Doesn’t Your Dog Jump Off The Boat?

New acquaintances ask us the same question: doesn’t your dog jump off the boat?

We tell them that Honey isn’t a crazy water dog dying for a swim. But one thing will tempt her to jump.

Can you guess what?

Honey the golden retriever is cold in Fall Creek.

You think I’m afraid of swimming. But I don’t want to get my ears all wet. They take forever to dry.

Love Me, Love Me

The dog I live with is different from the dog many people meet.

My Honey is calm, relaxed, and mellow.

The dog many people meet is excited, affectionate, and a little hyper.

No one saw this more than the person I nominate for “Most Likely To Tempt Honey To Jump Off The Boat.”

And the winner is: Cathy the Doodle Mom from Groovy Goldendoodles.

Harley, Jaxson, and Cathy with Pam & Honey in Charleston.

You’d better treat your Doodle Mom right, boys. Because if you don’t, I’ll steal her away from you.

How much did Honey love Cathy? Let’s just say that if we were coming into a marina and Cathy was standing on the dock, Honey would win the title for longest dock dive.

Except Honey’s dock dive would be from the boat onto the dock.

Dogs Are Okay; People Are Better

Honey was happy to meet the famous (and handsome) Doodle Dogs, Harley and Jaxson.

But after a little butt sniffing, an aborted humping attempt, and a few pictures, Honey had eyes for no one but Cathy.

When Jaxson gave his most alluring play bow, Honey frolicked for the briefest moment before turning her eyes back to the people.

Honey the golden retriever plays with Jaxson the golden doodle.

Okay little man, I’ll play a little while. But don’t get too used to it.

Honey loves all humans. But not everyone attracts her most shameless attention-getting behavior.

While sitting in the cockpit, Honey paid little attention to my husband, Cathy’s husband, or me. She was too busy climbing onto Cathy’s lap and breathing hot doggy breath all over her face.

I love Charleston. I know we’ll visit again in the future. But this is my official, published notice:

Cathy the Doodle Mom is banned from being anywhere on the dock when we approach.

Because the last thing I want to do is launch a dog overboard rescue in the swift-moving current of Charleston Harbor.

Making New Friends

We arrived in Charleston, South Carolina last month for an extended stay.

We needed our mail to catch up to us, to get ready to anchor overnight now that the weather is warmer, and to make a little money to beef up our cruising kitty.

Most of all, we needed a good vet to look at a bump that appeared on Honey’s shoulder-blade.

As you can imagine, I was a nervous wreck. I’ve lost count of the friends we’ve lost over the years to a horrible illness that started with a little bump.

I knew that Cathy of Groovy Goldendoodles had recently moved to Charleston. So I took a chance on appearing too much like a stalker and sent her an email asking if she had any insights on vets in the area.

Meeting the Doodle family at the Charleston maritime center.

Getting to know you…

It was very comforting just to write to someone who I knew would understand my fears and to get a little support when I needed it most.

Luckily Honey’s bump turned out to be a cyst (darn dog, getting me all upset over a glorified pimple) and I didn’t need to cry on Cathy’s shoulder while making treatment plans for a horrible disease.

Which means that when we got together in town, we were able to get to know each other, talk about blogging, and just enjoy meeting an interesting couple and their dogs.

Golden retriever and golden doodles waiting for the ladies to come back.

What’s so interesting to the pups? It’s the Doodle Mom taking the picture.

Isn’t the traveling life grand?

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Before the Doodle Family arrived, we wondered how we’d entertain everyone. Our boat is small.

Would Harley and Jaxson be willing to come aboard on Honey’s ramp? Would it be too crowded for three dogs who didn’t know each other well to share the space?  Could we serve lunch or should we plan to eat somewhere off the boat?

One famous movie quote came to mind.

We didn’t get a picture of the comical view of four adults and three large dogs sitting in our small cockpit. But it worked out surprisingly well. Especially since we were sitting at the dock and not under sail.

The Doodle Family in the cockpit of Meander.

We bought the right boat for crossing oceans but the wrong boat for entertaining. But it does show you who your friends are.

That would have killed us.

Best of all,  Honey was close to her new best friend and had no wish to jump off the boat.

Jaxson the golden doodle in the cockpit.

And neither did Jaxson. Looks like someone was made for boat life.

Your Turn: Have you ever met someone you knew first online? Did you like them as much in person as you did on the internet?

Photo credits: All pictures were taken by Michael Webster except the picture of Cathy and me with the dogs (taken by Lee Bennett) and the picture of the husbands and the dogs (taken by Cathy Bennett). 


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  1. So cool about your in-person ‘fur-iend’ relationship developing after the digital one (Honey has good taste, obviously). I guess you could say it happened to me; Wayne & I were Facebook friends for years and now he’s the love of my life which was quite unexpected. We knew each other in junior & high school but were never friends back then.

    Loved all the pics of you, Cathy, pooches and hubbies. How wonderfully fun! ღ

    • People talk about how people can lie on the internet. But I find that having a chance to connect over what’s really important to you is a great way to meet someone who you might not know due to distance, differences in circumstances, or differences in tastes.

      I was wondering how you and Wayne found each other. You’re now the second person I’ve heard of finding her sweetie after reconnecting online years after high school.

  2. Having gone to BlogPaws several times, we’ve met a lot of our online friends in the real and it is fun. Sometimes they are what we expect, sometimes we are surprised. So glad you all had a good time and super glad nothing serious is wrong with Honey.

