Do You Know the Differences Between Cats & Dogs?

They share our homes. But what do we really know about our two best animal friends–Cats and Dogs?


Cats vs Dogs


Thank you to my latest donors to the March for the Animals fundraiser for the Tompkins County SPCA.

  • Glenda in memory of Sandy and in honor of her “grand dogs” Domino and Kobe
  • Pixel and posse

They are the latest two to support the work of the country’s first no-kill, open admissions shelter. Supporting this groundbreaking organization is a great way to demonstrate the viability of no-kill shelters that don’t turn away the tough cases to others.

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  1. Hey, I don’t see MY breed among the smartest! *pout*

  2. Gotta love the cute little graphics!

    I am always curious as to how scientists come up with various intelligence tests, even for humans. There are so many different definitions of the word, and many different forms of intelligence. When talking about dogs and cats, I usually take intelligence to mean the ability to pick up new things quickly. I like how they skirted around the issue of determining which animal is smarter, dogs vs. cats. :-)

    • I’ve also thought of intelligence as the ability to learn things quickly. But that’s variable in humans too. I can grasp a logical argument much faster than I can solve a math problem. Some things we learn quickly and others we don’t. I think in the human world the notion of intelligence is undergoing a shift.

      I once read a study that posited that a Golden Retriever was dumber than a Border Collie because it looked to a human for help solving a puzzle. I thought that was quite a leap. It could mean that GRs are more bonded to work in close proximity to humans. Or that BCs are more tenacious. Or any number of other things.

      I love infographics. I question the information but love how beautifully it’s presented. :)

  3. This is a wonderful chart! The graphics are great! It was interesting to learn that people with cats are more likely to have a degree over people with dogs, interesting!
    I totally agree that cat urine smells worse than dog urine, but intact male urine smells pretty bad too!!

  4. I was surprised that there are so many more cat owners than dog owners, but when I think about it there are far more cats because of their reproductive abilities and cats are easier to own. I’ve been thinking about a dog vs. cat post, but I’m afraid I would just piss off dog owners with what I have come up with so far.

    • Oh please do write the post. I’d love to read what you have to say.

      I’m a little appalled at how “easy” people think having a cat is. It’s almost as if they think they’re disposable.

      BTW, I just discovered your nearly R-rated dog blog. Where have you been hiding this. I love it!!!

      I always knew you were thoughtful and amusing. But I had no idea you were wicked-*ss funny.

      For those who come after, check it out:

  5. Cats hear better than dogs, and yet they still pretend they can’t hear us! lol

    The Greyhounds took offense to the intelligence rating, though!

    • Obviously Greyhounds are far too smart to get involved in such a demeaning competition. Just don’t let Morgan see the chart; it might go to her head.

      Then again, which breed dog leapt through a glass window? Hmmmm.

  6. Cute poster, though some of the information is wrong, such as dogs being omivores.. lol.

  7. Fascinating! I laughed about the short-term memory one… we joke the Bella’s like a goldfish. After 60 seconds she would definitely have moved on to something else.

  8. I love the graphic! I’m surprised that cats are supposed to be so costly and that indoor cats are so much more expensive than outside cats (probably because of their shorter life expectancy) It sure seems like my one dog has cost more than all three cats put together! Oh well, she’s still worth it :)

  9. Hi Y’all,

    That was a great article. Interesting information.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  10. I love this graphic. It did cause a little dog fight here in the Winnebago, though – Ty was trying to convince Buster that he’s smarter, and now there’s proof that it’s not true. =D

  11. Very well put together graphic. I’ll go with the Queen’s University in Belfast’s findings:)

    Hope you have a good walk:) Looking forward to a blog post about it!

  12. Well, the lifespans seem a little off (cats do generally live longer than dogs, so I assume they’ve factored in all the kitties who roam around outside). And, I’m with Julie thinking that the cost of keeping an indoor cat is too high (but maybe I’m just blissfully ignorant…or my dogs are spoiled). :)

    Hope you have a great walk!

  13. I’m not surprised you make your living as a public educator– both informative and entertaining!

  14. Great post!

    The graphics are fun, and of course Elka and I appreciate the Doberman being listed first in the Intelligence portion 😉

  15. Kelly suggests that dogs are the best. This is her opinion.

  16. Very cool, however I noticed they didn’t study which was more frustrating to train or which animal can be most annoying at feeding time. :-) That would be a toss-up in my house. LOL