Do You Have Any Dog Stuff? – Wordless Wednesday

We found a fabulous person to help us with our sale on Saturday. How do I know when I’ve never met her?

Because she asked, “Will you have any dog decor stuff for sale?”

What do you think we told her?

Dog decor items to be sold.

Just a few select items featuring dogs that you’ll find at our moving sale. (click to enlarge)

Honey the golden retriever is the real thing.

I’m glad you’re getting rid of all that crap. Who needs replicas when you got the real thing?

Your Turn: Do you fill your house with dog stuff? Or is the real thing good enough for you?

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  1. Absolutely, we have dog stuff! lol But we agree, there’s nothing like the real thing!

  2. Martine says:

    We have very little dog ‘stuff’. Dog accessories – brushes, meds, treats – we have plenty of. Honey is right though, nothing beats the real thing!

    • I’m sure when you downsized for your last move you thought very hard about what was most important. I’m also having to donate lots of my dog accessories (old blankets, brushes, leashes) to the SPCA.

      I know the shelter dogs will use them well.

  3. I imagine it feels very freeing to get rid of some of those things and enjoy the “real” things in life. I’m constantly looking around various rooms in the house to see what I can get rid of. It’s feels awesome not to be burdened with items that don’t really bring you a sense of joy when you look at them.

    • It has been an interesting process. When I first started thinking about it, I felt a sense of joy in passing things on to other people.

      But as we get closer to the date, my husband and I are finding strange attachments to some items. For me, it’s the dog cart for the bicycle. I bought it for my last dog, Shadow, when she was diagnosed with cancer. I spent a lot of time training Honey to tolerate it. And I use it all the time to buy groceries, bring our Christmas tree home, and transport stuff to my job.

      I know I can’t take it with me. But it’s also something that holds a lot of memories for me. :)

  4. Well, I only have room for the real thing. Plus I like the softness of the real thing better.

  5. Scrolling through the post I was expecting more pics of dog stuff, when I saw the next pic was Honey I was all – yep I’ll take her! ;0)

  6. Now you’re talking! Who needs stuff when you’ve got “Honey” LOL

  7. Great deal, I’ll take her! LOL Happy WW :)

  8. I have TONS of dog stuff, some would be saleable and some is just sentimental for me (boxes of agility trial ribbons). Not sure what I would do if I had to part with all of it. A few things are just too precious and a good bit could be sold or tossed. Itry to contain it but I am not always successful 😉

  9. My house is full of dog stuff – art and little statues and whatnot. Did a blog post about it all once. And also recently posted about all the dogs who stopped by my sis’s yard sale when I was helping her. We should have had cookies at the ready, but we didn’t! So… might want to consider having biscuits ready to hand out at the sale!

  10. We don’t have too much. The real deal is plenty!

  11. I love those bookends!

  12. We agree, the real thing is always more fun!

  13. I love the bookends!! I had a set of black, ceramic poodle bookends a L O N G time ago.

  14. The real thing really is all you will ever need 😉

  15. Lots of dog (and cat) stuff. And if I lived close to you, I’d be coming by to check out what you have for sale!