    • I’ve been surprise to find that if I like the blog, I like the blogger. I’d expect to see a mismatch somewhere where I like one but not the other. But it hasn’t happened yet.

  3. Oh bless. I wish you guys would come visit us up in the Northern Hemisphere so I could cuddle Honey.. oh and see you as well 😉

  4. We love meeting up with folks that we first met online – one of the added benefits of BlogPaws!

  5. Ha ha ha. Of course I have, I met you didn’t I?

    So glad you found a friend in the area, especially with the concerns for Honey’s bump. I imagine (for me anyway) that would be one of the things that would concern me about leading a traveling life. I do love my vet and would be concerned about not having access to her.

    So glad Honey’s bump wasn’t too serious.

    • I really miss Honey’s life long vet. I have a deal with her that if I really need her, I can call for a long-distance appointment. But I’m planning our travels around getting Honey back for her annual wellness appointment–even if we’ll be about a month or two late.

  6. Margaret says:

    I’ve met a number of people that I knew cyberly. Some of us met up at the golden retriever national that was held in Gettysburg. And they were all nice people! One cyber friend and I hadn’t met in person, even though we live about 70 miles apart, until my Annie had puppies. THEN she managed to find my house. There’s nothing like having a litter of golden puppies to socialize to attract visitors.
    I’m so glad Honey’s problem was just a cyst. Lumps are scary!

  7. Yes, I have met a lot of fellow collie lovers on Facebook and have met them at The Gathering at Sunnybank. (You can read about Sunnybank by clicking the link on the right side of my blog, if your curious.)

    It’s fun to meet online friends in real life, but as a shy person, I do get nervous.

    • But the benefit of meeting new friends you’ve already met online is that you already know what you can talk about. It’s easier to break the ice.

  8. I’ve been worried about Honey’s lump and I’m so glad it turned out to be just a cyst!! I love that you stopped in a place where a friend could help you out with finding a vet, and I love that you all got to meet Cathy and her family!
    I have experienced meeting new people and having my dogs completely ignore me in favor of the newcomers. It’s hard not to let it hurt your feelings! 🙂

  9. Hilarious!!! We had such a great time with you, Mike and Honey. Can’t wait to get together again soon. Have no fear – I will always wait (with Harley) at the top of the ramp LOL before you dock. There will be no dock diving on my conscience. Take care friend – and thanks again for a doodle*licious lunch. Already bought some asparagus 🙂

  10. How fun that you got to meet Cathy, her husband and the Doodle boys! It’s even better that Honey got the all-clear on that bump. Isn’t it a great feeling to get good news and then you can celebrate with a big sigh of relief with good friends. 🙂

    I was hoping to meet a few bloggers at the Global Pet Expo this month but Haley’s unexpected CCL injury and surgery this past Monday means we’ll be staying home and working on rehab instead. The money we would have spent on the trip paid for her surgery but the trip would have been much more fun for all of us.

  11. I love it when I get to meet someone I know through my blog. It doesn’t happen too often, but I have a long list of people I wish I could meet. I’d love to do a tour across the US stopping to see my blogging and cardigan friends!

  12. That looks like so much fun! Blogger meet ups are the best! I think it’s interesting that Honey likes people more! Zoe is very similar. She has her very favorite people and she’d rather see them than the dogs, although she does love her favorite dog friends, too. I think if Zoe’s “Uncle” Jeff was at the dock she’d probably jump in too! Phoenix just prefers me and she’s liking my husband a lot recently. It’s pretty cute.

    Also, isn’t that Harley in the last photo? I thought Jaxson had more fur between his eyes? Maybe I’m getting them mixed up! Darn it! I thought I could tell them apart. LOL

  13. So glad Honey’s bump was just a cyst! I, too, was concerned about it; but I figured that you would find a good vet who would put your mind at ease.

    Glad you gals, your pups, and your hubbys were able to get together! Looks like a wonderful afternoon!! And glad you had beautiful weather for the occasion too!

  14. What fun that you guys got to meet! And I’m so glad to hear Honey’s cyst turned out to be nothing. In fact, your relief so you could just chat with them rather than crying on Cathy reminds me of meeting some folks I’d only known online a few years ago… I had planned to meet up with some folks from the Tripawds online support communtiy – we’d had it planned for a while… and then my beloved heart dog, Abby, died the day before we our planned meetup. It was tempting to stay home and cry, but I still went. It was really hard, but I was glad I went.

    On a happier note… I’ve also met two other dog bloggers IRL and it was very fun! There are so many more I want to meet! So… if you ever bring that boat through the Panama Canal and come by San Diego, let me know! 🙂

  15. Yes, I have made really good friends from an online art group. And one that’s become better than a sister! She is in Boston, I’m near Annapolis but we talk weekly and meet when we can.
    And I had a vision last week of coming to Charleston (!) (Can you believe it?) so I know Cole would love to meet Honey.
    As to fiber art on the boat…I would love a chance to create something you’d love for the boat. I am working smaller these days anyway. The way I make it, there is substance to the piece meaning it’s lightweight but not floppy, can be propped up in an easel or hung from a command strip. I just love your writing style, and would enjoy hearing from you,
    leeannaquilts at gmail dot com
    Cole has several cysts, some had to be removed. He seems to grow them as he ages and he’s to be 14 in May. Have you read his posts? He writes on Wednesdays and always has something to say. Honey is such a girl I know Cole would love her…