shelters all over the country making changes.

And if 50 people can give as little as $5, I’ll meet my goal and the shelter will have funds to feed 10 animals for a month or spay/neuter 2 cats or dogs. Read more about it here or give directly today.

Already supporting animal causes in your neighborhood. Good for you! And thank you.

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  1. What about people that own both cats and dogs? What does that make me? Bi-polar? I do see they have a little section on the bottom for us fringers. I am female, but I am not yet 35, I am not really a suburbanite, and I am definitely not politcally middle of the road! Maybe this only applies to Americans…

    • I thought you were bi-polar if your pet was a big, fuzzy white bear. :)

      I suspect Americans dominate the results but notice they also talked about people living in Europe, Oceana, and South America. They kinda clumped all of North American together as if Canadians are just Americans with better manners. :)

      Over at the original posting, people got really hot in the comments. They were feuding like cats and dogs.

  2. I think they missed me in the demographic, but that’s alright! It does go to show just how different those things can be!

  3. Huh, looking at their demographics my mom and I must be some hybrid party! Mama likes cat people stuff and dog people stuff. And here’s the funny part! Mama is highly allergic to cats! I think I agree with you. Anyone who likes animals — even cats– is okay in my book!

    Just hopping by! This was a very interesting posting!

    Your Pal,

  4. I don’t fit in anywhere, I think I’m supposed to be dead by now, lol!

  5. Oh my, we have dogs and a cat. That could explain my schizophrenia though :)

  6. i’m a cat person (mostly)??? how bizarre and totally wrong.
    love your response to Kristine *pffft* :)

    • Thank goodness for statisticians who have never met us. Otherwise, we’d never know who we were.

      When I lived in my last city, the census bureau listed my zip code having a population that was 99.9% African American. So I kept getting marketing pitches to me as a “proud black woman.” Every few years, the marketers figure me out all over again. First I’m black. Next I’m a cat person. I wonder what I’ll be next? Male?

  7. One of our goals in life is to always confound the statistics!

  8. Wow – I don’t fit in anywhere in their little study! Figures!!