Do You Wear Ugly Shoes When You Walk YOUR Dog?

Do you wear ugly shoes when you walk your dog?

Yeah, Pam. Why do you?

Honey the golden retriever enters the creek.

Oh, now I understand.

Tired honey

Luckily I can wear pretty shoes without slipping.

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  1. Jen has some ugly green Croc knock-offs she wears. UGH!

  2. Look like practical shoes to me. And I have those same shoes, they aren’t ugly. LOL

    • Well I love my Keens. They’re the next best thing to going barefoot. But I’ve never heard anyone call them pretty. :)

  3. I need some of those “ugly” shoes! You’re right, sometimes you need functionality and comfort-ability over …. anything else. :-)

  4. Oh, yes, definitely wear my least attractive (but most comfortable!) footwear when walking the dogs. I like those shoes you have; they look very versatile and helpful for hiking/water excursions!

    • If you need sturdy, comfy shoes I can’t recognize Keens enough. I bought them for sailing but I also wore them hiking in the Panama jungle and now they’re my favorite dog walking shoes.

      They’re even strong enough to hold up to GSDs. :)

  5. Yes, depending on time of day, it might be slippers.

    • How in the world can you keep up with a lab wearing slippers? :)

      • Jack is actually a very calm walker – he sticks right to my side. Maggie is a different story and no slippers with her.

        • Mike Webster says:

          From the Husband:

          Besides, a lab wearing slippers would have to be slower than a lab wearing running shoes. Maybe, also make Maggie the wear the slippers. Then SlimDoggy gets a pair of slippers, and everybody matches. Yeah, that’s it!

          Oh, wait. Never mind.

  6. Edie Chase says:

    My dog would be thrilled if I only wore ugly shoes to walk her. You should see some of the clothes I have worn while walking the dog. I have a pair of tights with clouds all over them and lets just say that I am large and in charge 😉 I usually walk her before 5:30 a.m. so she doesn’t complain too much.

    • Woo hoo, “large and in charge.” I love it, Edie!

      I’d say your dog has nothing to complain about being walked by such a sassy person.

  7. I wear comfy shoes. Love your sandals and I want a pair. I used to be all about 3-4″ and today I am all about keeping up with 4 dogs. LOL

    Love it when time changes.

    • Yep, I’m feeling you. I once walked 6 miles round trip in 3 inch heels during a transit strike because I thought sneakers with a dress was tacky. Now I look back and wonder who that freaky fashionista was and what happened to her. :)

  8. I’m usually in my Birkenstocks if we’re just walking around the block. They’re either hideous or not, depending on your perspective. At the park, I wear my previous pair of running shoes. Which, yes, are hideous in that over-bright way that all running shoes are these days.

    • I suspect 80% of the population considers Birkenstocks ugly. But here in Ithaca, they kick you out of town if you don’t own at least 1 pair. :)

      I’d argue that any shoes that get you and your dog out and about are beautiful. No matter what they look like.

  9. I’ve got a similar pair for going in the streams, too. And besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love my shoes!

  10. If we’re hiking, I wear Keens (even though I personally think those hiking sandals which I have are hideous). But for daily walks? Umm… yes. I still wear “pretty” shoes. Not heels but I should probably find more practical ones.

    • That is the one nice thing about walking a small dog, huh? You can still keep up with him while wearing pretty shoes. :)

      • One nice thing? Lol. Let me count the ways. Easier to pick up after, their pulling power is much less and I can pick him up if need be (glass, heat, off-leash dogs). About the only time I wish I had a big dog on walks is when I get harassed by guys . I joke that I need to borrow a big black dog or one of the “power breeds” to walk with Mr. N and train them to bark on command.

        • Okay, don’t rub it in. I’m already jealous that I can’t take Honey nearly everywhere because she doesn’t fit in a carryable crate. :)

          BTW, I read about someone who trained her dog to bark and growl when she gave the cue, “No Killer, don’t.”

          And just because a dog is small doesn’t mean the bad guys aren’t afraid of getting bitten by one.

          • Mr. N is pretty portable! I was talking yesterday with another blogger if something like Katrina happened and they refused to let me take him. I’d just shove him under a coat or something.
            Eh. He does get protective but you have to admit he is not very fierce looking at all. I don’t think anyone really is afraid of him! Even people who are afraid of dogs usually warm up to him pretty quickly.

  11. I have to wear hiking boots where I am at. I always need my ankles covered due to the big black ants, spiders, scorpions, etc. The thought of hiking with shoes that have openings anywhere gives me the willies! I’ve seen some hikers without (what I think is) proper foot gear and I just cringe. Although I don’t think those shoes you have are ugly at all! If I wasn’t such a freak about footwear I’d probably own a pair! 😉

  12. Wait!! There are other brands of shoes besides Reeboks? Cute white ones for walking or aerobics

  13. I used to wear hideous flip flops in the summer months and really horrible boots in the winter. I’ve jazzed things up a bit with some comfy cute flats – and slip ons.

  14. I definitely wear old shoes on walks and hikes with our boys. As you know Goldens will lead you into all sorts of wet and muddy places!

  15. It’s all about functionality!

  16. For walking and working out, Mom could care less what her shoes look like as long as they are good for what she is doing. We don’t mind.

  17. Earlier this week I posted a picture of my feet and my girl’s paws, and I am wearing Keen footwear as well. LOVE them. They are comfy, supportive, and can handle rocks, water, mud, etc.

  18. Will have to look into Keen. They look great! I need something like that.

  19. Okay, I like the shoes too! Maybe only dogs think they are ugly. ☺ I wear my sneakers walking in hopes that I don’t fall.

  20. piranha Banana says:

    I don’t often wear shoes, but when I do, it’s in the winter. They aren’t cute, but the keep my pawses warm!


  21. Define ugly shoes :p

  22. Ha ha is it wrong I am coveting your ugly shoes?