Dishonest Dog? Wordless Wednesday

I swear looking at this picture, you’d think Honey paddled herself to this deserted spot.

Honey the golden retriever with canoe.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Your Turn: Where has your dog taken you lately?

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Badge.

Only 3 Days Left

You only have 3 more days to enter for your chance to win a Kurgo Surf ‘n Turf life jacket like Honey’s.

Click Honey’s picture and enter using the tool at the bottom of the page.

Honey the golden retriever models her life jacket.

Click my picture to find the entry tool for a life jacket giveaway.
Don’t you want your dog to look as cute and safe as me?

And remember, friends don’t let friends canoe without a life jacket.

Good luck.

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  1. She regally ‘owned’ that beach, didn’t she? So sweet. :)

  2. Honey is talented, what else can we say about her? :-)

  3. Pretty much your word against hers…

  4. Where’s the proof? No one else is in sight, so maybe she did it. LOL

  5. We try to drag Mom under pine trees because that is where the wabbits are at and we want to go there!

  6. This afternoon when Jax chewed through his old lease, he took me through a few backyards LOL

  7. Aww Honey, you are such a water dog….a safe one too!