Dog Blogger Hop – Introductions

A.J. over at PupLove decided to offer a chance for doggy bloggers to introduce their furry soul mates. After spending several hours setting up features on my other blog, I’m rewarding myself with a little fun time so I decided to join the blog hop just under the wire.

Here’s what you should know about my furry Valentine:

Name: Honey (AKC name is Painting Life’s Sweet Moments)

Website/Blog: Something Wagging This Way Comes

Age: 1 year, 18 days.

Location: Ithaca, NY

Breed: Golden Retriever (my first purebred ever)

How We Met: When I lost my last dog, Shadow, to osteosarcoma in her jaw, I began to think about my next dog. After being a nurse for about 6 years for my various elderly dogs, I wanted a youn’n. And after having several “reactive” dogs, I wanted to stack the decks to increase my chance of ending up with a dog friendly to other dogs and people. I decided on a Golden Retriever and got a referral to a breeder (after getting the third degree from the breed rescue volunteer –way to go!).

The breeder is a serious hobby breeder who raises her dogs in her home and cares about their health and socialization. It was a great fit.

After several visits to see the puppies, the breeder helped us choose which pup would fit our lifestyle the best.

It was my first, and probably only, experience getting a dog from a breeder. And I have to say it was very positive.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Best trick: Honey knows the names of her toys and can bring them to us.

Favorite toy: Just about anything that fits in her mouth.

Best friends: Whoever walks up to her next–man, woman, child, dog, cat….

Worst enemy: Brooms. We seem to have trouble keeping them from falling when Honey walks by. Woman and Golden Retriever

I enjoyed learning about Jack and A.J. over at PupLove. Now I’m gonna read about some of the other hoppers.

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  1. Hi Honey and Mama! Funny about the brooms! Kirby thinks its playtime trying to get the broom bristles. I hear ya about the rescue volunteer. Sometime we get bs from rescue people cos we bought Kirbs from a breeder and sometimes we get bs from purebreed owners cos he’s a mix. Oh well, I just say Kirby loves everyone no matter what they may be! Honey is beautiful and very smart and that’s all that matters!

  2. Hi Honey and ? You’re a beauty and smart too! we’ll be checking back! wags from Kirby and Debby

  3. awww…good to know a little more about Honey [and you].

    i wish you all a happy valentine’s day and may no brooms fall on Honey today. [would it have anything to do with the swish of her plumey tail?] :) xox

  4. Aww! I can see how Honey would steal your heart! How do you always know about all this cool stuff going on? lol

  5. Honey is so beautiful. I hear you about wanting a gentle, more loving dog. I think I will be doing some deep thinking when I reach that point of wanting another dog, which isn’t for a LONG time. Thank you for sharing a little more about yourself.

  6. Poor Honey, those brooms are very sneaky.

    I like your story of finding the right breeder. I know many excellent breeders receive a lot of flack sometimes from the animal welfare world, but it is a case of a few ruining it for everybody else. Your story of selecting the right person who really cares what happens to her puppies, who breeds for love not money, is just as important as stories about adoption. There more people know what a good breeder looks like, hopefully the less people will be meeting brokers under over-passes.

    I love that photo of the two of you. You both look so happy.

  7. Thank you for joining in on our first hop! I loooooove Goldens, I had one when I was a teenager and he was my best friend ever.