Dog Day Sunday Afternoon

Honey is nondenominational. She loves everyone no matter what their religion.

But living in a country with a strong Christian tradition, it’s hard not to think of Sunday as the Sabbath even if you’re not religious.

Here’s how Honey spends her Sunday:

She sleeps in a little later than usual.


Honey the Golden Retriever tries to sleep in on Sunday.

How’s a girl supposed to sleep in with that flashy thing going off in my face?

Then she goes for a bathe so she’s nice and clean and smells good for the day.
Honey the Golden Retriever bathes in Fall Creek.

Nah, I don’t really need to wash my face and chest.

Afterwards, she likes to spend a little time communing with nature.
Honey the Golden Retriever takes a nature walk.

I love taking nature walks. As long as they don’t contain ticks.

And sometimes, she even spends a little time in worship with her favorite god.
Honey the Golden Retriever likes her Tiki chewy toy.

It’s not sacrilegious if I chew on my Tiki chewy, is it?

Please tell me who thought it was a clever idea to make a squeaky dog toy modeled after a Polynesian Tiki (it was a gift; we did not buy it). I’m betting this particular toy won’t be sold anywhere in the South Pacific, eh?

Whether you spend one day a week worshipping, playing, or spending time with family, it’s nice to devote your day to more than just work. At least that’s what Honey thinks.

Your Turn: Do you set one day in the week aside as special, whether for religious reasons or otherwise? If so, is this day different for your dog? How?


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  1. BJ’s, full name is Binjmin Jacov in Hebrew. In English it translates to Benjamin Jacob, hence BJ. Our Sabbath is Saturday. I spend the morning in synagogue and he spends it sleeping and hanging out. When I get home we go for a long walk.
    BJ would hate getting a bath, in a tub or a lake, every week. He doesn’t like water.

    Honey looks so happy.

    • I’m not sure why but naming BJ for Jacob’s youngest son seems somehow fitting.

      I’m not surprised BJ avoids water. He’s a stylish city dog. Getting wet would probably just make his hair stand up funny. :)

  2. Looks like a great time!

  3. Sundays tend to be lazy days around here for the boys – they sleep until 8, which is miraculous for this bunch! Then, while John and I do chores and stuff around the house, they doze the day away. Our Sunday “special” is a super long family walk after dinner when it’s not as hot, which is extra special for the boys because usually it’s just me walking them since John has such a crazy work schedule.

    • Interesting that the boys do a lot of dozing on Sunday. Dogs tend to find having all their people home tiring. Either that, or they can relax more when they don’t have to worry where everyone is. :)

  4. When we lived in HI last year saw many of those tiki toys. Mom refused to buy them for me (which I think its a good thing). She said it was not made well for a chew toy (or a retriever toy). Well, it’s scary looking too (in a way) … especially she learned the different meaning behind Tiki eyes (just so wrong to make it as a dog toy). Honey got her own bed? Mom made some frosty treats (will be sharing on out Tuesday post) and the pool is out … that’s my Sunday. Golden Love. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • I am very surprised to hear there were tiki dog toys in Hawaii. Yes, it does feel really wrong. It’s like if someone made a stuffie out of a madonna and child. Crazy.

      Honey got it in a gift pack when we did a shelter fund raiser and she loves the size and shape of it in her mouth. I didn’t have the heart to take it away from her. But I’m assuming it won’t last long. As you said, it’s not a well-made toy.

      Enjoy your frosty treats, Sugar. Anticipation is half the fun, right?

  5. That sounds like the perfect day to me! Sometimes both of our weekend days are for just relaxing around the house (if we don’t have other obligations), and playing ball with the girls, maybe a nice walk if the weather cooperates. Of course, Mom and Dad still have some chores to do, and Saturday mornings are for going to the dump, which Kobi loves to do with Dad!

    • I can’t imagine a better weekend treat for a dog than a trip to the dump. All those smells!

      No wonder Kobi loves to help the Dad.

  6. I always plan to go to church in the morning – rarely make it :(. Dogs and I sleep in, am offline most of day (unless I’m reading past blog posts while I eat!), walk Justus and Snoopy in the cool evening or afternoon. Time for reading, laundry, nail clipping, etc. except when I’m on call – then all bets are off.

    Honey enjoys a relaxing, dog driven day – good girl and parents!

    • I believe that dogs are much better at being present in the Divine than people. It could be said that serving God’s creatures every day means that you never leave church.

  7. haha I love your tiki toy :-)

  8. Mom declared Sundays to be “lazy daisy dog dayz” a while back. We take a shorter morning walk that passed by a church and then we just hang out usually and take 2 short walks later on…our day of rest so we are powered up for Monday.

  9. We agree Sunday is our lazy day too. Mind you with the heat all we can do is chillax. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Interesting about the tiki dog toy. In New Zealand the tiki is usually carved out of Greenstone or bone and is a very popular souvenir with tourists. No, I’ve never seen a dog toy made that depicts a tiki!

    I had to work Sunday morning and in the afternoon we went to the beach :) Glad Honey has got a cruisy Sunday routine.

    • Glad to hear dog toy tikis aren’t being sold in NZ after Sugar the Golden Retriever spotted them in Hawaii. I guess Americans are just particularly weird (and disrespectful).

      If I got to go to the beach whenever I wanted to, every day would feel like Sunday. :)

  11. LOL! So cute – love the colorful Tiki toy. What a way to spend the Sunday. My husband and I were discussing bible principles, specifically that name calling is a bad thing to do. So perhaps I shouldn’t call Maya and Pierson poo-poo heads. 😉

  12. Well Honey, you sound like you have a blessed life, no matter what your denomination! Happy Sunday-morning sleep-ins! :)